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My Mental Health is a Major Part of Me

We’ve started doggie sitting for the in-laws. Well, this evening really. We’ve both been working during the day.

When I had finished, knowing I needed to get our bags before going to my in-laws, I was getting stressed. Trying to rush or having that rushed feeling within me, preventing myself from being calm. To enjoy my evening off with Dave and the dogs.

After sorting ourselves out and having dinner, we took the dogs for a walk. It made me feel like we should do this more often both with or without the dogs. Especially during good weather.

Spend more time outside. I want to be healthy, to travel and to make a difference in the world. I can’t do that if I’m sat inside watching telly all the time, can I?

Being outside will keep me fit. Not just physically but mentally too. My mental health is a major part of me. I am the one who needs to take action to maintain my wellbeing. No one can do it for me or help me without me helping myself first.

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Bags Packed to Play House

Bags packed. From tomorrow we’re staying at the in-laws for 3 nights to doggie sit. 3 nights playing house were it’s just us two, with no parents or building work. It’ll be nice to be able to fully relax.

The mortgage offer came through. We’re booked in to see the financial advisor next week. Nothing from the solicitors. The waiting is making me anxious.

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Just Today’s Happenings

The solicitors chased the vendors’ solicitors today. We are still waiting for the draft contracts and supporting documents. The mortgage lender is sending us our mortgage offer. Something is happening with the house buying which is good to know.

I did my daily movement of walking into town; achieving over 10,000 steps. I took one of the charity bags to the charity shop. Beforehand I added a pink jacket that was too big for me.

My mum and stepdad treated me to a meal out this evening. It was lovely. It’s the first proper one as a trio since moving in April. Finding the time to have one-on-one family time can be difficult. As much time as possible needs to be spent with loved ones.

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A Little Update + Gratitude

Working all day has allowed me a no telly day. We’ve been watching a lot of films lately. But being at work shouldn’t be the reason not to watch telly. I need to have no telly days on those I have off too.

One thing I am proud of myself for is that I haven’t had chocolate since the end of January  2018. I’m coming up to half a year with no chocolate; halfway through my no chocolate year. I’m feeling much better mentally by not having chocolate.

I’m grateful for my mother in law for plating me up a dinner because I couldn’t attend due to working. I’m also thankful to her for allowing us to use her kitchen as ours is now an empty shell.

My mum and stepdads home is becoming a building site tomorrow. That’s gonna be an adjustment. But it’ll get us used to our new home being a building site too.

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A Period of Doing Nothing

There was a period of time today where I did nothing. Absolutely, nothing and on purpose.

I’m someone who has to be doing something. Whether large or small my hands and mind need to be occupied. But doing something at every point of the day is wearing thin. It has been for years but it has only been now that my eyes are fully open to seeing so.

I’m causing my own mental illness by putting too much on myself all at once. Physically and mentally, I’m getting too low.

In my period of doing nothing, I laid on my bed for nearly 2 hours. I had set an alarm to allow me to switch off. Saving me worrying when I needed to get ready for work. I just laid there, eyes closed. My mind wondered. My mind came back to the present.

I felt the tension in my eyes. I felt I had relaxed.

During the period of nothing, I thought about the level 1 qualification I was starting in September. I’ve taken on so many other things over the last couple of years. I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t trying to gain a qualification.

I’ve family health complications and we’re in the process of buying a house that needs gutting. Due to all this, I decided to inform the tutors I couldn’t commit 100% to the course and would have to delay my entry into the course.

Having this period of nothing helped me feel more alive and able to go for work. I even agreed to do an extra 1/2 hour. I feel this period of nothing is something I should be doing regularly.

It’s gonna benefit me in the long run. I feel I should have a day, even if it’s once a month where I say no to everything and have a me day. Do what I want to do, the things I love rather than the things I should be doing.

Have a period of nothing incorporated into the day and see where it takes me.

I even have the ground rule: Schedule me time and stick to it. I have been neglecting myself. Putting myself and my care on the back burner.

This needs to stop. If I take care of myself. I would be better able to help others.

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Wedding Talk

I had a lovely girly evening with B; a takeaway and a film. Just what we needed. We talked about our weddings too.

I told her Dave and I were talking 2021 for ours. B said she’d better hurry up and decided. She’d want to get married before us. She has thought about 2020. See what D thinks to that one.

He might thank us for getting her arse into gear.

Watched: Annihilation > 2.5 out of 5