Cooking Day

Cooking has been my theme for the day. I really enjoyed it and learnt new things. My first spell in the kitchen was with my mum baking. I made buns, a cake and mince pies.

I’d never made mince pies before. It was interesting to learn. I myself don’t like them but Dave does. So it’ll be nice to make them for him in the future.

My next spell in the kitchen was making a Pork and Apple one pot. It was gorgeous. The flavours were amazing. I really enjoyed cooking from scratch. It does take me longer to make then the times stated in the cook books. Dave helped to prep. It was nice to spend the time together.

Our friends left happy, which was great. See what we come out with tomorrow.

Time off Work

When I left work at 12:15 today, it began my 9 day annual leave. I’m so glad it’s begun. Last time I had time off was back in July. The same time I started this blog and my birthday month.

I took a risk and got my hair cut to my shoulders. Over the past year, I’ve slowly been getting it shorter. This time I just said cut it. I’m glad I did. I really like it. What do you think?

This evening, it’s been my friend G’s birthday meal. We went to a restaurant I’d never been to before. It was nice to try it out and spend time with good friends.

Boy, was it expensive. I believe the 50/30/20 rule isn’t gonna fit to my wages this month. I’m still saving. It’s the essential/lifestyle parts I haven’t got to grips with. I’m not gonna stop trying. I’ll get there. It has started to get me to think where my income is going and my relationship with it.

Complete Something Joyful

Joy. That was a challenge from an email I received today. This evening I did just that. I enjoyed myself. Dave and I went round to a friends house. We had a few drinks and played Cards Against Humanity.

What’s more… I won! Woop.

It was a lovely evening with good friends and giggles. Mainly from me and B thanks to the Rose. The guys just let us be.

What did you do today that was joyful? Haven’t done anything? Don’t wanna do something joyful tomorrow.


Holiday Council 2017 starts on the 27th. Click the picture to find out more:



Meadowhall Christmas Live 2017

I’ve always, as far as I can remember, listened to Capital FM. It’s my car radio station of choice. I’ve never been to any of their events. Even though I have wished.

That changed last Wednesday, 8th November. B & I went to the Meadowhall Christmas Live Concert. It was amazing. Being among 15,000 others, enjoying their evening of music was electric.

On a cold, November evening, the dancing and singing made you feel warm. I hope it can do it again. I may not have a voice in the morning. My phone died. But it was worth it!!

Here’s a slideshow of just a portion of the photos I took that night:

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That Responsible Adult Feeling

I feel like a responsible adult tonight. Yesterday, I stopped doggie sitting my two for my parents. I’m now at my in-laws’ doggie sitting their two. It happens to be my weekend to work. Dave worked today too.

It is also the Halloween night out in town. Due to my working hours, my chance to go out wasn’t in the cards. Due to Dave working today as well, he would have missed it to look after the dogs. Seeing as they were at home alone while we were working.

So that Dave could go out and the dogs would still have some company. I decided to stay over at my in-laws’ tonight. When on a normal weekend to work I wouldn’t have done. After dropping some off into town. I’m back with some doggies due to go to sleep.

I do feel wide awake and up for going out. But when my alarm goes off I won’t be thinking that or thanking myself.

To all that had enjoyed celebrating Halloween. Did you dress up? What as?

Halloween Celebration

When your fiance says “I’m really am bonkers” – you know he’s drunk. I’m not a big drinker but tonight I had a little. I’m not drunk. I’m not sober either. There is alcohol in my system for the first time in months.

Tonight was the gathering for Halloween at my friends D & B’s house. There is a night out tomorrow but myself and another friend couldn’t make that so she did this house gathering so we could see the decorations.

I’ve never really been a big Halloween fan. Wasn’t brought up as it being a celebration. But I enjoyed tonight. The decorations were tame according to B. She has loads more she could have put up. Would love to see that whole lot up.

I enjoyed myself and glad I let go. Yep, he’s definitely¬†drunk. He’s fallen asleep before I finished writing this.


2 Tasks Completed

I ticked two things off my blackboard of tasks today:

  • Positive Steps Workbook

After starting the 6-week course in August. Today is the day I finished the work. It may have taken me nearly two months. I’ve learnt some new things about how I cope with my stress and anxiety. What it does to me in my vicious cycle and behaviours. Before I cross the goal off my list I am going to read through it all again to see if there is anything I have missed processing.

  • D & B for dinner

Last month Dave and I invited our friends round for dinner. It isn’t often anyone gets a chance to travel to mine so was a nice change. We are always going to theirs and they feed us half the time. It was nice to do something for them. I made Beef Stew with Apricots with pasta. Then served an Apple and Salted Caramel crumble tart with custard for afters. The crumble tart was shop bought I didn’t make that. One meal to cook from scratch was enough. It was very nice. Very moreish.

When we get our own place, I would love to have dinners more often with friends. Luckily, we have a chance again in November to have them over for dinner. It’ll be back on my blackboard of tasks for November as well.

After a lovely weekend that I am grateful to have had. The morning will be a new week. I hope yours treats you well.