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Drowning in Plastic Documentary

I’ve just finished watching Drowning in Plastic on BBC One. I knew the oceans were coated in plastics, that marine animals were effected and that the view and our actions on daily use of plastics need to change.

But after watching this documentary, wow, I was gobsmacked and ashamed that it’s as bad as it is. There’s got to be more everyone in the world can do. Plus the large plastic companies.

The fact not everyone in the world as access to recycling and has to dump there rubbish!!

That’ll help quicker then having to wait another 7 years before there’s progress.

What actions can we take to change?

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Do I Know the True Meaning of Hard Work?

Hard work: Do I even know the true meaning?

Would I even get through a shift doing something classed as hard work?

I do and I don’t find my job as hard work. Maybe more mentally than physically. Others would say it’s not, then some would say it is. I could come across something new to me and say it’s hard. To others, it’s an easy thing.

Everything takes hard work until it isn’t. The amount of time and effort put into something makes it less hard work the more you put into it.

Drive and motivation or determination put towards work, life and the goals set. It’ss all be hard until it’s not. At the end of the day it’s all down to one person; you.

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Keep the Good Days Coming

I did turn to the telly today. I got some washing done in between. Instead of just watching my TV series, I decided on films. One new to me and the others, two of my favourites. Can’t beat a good Jurassic Park film.

I also did bits and bobs during them. I did do a couple of hours of work too. All in all another good day.

Watched: Flatliners (2017) > 2.5 out of 5

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‘Puts me in a depressive mood’

I had a different day to yesterday, where I was more productive and then watched telly. I was more relaxed and when with the flow. I read quite a bit and ended up finishing my book. I did some job hunting, which always puts me in a depressive mood. I keep going to a dog rescue advert.

Do I want to get back to helping animals full time?

After the vets; its a lot emotionally.

This evening we had drinks and gave a tour with a mate who was with a mate we are unsure about. A story I’ve talked about before but don’t wanna be repeating. It wasn’t too bad. I’m sure I can be friends on a civil front. Not gonna be besties. We weren’t exactly that before anyways. It’s been 11 months since it all happened.

Its been a good day. Tomorrow is a new one.

Watched: The Thing (1982) > 2.5 out of 5

Finished Reading: The Silent Sisters by Jenny Tomlin and Kim Challinor

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‘Productive and Lazy’

I have been productive and lazy today. I read for an hour before getting out of bed. I’ve had proper meals with only the odd snack throughout the day.

Instead of using the car, we took advantage of the good weather and did jobs and shopping by walking everywhere.

I contact the gas and electric twice! So far, I believe majority of the bills are now sorted. Just the last few for when we’re living in the place.

This afternoon I’ve been watching telly. I did make dinner. It’s been nice having a mixed day. I need to keep it up. But I’m getting in my head with regards to work.

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‘I couldn’t sit still’

I don’t see how work expect me to stay when they give me 2 and 1/2 hours work. This meant Dave and I went to the cinema again. This time watching The King of Thieves. It wasn’t my thing really. It could be told through me not being able to sit still.

I got through it and was able to watch a film I’d seen before this evening.

When I finished work this morning that was it until Saturday evening. 3 full days spread across 4. It’ll be nice for, fingers crossed, lay ins and do sweet f.a. for 2 days.

Watched: King of Thieves > 2 out of 6


‘I got my gloves out’

Autumn is on its way. Having had a lovely summer, I feel this winter is gonna be a bad one. I got my gloves out this morning to wear first thing. I was chilly.

It amazed me when I heard on the radio that some people had to defrost their cars.

I’m going well with the no telly Tuesday. I’ve started reading more in these days. Getting through books I’ve borrowed from the library. I’ve now started reading from a pile of books I was given from another carer at work so far. I’m struggling to put it down.

The electrician started today. Hopefully by the middle of next week he’ll have got through his job.

Dave and I may be able to go to the cinema again tomorrow. Let’s see what happens.

Finished Reading: The Wish List