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Gummy Mouth + OVO

Maya was amazing at the vets. Well apart from the going in. The vet had to carry her into the back. Her bum and feet were glued to the ground. Alfie wasn’t a happy pup. He was lost today. He was very down and not himself. We usually call him a kangaroo. He went everywhere with my mum.┬áReunited they were this afternoon, both back to their normal selves.

B and I had a couple of hours at the house. If it wasn’t for B, we wouldn’t have got so far with taking off the wallpaper. I spent half the time sweeping up. My hair felt like it was cemented together.

This evening my mum and I went to Leeds First Direct Arena for the first time. We saw Cirque du Soleil’s OVO. It was amazing. The trust they have in one another is astonishing. One girl is so flexible, she had her bum on her head, legs and arms in the air, along with her whole body, holding herself up with her teeth.

Now let’s see you do that?!

I know I can’t. It hurts my back just thinking about it. The night was lovely. I would happily go see the show again.

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Going to YAS each month gives me the feeling I’m contributing in something to help the animals I see.

This trip, Blossom wasn’t thrilled about me going near her bed. Once I got out of her field, I had to wait until she’d gone to bed to allow me to get her food bowl. It’s like she’s hot a troubled mind and I don’t know how to rid her of her troubles.

The cockerel was being himself. Defending his territory, given at the time I was already leaving his area. I have to be on guard the whole time.

Lovely Delilah, at 2 years old, isn’t used to being handled. I was told this while she had been calmly in my arms for a few minutes.

This afternoon it was back to the house. B came to help me. We were taking wallpaper down in the kitchen. Thanks to B I nearly finished it. O only had 3 areas left then the steamer decided to cut out. Clearly it had had enough for the day.

The skip had been changed, the cellar emptied. The garden, slightly tidied some more. The living is ready for the plaster boards getting collected in the morning.

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R.I.P Dear Fish

Not a nice topic to write about tonight. It’s my reality and I need to get this out to help me stop turning it around in my head all night.

I’m not a fish person but I’d do anything, within my power, to look after them. So far, I’ve done everything asked of me.

When I woke this morning, I didn’t believe that I came down to spot a dead fish. Even though I’m not a fish lover, I don’t want to be the one to kill them or break the news to their owner but its what I’ve done.

We believe the fish to die was unwell went it arrived. As the other fish have eaten some of him/her, they are potentially getting sick too.

When I got home from work, I found another dead. I was eventually was able to remove them from the tank and with instructions from the owner to carry out a water change plus treatment. I was worried the others would die as they were losing colour.

I’m gonna carry on to help as much as I can till the owner gets back. I wouldn’t want to come back off holiday to find my pets no longer with us.

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Looking After Fish + Car Up-Keep

I’ve never looked after fish before. Fish, although cute, are not my kind of pet. I have been fascinated with trying to find the baby fish that have been born. You may guess that I don’t have fish. But my parents do.

They’re going away for a week. The dogs, no problem. The axolotl, I’ve got used to. The fish are new ones; feed twice a day and keep the tank cool in this crazy hot weather. It’ll be a learning experience.

Most of my day went without a hitch. Then at 5 past 4, my mum and step-dad came home to tell me my tyre was flat. I went to pump it up but after looking at it, there had what looked like a nail in it.

10 past 4, on a Saturday, I’m Googling car tyre places that are open. Only one I found online that was still open in my area. On my way, I saw an independent one still open. Arriving at 20 past 4, 10 minutes before they close, the tyre was unrepairable. It needed a new tyre.

After checking all my tyres, my front two were nearly illegal. I ended up having 4 new tyres all the way around, wheel alignment and tracking done. This was an hour and a half before I needed to be at my first customer.

Bless the gentleman, he did the job even though he was due to close. He saved me this evening. I only just made it to my 1st customer on time. I was happy with his work and also the price. I would definitely go there again.

While working, I noticed my oil light taking a few more seconds to turn off. Guess what’s on my to-do list tomorrow. As well as booking my car into the garage for its MOT. I think I need to learn more about the up-keep of my car. I’ve been driving for 10 years. I suppose I should start.

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Volunteering Love + Frugal Spending

This morning was my volunteer morning at the animal shelter. Being there always confirms I wanna help animals.

More so today when I saw one of the newer sheep leave his hut for a wander around the field. Even just last month, since he arrived last year, he wouldn’t leave his hut.

It just warms my heart to see the difference in him.

Dave and I had a lovely afternoon/evening together. I even got to visit my local library; collecting books I had reserved to help me with my frugal research. I am already enjoying ‘The No Spend Year’ by Michelle McGagh.

Dave and I have agreed to overpay our mortgage slightly and have a meal planner to help reduce spending and wasting groceries. We haven’t come to talk about the actual budget for the weekly shop as yet. That’ll come in time.

I can’t wait to learn more about her journey of her no spending year.

Watched: Tomorrow Never Dies > 4 out of 5
The World is Not Enough > 3.5 out of 5

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Dedication for Volunteering

For someone who thought she had a fever of driving in snow, I did very well to get 50 minutes away to the animal shelter to volunteer. The roads themselves weren’t an issue so that was good. It was the fields that the large animals lived in that were deep.

We had to shovel snow to get through and climb over fences. Buckets of water were needed instead of their normal water fillers and give as much food and fresh bedding as was possible.

It was cold, my fingers were numb, it was difficult but I hadn’t cancelled in the past 6 years of going, I didn’t wanna start now.

This afternoon was baking time. I made a lot of food. Friends came round for games. A last together in the current house. I enjoyed myself and everyone seemed to like the food.

I tried 2 new games, Zombie Flux which I like and Boss Monsters which I don’t understand.

I’m looking forward to sleeping in, in the morning.

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Animal Lover

Working with animals for a living might not be my path. I love animals. I’m glad I haven’t lost that love. I still want animals around me.

Volunteering this morning helped me see that. Beng able to hug sheep, pigs and guinea pigs, lifted my spirits up for the rest of the day.

I was able to handle the dentist a little more too.

Watched: An Eskimo Tale > 3 out of 5
Ghost in the Shell (2017) > 3.5 out of 5