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Fareham: Day 5

It was our last day today. Which meant saying goodbye and thank you before the drive home. I will miss them and treasure this getaway.

The drive was alright, no hold ups and stopped for a little break halfway. One good thing about the long drive meant I could listen to my iPod more. With Dave writing, I was able to sort while listening. I now have a list of song that doesn’t resonate with me anymore, for me to remove.

At times we listened to Daves iPod, completely different music to mind but there was a couple songs I liked enough to go on a list to be put onto my iPod.

Back home, now with only 1 day left of our annual leave, a bit of catching up to do before going back to work. I’m gonna miss the break but I have memories fro my scrapbook and have these blog posts as memories too.

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Fareham: Day 4

The thing I’ve taken from this getaway is that I haven’t felt like I’ve needed to get up and go out at all times. We’ve done quite a bit over the last few days but also relaxed, slept in and seen family.

Today, we first went to:

Titchfield Abbey

An English Heritage ruin. Only a couple of miles journey. It was a beautiful place but just a ruin to see. It didn’t take us long.

Then we decided to go to:

Uppark House and Gardens

Only took us a 40-minute drive. It is a National Trust place. It was an amazing place and such an achievement to restore what they have after the fire in 1989. Because of the rain, we decided not to do the woodland walk, so after our packed lunch we headed back. I’m afraid I have no photos of this place. I was too soaked up to even think about taken a photo.

The rain didn’t stop us from having a walk in the village. I’m glad we did as we got me a wedding organiser and an alternative guest book for when we have our wedding. I cannot wait to use the organiser.

I’ve had a lovely few days. It feels a shame we have to go home, but I do feel refreshed. Just what I needed.

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Fareham: Day 3

We spent the day close to home. I didn’t step in the car. Was nice to have a peaceful day. We had a lie in. I also had a phone call from a tutor at Newcastle College about a distance learning course in Life Coaching.

This is all thanks to the book I read previously 365 ways to be your own life coach by David Lawrence Preston, who mentions the course. Although a 10-year-old book, the college still does the course. The tutor had sent me an application form, so next week I’m going to fill it out and send it back.

To the rest of the day, we spent the majority of it with my auntie. We walked into the village, to the bakery. After lunch, we walked to the seafront which was a mile from their home.

It was a lovely walk and great my auntie was our guide. We walked from the point in Stubbington at Solvent Park (I may have got that name wrong) into Lee-on-the-solvent tot the centre street where the pier used to be. We had a drink at the Bluebird Cafe then walked home again.

Even with the cold breeze, it was a lovely walk. Amazing to have such a place to go within walking distance from your home. From where we were we could see Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Both walks had helped me to achieve over 10,000 steps. Approximately 15,549 steps.

With the sea breeze air, our 2-hour walk made me tired. I ended up napping before dinner.

My auntie has been amazing. Giving us a roof over our heads for 4 nights and lovely home-cooked meals. Not wanting anything from us. I have tried, even with her favourite cake at the bakery, couldn’t change her mind. Family can be a wonderful thing, something I don’t wanna take for granted.

This evening we spent time watching telly with my aunt and uncle. We watched 2 shows I’d never seen before; Blue Bloods and Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators. I’d like to watch them again.

 Well, tomorrow is our last full day here in Fareham. I’m glad to have had a break from everything. It’s put my mind on reset. Get back to it with a fresh perspective.

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Fareham: Day 2

Up and off to Dorset this morning, took just under an hour and 1/2. Destination: Monkey World.

Monkey World

A place I’ve wanted to visit since I watched Monkey Life. The monkeys were gorgeous. It’s great to see them live better and safer lives than where they came from. Unfortunately, the wild wasn’t that. People in the world using them for illegal trading and medical testing.

Their enclosures were huge. They were able to go in and out as they liked. We really enjoyed ourselves. Going meant that I can cross Monkey World off my travel list.

On the way to Monkey World, we saw a couple of attraction signs of places we’d like to go. Next, we went to The Tank Museum:

The Tank Museum

This was for Dave. He would love a tank if he could have one. I ended up enjoying myself. There was a couple of little activities I was able to amuse myself with. Plus a good photo opportunity.

Next up:

Clouds Hill

A National Trust place. A small cottage of T.E. Lawerence after the war. Very cosy and I loved the woodland around it.

Then lastly we went to:

Kingston Lacy

A very big house. Also owned by the National Trust. Beautiful place and huge gardens. We were there a couple of hours towards closing. The woodland trail wasn’t do-able for us. But what we did see was spectacular.

It would be somewhere I’d go for walks with the dogs if it were closer to home.


4:30 pm was drawing so going back to my Aunties was where we stayed the rest of the day.

A lovely home cooked meal and family conversation before we took time out for ourselves to rest. A day exploring is just what the doctor ordered, as they (whoever they are) say.


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Fareham: Day 1

An early start to drive down south. This has been my first road trip, where I’m driving and it’s just Dave and I. Our end destination: Fareham where we are staying with my Great Aunt and Uncle. It’s lovely to have the chance to stay over.

The first part of the drive was easy for me. iPod on, sat-nav showing me where to go and Dave sleeping next to me. We stopped at Warwick services. It’s like deja vu, it’s only 3 weeks since we were there.

The second half was harder, I could feel myself getting tired. We had Daves’ iPod on and we talked about anything and everything to keep me going for the last stretch to our 1st stop:

Marwell Zoo

Being off-peak, it was quiet. Got to see the park more of a natural environment for the animals. No crowds of people around them. I can be a bit suspicious of zoos with space, environment and life the animals get in captivity. At Marwell Zoo all seemed to have enough space if they choose to roam there.

We were there for a good 2 1/2 hours. Believe there was a small section we didn’t get to see due to getting to closing time but it was a good trip out.


See the video I took of the penguins swimming:


On the roadside, we saw an English Heritage sign for Bishops Waltham Palace. We went to find that. After 6 minutes detour having missed the place. We found it but it was still early in the year for it to be open.

A shame, it was only 10 minutes from the zoo and half hour away from my Aunties. Another time, maybe.

By tea time we got to my Aunts. It’s been a lovely evening catching up and hearing family history stories has been fascinating. Even saw one of my 2nd cousins this evening too. It may have been a long drive, but I’m glad I did to be here.


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Excitement for Tomorrow

We’ve had a productive day. We had a list of things we needed to do before we go away tomorrow. I’m glad the snow has gone. I just have to battle to wet weather.

Tomorrow we travel down south to my relatives for 4 nights. It’s been a good couple of years since we saw them last. I’m really looking forward to having a holiday home away from home.

Watched: The Greatest Showman > 5 out of 5

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You Never Know What’s Around the Corner

Days are fast. In a blink of an eye, many opportunities, memories and everyday life pass by without being noticed.

Take each second, make the most of it. Everything can change, good or bad. Life is gonna pass by.

Open your eyes. See and hear what’s in front of you. You never know what’s around the corner.

Watched: Deliver us from Evil > 4.5 out of 5