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Lovely Day with Wonderful Friends

We went to the Trafford Centre, a shopping centre that was new for me. Also had a new style of food to me as well. We went to Pesto an Italian Tapas. I liked the idea of getting a couple of little things to try. Between the 3 of us, we got to try new dishes.

On the way there, I learnt that my 2 friends wanted to try the indoor skydiving and possibly tandem skydiving. It’s something I’ve thought about in the past before but I’ve not said anything.

I’m going to add skydiving to My Dreams list.

It’s something I wanna do and it potentially has been set into motion with my friends.

During the car rides, I noticed my friends singing. You know, that singing to yourself but allowed enough that others can hear you at times. Yesterday, I finished reading The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown about Wholehearted Living.

Hearing my friends sing this way, gave me an unspoken permission to start right there an then to live wholeheartedly. So I sang and had a little dance to myself in the car. (I was a passenger and didn’t distract the driver).

Maybe wholehearted living should be my theme for the year 2018.

Wholehearted – fully or completely sincere, enthusiastic, energetic, etc. Hearty, ernest

What do you think about wholehearted living? Do you practice it?


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If today was your last day….

“If today was your last day,
And tomorrow was your last day,
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past,
Donate every dime you have?
Would you call old friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories,
Would you forgive your enemies?
Would you find the one you’re dreamin’ of?
Swear up and downto God above,
That you finally fell in love

If today was your last day”  — Nickleback

I would want to gather all my loved ones together and have some fun. Whether it was having a film day, game day (card or board games for the win), pig out on food, have a few drinks, smile, laughter and joy.

I’d wanna spend my last day with the people who make me happy. Have no worries, problems or have no urge to micromanage.

Calm. Ease. Happiness. Fun. Laughter. Positivity. Love.

A few words I want my life to be about.

If today was your last day, What would you do?

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Dreaming for 2018

2018 is practically around the corner. I’m looking at week 2 of The Holiday Council 2017. The week where dreams of a magical new year get made. I find scheming for 2018 harder then I did reflecting 2017.

I believe it’s partly the unknown and that I don’t fully understand who I am and what I want out of life. I have an idea. I must do. I have a list of goals.

My current list is called Goals and Ground Rules. But I feel it needs to change.

I think I wanna change it to My Dreams page.

Here you see a list of all my goals and dreams. Like a bucket list and a to-do list in one. Today I added a new goal:

Go to see Colbie Caillat in Concert

I love her music. I’ve not known her to tour the UK so it may call for a holiday. May get a 2 in 1 on my goals.

Think I got off track there, I can do that, Side-Tracked should be my middle name. I wouldn’t have to change my initial.

I was saying I found scheming and dreaming for 2018 hard. I worked through the training call and kept getting frustrated. My mind going blank. It may be hard but I’ll get it done.

I’ve taken a break from it for the day. I’ll come back after I’ve had a rest. The perfectionist in me wants to make 2018 amazing and have no mess ups. Life won’t be life without mess ups.

I’ve been reading The Gift of Imperfections by Brene Brown. I love her definition of Calm:

Creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity

As soon as I read this I felt like it’s putting its hand up to be ‘a way of being’ for 2018 for me. Let’s see what the end of week 2 brings.

Are you dreaming and scheming for 2018?

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Transition Period

I’ve set myself goals, ground rule and have big dreams. I’m finally getting to understand the mindset of “I can do everything, just not right now”.

I feel a sense of calmness with myself towards my goals the last couple of days. I’ve done small steps towards goals. I’ve worked, had family meals and had a little time out for myself. I feel this is the way I wanna continue.

I read recently that the period from setting your goal and getting into the habit in order to complete the goal is the transition period.

Just because telly, magazines or other outlets advertise “forming a habit in 30 days” doesn’t mean it’s the case. After 30 days and the habit hasn’t formed, this doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you should give up.

Everyone is different!!

Forming habits, even ones that are to help you complete that big dream goal, can be a transition period that suits you. If it takes you:

  • 6 months to work out 3 times a week
  • 1 year to sit down daily to write 500 words of your book

Whatever your goal is, the transition to the habit is yours and yours only. You control the time to form a habit. Do it your way.

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What would make 2018 Magical for you?

What’s the one thing you think would make 2018a meaningful or magical year for you? Why?

When thinking of this question the word adventure keeps popping up for me. I do take things seriously and I’m one to stay within my comfort zone.

It would be great to start exploring, doing new things, have experiences I can cherish forever. Go on holiday or have day trips away. Be a tourist in my own country.

Whether an adventure or a new opportunity; making the most of 2018 will help me to get my confidence, reduce my anxiety and enjoy my life.


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A Peaceful Mind

Had a lovely day with Dave and our friends. We went to Leeds German Market, looked around the craft fair in the museum and had a nosey in some shops. Fun, food and laughter. Got a few Christmas presents. Only my parents left to buy for.

Once home, I wrapped up some presents, completed my appraisal form and did an hour of CBT course.

Without realising it till now, I’ve done things towards my goals, got some to-do-list items done and had fun in a day without being stressed or feeling overloaded. No should be doing this or that.

If I can do it today then I can do it other days too.

I’ve thought of a couple of things I’d like to try and had a couple of films suggested to me to add to my goals and ground rules page.

Try a kickboxing class

Try a pole dancing class

Watch Fox and the Hound

Watch Waterwater

How’s your day been?


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I had a lovely morning with Dave. Did some sorting out and relaxed before he had to start work.

Then I spent the afternoon with my mum and step-dad. We spent it in Whitby. Taking the dogs with us, we had a lovely walk around a part of Whitby. Went up and down those 199 steps. My hips felt it going back up them.

The main reason for going to Whitby was for the Krampus Run. I thought it was gonna be a Krampus fun run. My mum told me it was gonna be more of a parade. Still looking forward to it. Had a good hype about it.

But it was lacking really. The people who were dressed up went all out and looked incredible. I was just expecting more really.

The view going back up the stairs to the car at the end of the evening. The colours were great. Take a look:

This post was written about the 2nd December