Social Media is Constricting your Productivity

A post I really connected with. Social media used to rule me. Now I have one personal account on one platform. Only use it on my tablet. Not on my phone, I cannot just get my phone out to check my Facebook feed. Although, I still have moments of feeling I’m missing out, I don’t dread it anymore. Baby steps to a more productive me.


My routine while I was working on my undergraduate degree:

  1. Write a sentence
  2. Check Facebook
  3. Write a sentence
  4. Check Instagram
  5. Write a sentence
  6. Retweet something witty
  7. Repeat

I used to complain that I had a challenging time completing my work but really, I was constricting myself repeatedly without realizing it. Fragmenting your attention is detrimental to productivity.

In Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work, he writes about the way he practices increased focus and productivity in his academic and personal life. In the book, he outlined four distinct sections—ones that if you can master, your productivity will reach new levels.

  1. Work Deeply
  2. Embrace Boredom
  3. Quit Social Media
  4. Drain the Shallows

Work Deeply

Newport defined Deep Work as a constant and thorough stream of concentration. Involving yourself in Deep Work isn’t as simple as sitting down and writing your boring essay or completing your economics homework. Deep Work is about getting…

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I had more time on my hands than originally planned today. But I’m not getting into that as it made me swear at the time. I try not to swear on normal bases. I normally say something like bananas as a substitute.

My no telly day did not run onto today. I’m afraid, I’ve watched documentaries all afternoon/night. It’s funny how tastes change over the years. When I was younger, I wouldn’t even take a chance on a documentary. Now I love them.

Obviously not them all. There are some that don’t interest me. The ones today though have been emotional ones. I think I’m drawn to them.

I did start my research of helping others. I wrote some things down. But not ready to share. Not 100% on own feelings on the list really. But there’s no rush. Need to take my time before I commit myself to things.

I don’t want to mess anyone about or my mind. Something will inspire me, I’m sure.

Hope your day has treated you well.