Wage Rule and Room Change

I found a blog today on budgeting what you get from your wage. I’m trying to save up for a mortgage as well as live the life I want. But I struggle towards the end of the month to pay for my food shop.

Looking at the post over on Brit & Co site. The 50/30/20 rule is something I wanna see if I could work with. I’ve had a look at my pay period income. Seeing as I’m only halfway through the month, I’m not very flush. Here is my current tally:

50% – 220
30% – 70
20% – 0

These are the amounts I have left to keep me going into December. I’ve got the amounts on my notice board so I can see clearly and check before I hit the buy now button.

Think I need to go back to my simplicity core value. Be frugal to help me pull back my spending. Not gonna be able to save for a house if I keep spending my money. I’ve also said yes to events over the next few months which need paying for to and it’s Christmas next month.

Have you any posts or advice where I could help myself to cut down on spending or on being frugal in my life?

On a high note for me. I moved my furniture around in my room. This wasn’t the first time. I said last time it’s the last. Clearly, not as it took me an hour and a half to move all but my wardrobe.

I feel more uplifted on how it is laid out now. Everything is spread out more. I feel the room is bigger. I can close my blinds now too as the doggies cannot jump on the window ledge. Something my mum was happy about.

I’m not gonna promise I won’t move my room around again in the future. But I can see this as until future notice, possibly until I move into my own place, layout. Excuse the messy bed. 


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If I Totally Trusted Myself….

If I totally trusted myself, on a day to day basis, I would feel:

Confident. Happy. Joyful. A sense of integrity. Excited. Easeful. Nourished. Open.

If I totally trusted myself, on a day to day basis, I would do less:

Complaining. Resenting. People pleasing. Spending money I shouldn’t. Lie or keep my mouth closed. Keep putting things off.

If I totally trusted myself, on a day to day basis, I would do more:

Yoga. Cooking from scratch. Traveling. Mindful budgeting. Be more creative. Open to all friends. Have more experiences. Enjoy sex.

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Family Photoshoot

It was good to have us all together. When I say family photoshoot it was: me, mum, step-dad, my two sisters, nephew and niece and the two doggies.

My mum had booked it so we can give a print to each of our grandparents. It was fun. My 4-month-old niece did amazing. She decided halfway through she needed to sleep.

We were able to preview the photos from the shoot, which was nice. We got to choose our favourite ones to decide which to buy. Grandparents Christmas gifts sorted.

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Complete Something Joyful

Joy. That was a challenge from an email I received today. This evening I did just that. I enjoyed myself. Dave and I went round to a friends house. We had a few drinks and played Cards Against Humanity.

What’s more… I won! Woop.

It was a lovely evening with good friends and giggles. Mainly from me and B thanks to the Rose. The guys just let us be.

What did you do today that was joyful? Haven’t done anything? Don’t wanna do something joyful tomorrow.


Holiday Council 2017 starts on the 27th. Click the picture to find out more:



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I Wanna…

I wanna go to sleep. I wanna get comfy. I wanna be warm. I wanna be healthy. I wanna be happy.

I wanna have my other half laying beside me. I wanna talk until the sun comes up.

I wanna have my whole family together. I wanna have them all loving one another.

I wanna stand up and shout for what’s right. I wanna make a difference in the world. I wanna be courage. I wanna say YES to celebrating your dreams. I wanna be the person you can count on.

But right now I wanna sleep. I wanna close my eyes. I wanna wake up and all be OK.

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Meadowhall Christmas Live 2017

I’ve always, as far as I can remember, listened to Capital FM. It’s my car radio station of choice. I’ve never been to any of their events. Even though I have wished.

That changed last Wednesday, 8th November. B & I went to the Meadowhall Christmas Live Concert. It was amazing. Being among 15,000 others, enjoying their evening of music was electric.

On a cold, November evening, the dancing and singing made you feel warm. I hope it can do it again. I may not have a voice in the morning. My phone died. But it was worth it!!

Here’s a slideshow of just a portion of the photos I took that night:

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Me Time

My energy has been down today. I pushed through. I did most of the things I had set out to do. Which is positive. But I’m not slowing down or having proper “me time”. There’s no fun when I’m on my own. It’s not helping towards my goal of exquisite self-care.

I’ve decided on Thursday evening I’ve blocked out “me time” on my calendar. I need to stick to it. It’s something I need to do regularly. I have to stand my ground to myself and to others. I’m gonna make it a ground rule.

Scedule me time

Hopefully, by doing this, I’ll get into exquisite self-care and give my mind a break, and get my energy back.