Tomorrow the estate agent is coming round to take photos of the house. By the end of the week, it will be up for sale. Today I’ve helped with last minute decorating and de-personalising of my room.

I like the idea of minimalism. I’m curious on the topic. It’s got me thinking in the past, leading me to really think about what I own. A number of charity shop trips was the outcome.

But not having anything up or around me that represents who I am does put me down. Once the photos are taken, I’m able to put some things back up.

It’s got me thinking for when we have our own home. I would like to have less clutter and have a level of minimalism but I want to have personalised items. Those things that mean something to us not just because it looks pretty.

Cannon Hall

It was the first time I’d been. It’s a farm, museum and park and gardens. Because of the time of year, the museum was closed.

On today’s trip, we walked around the park and gardens, walked to Cawthrone Village and had a walk around. Walked to the garden centre and had lunch in the Thyme Bistro. Then looked in the gift shop.

I tried an ale and Lemon Drizzle cake. Didn’t like the ale. Loved the cake.

For £3 all day parking it was worth it. If you have a trip to the Barnsley area in Yorkshire, I’d recommend visiting.

I’d like to go again, if not just for a walk, but to see the museum and the farm. There’s also a restaurant I’d like to try out on site.

Fear: Driving in Snow

I’m a little worried about tomorrow. We have a weather warning that it’s going to snow and get colder. I like the look of snow, but driving around in it scares me. Last November when I started being a community care assistant, I was lucky with the 2016 winter.

We pretty much had no snow.

This year it has been cold long before the winter season started. I knew it was gonna be a bad one. Tomorrow is or may be the start of that.

I’m going to get over my fear of driving in the snow. I’m gonna have to get on with my job. I’ll certainly be doing the exposure therapy I was taught. I’ve set my alarm for 15 minutes before I would usually get up.

I can do this!!

My 2017 Cycle

What year do you think 2017 was for you?

Most of the year I’ve been in the cycle of unrest. Not fully understanding what I’m doing with my life. Family health issues. Death. Loss of connection to those I love. The decline in my mental health.

I believe I’m still in unrest in my career and education. With my mental health, I believe I’m in the middle of destruction and growth. I’m speaking up. I’m blogging and journaling. I have removed social media. I’m getting to figure out who gets a say in my life. I’m learning how to overcome the cause of my mental health.

I’m destructing and growing at the same time.

Does that knowledge help you understand your year in a new light?

I think for me, understanding which part of the cycle I’m in has helped me to put my mind at rest. I’m now understanding each slice of my life doesn’t have to be in the same cycle category.

That some can be in the destruction and mastery while others can still be in the unrest and growing. Everything does take its time. I can only go at my own pace. This way I can benefit and better understand rather than rush through it all.

I believe now all of week 1 of the Holiday Council is complete and in the week too.

What have you learnt from your 2017?

Glutton for Punishment

That’s the person I am. I take on more things at the wrong times. Spending money and trying to create more time then what’s available to me. No wonder I feel tired, stressed and overloaded.


I put extra things on myself before I’ve finished the other courses, goals or work. My body has decided to take on a cold as well. Prioritise relaxation and Me Time!! That’s what I need to do.

Is there something you need to prioritise?

NVQ Drawing to the End?

After 4 hours spend with my NVQ assessor, I’ve done 14% more with a total of 75% complete. 2 more set meetings, which she says I may finish in February rather then March/April time when I first asked if I could finish any earlier.

I’m so glad it’s been moved up a month. It’s given me that light at the end of the tunnel feeling. That early next year I can potentially look for another job and tick completion of my NVQ off my goal list.

Monthly Review: November 2017

8:28am, 1st December. Real time post

I’m finding it hard to sum up my month of November. I spent my last day not very well. A simple cold made me pale on Wednesday night. Turned into me fainting on the kitchen floor yesterday morning. Spending the rest of the day in bed.

Sleep wasn’t my friend until 2am. I believe the caffeine in the cold and flu tablets kept me awake. I don’t drink tea or coffee so my body isn’t used to it. I did spend an hour reading though.

It’s been a couple of years since I last called in sick. It hasn’t been the best end to the month. My fainting spell caused the loss of my longest standing mug, bugs bunny “what’s up doc” is no more.

What have I achieved in November?

For a month where I’ve felt like I’ve overloaded myself, I haven’t crossed anything off my goal list. Maybe that’s why I’ve been ill. Doing too much. But I have done things towards my goals. Let’s see what my calendar shows:

  • Me Time = 5
  • Bath = 1
  • Overcoming = 3
  • Relaxation = 1
  • No Telly Days = 6
  • No Chocolate = 18
  • Breathing Techniques = 4
  • MHFA = 1
  • BSL = 2
  • CBT = 1

18 days with no chocolate. I think that’s good going.

This month felt like it went very quick for me. Did it for you? Only 1 month left of 2017. Christmas soon be here.

Life’s going quickly. Make the most of it. I know I need to. How was your November?