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Shift Plan Review

In October 2017, I completed The Shift Plan created by Kate Swoboba. The tool was helpful to get an idea for what I wanted to change. But once I wrote it up, I didn’t look at it again other then put in my calendar to review this past October. Well, it’s clearly past October and I’ve had it on my task list since. After listening to this second interview for week 1 HoCo, one of the questions Elizabeth Dialto asks herself:

What would I never what to do again or resent?

The shift plan review being on my task list and me seeing it each day is one of them for me. So I thought I’d do it right now, then that’s it. Being week 1 of HoCo and reviewing the past year it’ll be good to look at a different route to make me see the past as a whole. To look at the original post: click here. I am going to do each in its categories again like the original to separate it more clearly.

Personal Growth/Fulfilment/How I feel about me:

Easeful, patient and gentler with myself; I had moments of this and I choose easeful was as a goal for the year but I have committed to this 100%? I do become hard on myself and by overwhelming myself. I’ve been stressed not easeful. I believe I have worked well on the being confident in my abilities, speaking up for myself and to be proud, work on my goals and be me. I feel more like I’m becoming myself and speaking up for what I believe in. I’m being more honest with myself, open with writing and to my loved ones. On the score out of 10 for this slide of the shift plan I would give myself a 7 for being me, confident in my abilities and speaking up for myself. The difference I’d like to see and realise in myself is working on being easeful, patience and gentler with myself.

Intimate and Romantic Relationships

Looking at the statement from October 2017, I’m sticking with 2 out of 10 that I gave myself in yesterday’s post. I haven’t worked on my intimate pleasure. Although I’m being more patient with my partner’s limitations.

Personal Relationships/Friendships

I’d give myself a 5 out of 10; I have been cherishing my friendships. Making more time for them. I’ve begun to say no when it’s something I don’t want to do or like to do. Leading me to not keep promises I know I couldn’t keep. That way I keep the promises I do make. So far I feel this is the first category I have been doing completely.


I don’t currently have stability and love for my job at the same time. I have periods of loving the job when I’m with customers but the job as a whole, I don’t. I’ve no stability but with the new job starting in the new year I’m hoping this will change.


With the job I’m currently in, I don’t have control over my income as my hours vary, causing me uncertainty what comes in at the end of each month. That hasn’t stopped me budgeting, saving, going on holidays and trips out to have the experiences that make me happy. Again this new job will allow me to have more control as I’ll know the exact amount each month. Plus if need be I can do extra shifts. Being at ease with my income might be insight.

Even though I haven’t been consciously working on the plan itself most are things in my life I’ve wanted to work on. By doing this review I’ve completed the goal which I can cross off. Allowing me to focus on what week 2 and 3 of HoCo bring me. I am putting not being easeful, patient and gentle on myself and no exploring a new level of intimacy and pleasure on my leaving behind in 2018. These are things I want to work on in years to come.

There were a couple other things j wanted to note from what I took away from the guest interview.

1. Not overthinking, making up stories on things that haven’t happened or I feel I can observe and be respective of. If I need to know more it’ll come to me. Land in my consciousness when it needs to be.

2. There are priorities that are not needed over function, for example, I don’t need to have a blow out/be a baby about things. Let’s say I’m hungry, I have things to make a pasta bake in the house but I fancy a pizza takeaway. Most of the time I need to prioritise making the pasta bake. It’ll save me money and I can go to the supermarket the next day to buy a pizza. The time it takes to make a pasta bake is similar to the time it’ll take a pizza to arrive. Plus a lot cheaper. Prioritise the best for me at the time.

I’ve never finished the exercise bike declutter for my declutter challenge as someone is due to collect it this evening. Week 1 is gonna soon been 100% complete.

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BSL Video Series: Work Signs

In this post of the series, the videos I have made are those showing the signs of the work signs I have learnt. There are hundreds of work titles out there, some may have more than one sign that relates to a certain title.

I have learnt 15 work title signs so far. I have broken down the videos into 4; showing 3 or 4 titles per video.

First up; the following video shows the signs for > Boss. Builder. Bus Driver and Doctor.

