Where do I feel peaceful, strong, able to affect change?

Journalling. Checking with goals.

Where do I feel silenced, weal or disregarded?

Office. Body Love. Future Career. Confidence. Money. Authority Figure.

What is one action I can take to reclaim my power? To reclaim ownership of my life?

A hard one maybe: but to stop thinking, overthinking, letting my thoughts be ruled by my thinking.

I know it says one but I want another: I want to LISTEN. To really listen. Listen with feeling as well as hearing the words.


Ritual, Body Love and Purpose

How do I already connect with myself?

Candles. Doggy cuddles. Journalling. Walking. Music. Reading.

How am I craving connection with myself?

Breathing. Exercise. Dancing. Singing. Set intentions. Body Love.

How do I already connect with my loved ones?

Conversations. Family meals. Group get-togethers.

What am I craving with my loved ones?


How do I already connect with my higher power?


How am I craving connection with my higher power?

Self-love. Self-care.

How am I loving, kind or respectful to my body?

Fruit. 3 meals a day. Paint nails. Walking. Sleep. Wear whats comfortable. Haircuts.

How am I mean, toxic or ignorant to/of my body? 

Junk food. Not hydrating enough. snacking. Lack of exercise. Not slowing down.

What are 3 small ways I could start listening to my body’s needs now?

Meditating. Have a good amount of water. Exercise.

What gifts do I bring to this world?

Organisation. Creativity.

How do I show up in all slices of life?

Emotional. Joy. Ambitious.

What would I like my life to be an example of?

Helping others evolve, feel free, and experience joy.

How do I honour my purpose?

Being a carer. Self-discovery.

Watched: Robocop > 3 out of 5


What roles in life do I claim?

I’m a … fiance, daughter, dog mum, volunteer, carer, girlfriend, blogger

In 4 roles … How are you expected to act? What are you expected to want?

Fiance: loving, equal, partnership. conversation. sex. lovey-dovey. togetherness 24/7

Daughter: kindness. friendship. safe space.

Dog mum: responsible. knowledgeable. walks. cuddles.

Carer: in control. responsible. kind. compassionate. over-achiever. nothing in return. independence.

What do I claim to be my truth?

Adventure. Simplicity. Kindness. Friendship. Love. Cuddles. Creative Soul. Honesty.

Watched: Table 19 > 5 out of 5

Q1 Goals for 2018

I did it! I’ve completed The Holiday Council. I did it in 22 days. Woop! I’ve already done a post on my Theme, ways of being and my 3 Big Goals for 2018.

This has been, wow I can’t remember if it’s my second or third year, of The Holiday Council. Whichever it is, it’s been the best yet. I’ve been focused on it all. I’ve done but 1/2 a page within the workbook, as I’ve no idea what to write.

I’ve got that page open, see if I can think or people or things I need to……. over the next few days. The last page I completed in my workbook was my Q1 goals.

  1. Finish my NVQ
    1. This is a must. If I don’t finish it by April the funding runs out. Plus if I do get it done by February like my assessor says is highly likely. I can start looking for new jobs. To get a permanent, 1 place position.
  2. Being honest with others
    1. This is something I’ve ticked to what I avoid when doing some of my Overcoming workbook. If you read my post yesterday, you know I’m avoiding talking to Dave about how I feel about our relationship. I’m also one who says yes to things when I want to be saying no. My being deliberate falls here.

I’ve completed planning for 2018. I just need to do the work.

Have you any goals for 2018?

I’d love to hear them. Comment below, paste your link and I’ll pop over.


Action Planning Week

I’ll be starting action plan week for my 2018 through The Holiday Council tomorrow. I have a few big goals running through my head.

Courses: finish the ones I’ve already started. Not start any more until all are completed.

Mortgage: I think this could be another.

But I want my year to be full of Joy. Yes, these things completed would be great and lead to my big dreams. I’d like joyful big goals for 2018 also.

Me time could be one? Breaks away possibly? Being connected with friends and family?

Will have to think what comes up for me in the training call.

Have you any action plans for 2018?

My Theme for 2018

After 2 weeks of the Holiday Council, I’ve come up with my theme and ways of being for 2018. Below are my theme and ways of being with their meanings for me. Then I’ve added my vision board for the year based on these:



“Alive and present, no matter the circumstances”

Ways of Being:

Be Calm: “Creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity” – Brene Brown

Be Deliberate: “Be ruthless with my yes and no”

Be Lively: “Energy, lighthearted, optimistic, funloving, be full of life”

Be Limitless: “Believe and act upon my dreams, freedom and possibilities”

Be Love: “Be love. Give love. Receive love”

Winter Destinations.jpg

Bring on the new year!

Dreaming for 2018

2018 is practically around the corner. I’m looking at week 2 of The Holiday Council 2017. The week where dreams of a magical new year get made. I find scheming for 2018 harder then I did reflecting 2017.

I believe it’s partly the unknown and that I don’t fully understand who I am and what I want out of life. I have an idea. I must do. I have a list of goals.

My current list is called Goals and Ground Rules. But I feel it needs to change.

I think I wanna change it to My Dreams page.

Here you see a list of all my goals and dreams. Like a bucket list and a to-do list in one. Today I added a new goal:

Go to see Colbie Caillat in Concert

I love her music. I’ve not known her to tour the UK so it may call for a holiday. May get a 2 in 1 on my goals.

Think I got off track there, I can do that, Side-Tracked should be my middle name. I wouldn’t have to change my initial.

I was saying I found scheming and dreaming for 2018 hard. I worked through the training call and kept getting frustrated. My mind going blank. It may be hard but I’ll get it done.

I’ve taken a break from it for the day. I’ll come back after I’ve had a rest. The perfectionist in me wants to make 2018 amazing and have no mess ups. Life won’t be life without mess ups.

I’ve been reading The Gift of Imperfections by Brene Brown. I love her definition of Calm:

Creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity

As soon as I read this I felt like it’s putting its hand up to be ‘a way of being’ for 2018 for me. Let’s see what the end of week 2 brings.

Are you dreaming and scheming for 2018?