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Missed Post 17.11.2018

It was good not having a day where it was all planned. My grandparents have kicked us out during the day. So as I had no plans, my step-dad and Dave were at the house putting plasterboards on the ceiling, I spent most of the day with my mum. It was nice and chilled with odd jobs being done too.

On the evening we went to our friends to help celebrate his birthday. Played games, and they drank. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t particularly like it when Dave’s drunk. He is a silly drunk; more in the idiot kind of why not the funny silly. Once we were home Dave was fast out once his head hit the pillow.

Even though that thought happened, it was still a good day.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me.

I should also say Happy Birthday for my journaling and blog. It’s was around this time last year that I started writing and sharing all via this blog.

I’ve had a very good day. I’ve had some lovely presents. One of which Dave and I spent playing most of the day. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Deckbuilding game. I love the way it’s different from the DC/Marvel deckbuilding games Dave has.

It flows in the years they spent at Hogwarts. We were in year 5 when the villains won. We did have a couple of breaks. One we went for a walk into town. Grabbed a few bits and went to my grandparents to say thank you. The second break was to have dinner.

After all the excitement of the game, we watched a film. We are currently watching all our films to see if we love/hate them. Well, I say hate, its a strong word, I think if we didn’t like them we wouldn’t have bought them in the first place.

A few have been given to charity, there are three definites laying waiting for their new home and there is one maybe. I can’t make my mind up about ‘The Crazies’. I’ll come back to that again another day.

I’ve felt the goodness of the day. Allowing myself to feel all the good and positivity within me as well as outside of me. Helping others were I can. I stayed in this morning to allow someone to come for something my mum was selling. Another I don’t know the outcome but tried to help as much as I could. I hope the lady arrived at her friends’ house.

Happy Birthday to all that was born on this day, in whichever year. Here’s to another year.

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Happy Birthday Dave

We got up and ready to go to his birthday surprise. He was surprised and happy when he found out he would be driving a tank. He absolutely enjoyed his self.

I was able to be a passenger in the tank. I’m glad I did. I don’t think I would have enjoyed myself if I just waited for Dave to finish. He loved it which is the main thing. I think I’ve given myself the hard task of beating the present giving.

After the tank driving experience, we went to Kirkby Hall, an English Heritage place. It was nice to see both ruin and rooms to look in. Plus there were lovely Peacocks roaming around. One even decided to claim the gate entrance.

We decided to drive home but if we saw anything we’d stop to have a look. I saw a sign for Priest House, a National Trust Property. We stopped to look on the outside of the home. Even if we saw inside we’d only been an extra few minutes.

We carried on our journey home, seeing another National Trust sign. We turned off the motorway to Woolsthrope Manor, the birthplace and home of Sir Issac Newton. His place was beautiful, getting to see the Apple tree. What I liked about the place was the science centre and film. It gave the place an extra something.

We weren’t on the road much longer till we stopped at Grantham. We walked around the town and picked up lunch. Deciding then we’ll drive all the way home.

I was glad for that, in the end, I was getting tired. Once home, I rested, leaving Dave to play on his game console. The rest gave me a boost for doing to his parents, having a catch-up and a few friends over for dinner, B and D.

They have decided on the wedding venue and date. They’ve brought it forward a year. We now have 2 weddings to attend in 2019. I’m excited. It’s been a long, but great day.

Happy Birthday, my love, until next year ❤