Next up is the video showing the signs for Interpreter, Nurse, Mechanic and Police Officer:

How are you finding them so far?

The next video I’m am signing the work titles of Priest, Shop Assistant and Social Worker:

This last video for this post has the signs for the work titles: Taxi Driver, Teacher and Teaching Assistant.

There you have it. The 15 work title signs I have learnt so far. Do you know any that I haven’t learnt yet? I’d love to see them.

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BLS Video Series: Places and Countries

There are 1000’s of places names and variations of them around the world. I may never know them all. In this post, the place names are mainly from the UK and then there are some popular names of countries from around the world that were used in the course I took. I would love to learn them all and hope to in the future, but for now here are the ones I have learnt so far:

Place Names

For the first video of the post, the signs for Birmingham, Brighton and Bristol are shown:

Below is the video showing the signs for the place names: Cardiff, Carlisle, Dublin and England.

In the video below are the signs for Glasgow, Guernsey, Ireland and Jersey:

See the signs for Liverpool, London and Manchester below:

The last video for the place names section below shows the signs for Newcastle, Scotland and Wales:


The first video in the countries section shows the signs for America, Austrailia, Britain and China:

The last video for countries and this post shows the signs for France, Germany and Italy:

There are quite a few videos for this post. Here are only a few places and countries that can be signed. What other place signs do you know?

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BSL Video Series: Asking and Responding to a Question (Name, Age, Live, Job)

For this months videos, I’m starting to show phrases, questioning and answering phrases that may be used when meeting BSL users mainly on first meetings. This can be things like what is your name or age, where you live or what is your job.

When asking and answering a question notice how the grammar is used in BSL:

Asking a question is signed differently than saying it out in the English Language. In BSL the questioning word is last. For example: What is your name? is signed Name you What? Then when it comes to answering the question, the response begins with the question then I gave my answer.

At the point of filming these videos, I was 26, I have since had a birthday or two, depending on when you are watching them.

Before I completed this video I learnt the signs for places and countries. These signs will be published in the next months’ video series post.

I signed my job as a nurse as it was the closest one to a care worker out of the signs I was learning. Do you know the sign for care worker? The work signs that I have learnt will be published in the coming posts in the series.

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BSL Video Series: Greetings

Before putting signs together to make conversations with other BSL users; the following video shows single sign phrases for basic greetings.

As you can see there are similarities using the same sign. Here it is easier to understand if you are aware of the context of the conversation, facial expressions, body language and lip patterns.

Signing isn’t just about signing with your hands. It’s a language where face and body are just as important.

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‘Conflicting Emotions’

My mind and my heart run through conflicting emotions. I feel or think one thing one day, then the next it could be completely different. Sometimes it stays the same. I rarely fully understand what it is I want.

I’m going through life but not fully understanding. Does it mean I’m living to the fullest or not?

Hopefully by goals for Q4 of deep down journalling and getting shit done will allow that question to be answered.

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My Goal of Getting Shit Done

I feel worries that I’ll call back into the habit of not doing anything. Just watching telly all the time. That I’ll daily at Getting Shit Done.

This evening I got some shit done. Mileage! The bane of my life but if I want to claim back what I can be entitled to I need to but the evidence to the Government. When the cut off date for this year came I was no way meet completing. To the point I still haven’t.

Which also means I haven’t started this current years either. Mileage is just plain boring, but it’s something shit that I need to get done.

This evening I got back into it. I made check lists for last year’s claim and made a start. I checked one of the boxes off my list.

Then I took time to relax. I think that’s where I went wrong yesterday. My mind was still wired when I went to sleep and having to leg room to move made me frustrated. I did get to sleep but woke with my right arm numb, above my head. I must move about as I don’t go to sleep with my arm there.

With my worries, and my goal to Get Shit Done. I don’t want to be hard on myself or put myself down. What I did yesterday and this evening was great. I’ve done something to get closer to my end goal. Ultimately that is the aim of Getting Shit Done.

I should be proud of myself for that. No, wait! I am proud of myself for that. I am now going to read to help turn my mind off. Get myself to sleep easier tonight.