Christmas Monopoly

I do love Christmas. So why not a game of Christmas Monopoly. Don’t think you need to guess but we did.

After 3 and 1/2 hours, Dave and I still hadn’t finished the game. We decided to put it to one side and continue tomorrow.

I’ve found a love for board and card games. When I was younger I didn’t have the opportunities to play many. I played Monopoly, of course. But there are many I didn’t play. Maybe one day.

My group of friends love board and card games. The chances may arise.

Do you have a favourite board or card game?

Curiosity over Anxiety. Leading to Pleasure?

Getting comfortable and enjoying sex means I have to be comfortable talking about it. Whether to myself about how I feel or not in regards to my sex life or with other people as a topic.

Sex has come up as a topic between me and a close friend a number of times in the past. A trusted friend. We can tell each other anything without judgement and get advice if it’s needed.

Most of these conversations in the past have caused anxiety to build within me. Pleasure in life, including sexual pleasure, is something I wanna experience unconditionally. When I wanna joy life, I wanna enjoy it in the bedroom too.

Our conversation was slightly different this evening. Mainly I didn’t get that anxiety. I was more curious than anything. I want that curiosity over anxiety going forward.

Mindset switched possibly? The first step to experiencing pleasure?

3 Big Goals for 2018

After listening to week 3 training call, I have come up with my 3 Biggest Goals for 2018.

  1. Focus on Me
    1. Love my body. Be deep with myself. Say no. Say yes. Incorporate love, laughter and pleasure into my life, social and sexual.
  2. Have Experiences
    1. Girls nights. Group days. Holidays. Date nights. Try new things. Do the things that are my dream list. Do things that are scary.
  3. Embody Easefulness
    1. Bring ease, peace and tranquillity to life. Let go of control. Give into surrender. Allow things to happen. No micromanaging.

After making these goals, I sent two messages. One to Dave and one to B. Both along the lines of ‘no matter what’s going on in life, we have one day, evening, night per month where we do something’. Dave > date night, days trips, couple things. B > girl nights, theatre, food, try something new. Whether as a group or if they can’t join just girls only.

I loved B’s response “Absafuckingluly!”

After a long day mainly working I came home, put my headphones in and iPod on and danced. I feel so much better too when I walked into the house. A better feeling going to bed with.

Originally written on the 13th December. 


Action Planning Week

I’ll be starting action plan week for my 2018 through The Holiday Council tomorrow. I have a few big goals running through my head.

Courses: finish the ones I’ve already started. Not start any more until all are completed.

Mortgage: I think this could be another.

But I want my year to be full of Joy. Yes, these things completed would be great and lead to my big dreams. I’d like joyful big goals for 2018 also.

Me time could be one? Breaks away possibly? Being connected with friends and family?

Will have to think what comes up for me in the training call.

Have you any action plans for 2018?

My Moaning Myrtle

I’m in what my step-dad calls ‘my moaning myrtle’ state. I’m not gonna bore you. It’s just life in general. Long days with hardly any hours worth of pay. That cold that caused me to faint the other week is coming back with a vengeance.

But hey that’s life and the stage in my life that I’m at. But unable to change as yet. I’m not handling it well some days.

Tomorrow is another day. Another day to better my mindset.

My Theme for 2018

After 2 weeks of the Holiday Council, I’ve come up with my theme and ways of being for 2018. Below are my theme and ways of being with their meanings for me. Then I’ve added my vision board for the year based on these:



“Alive and present, no matter the circumstances”

Ways of Being:

Be Calm: “Creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity” – Brene Brown

Be Deliberate: “Be ruthless with my yes and no”

Be Lively: “Energy, lighthearted, optimistic, funloving, be full of life”

Be Limitless: “Believe and act upon my dreams, freedom and possibilities”

Be Love: “Be love. Give love. Receive love”

Winter Destinations.jpg

Bring on the new year!