Tattoo: Part 2

I went for the final sitting of my tattoo. I went by myself this time. The shading is complete. The colouring, however, isn’t I’m gonna have to have a third sitting. That one should be the end of them.

I handled the shading very well. It was the colouring I found too much. The tattoo artist could tell as well. Least it’ll be done. Least it’ll be done for the summer.

Watched: The Hurricane Heist > 4 out of 5

Moving Day in 5 Days

Accepting I can’t control things is harder done then said. Moving Day is in 5 days. I’ve been told we’re back to a maybe on that front. Apparently, the people buying our place still haven’t paid their deposit.

There’s nothing I can do to be certain that we’re moving in 5 days time. All I can do is wait. Positivity is helping with my control issues. Negativity is not a nice feeling.

I really can talk about saying goodbye to wardrobes.

Another step towards moving home. My wardrobes have been taken down into parts. Ready to be taken away tomorrow. I know it’s a wardrobe but I’ll miss it. A big corner walk-in wardrobe. Without it, my room looks bigger. You can tell it hasn’t been moved since it came. The wall behind it is a different shade of purple.

I’m glad to have had some time to relax today. I spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I have a lovely head cold. It’s taken the majority of my energy. Gotta get rested up. Get through tomorrow.

Saying Goodbye – 2018 Courageous Living Planner

At the start of the year, I started the 2018 Courageous Living Planner. I enjoyed reading what Kate Swoboda wrote. I connected with what she had to say. I found her evaluation tool helpful.

At the beginning of the year my satisfaction of the following areas of my life was:

Family and Friends: 5
Career: 5
Money: 3
Physical Health: 6
Home/Physical Environment: 5
Fun and Recreation: 4

Right now I believe some have reduced but I’m hopeful after the move some will go back over even get higher.

After telling the truth from some questions asked I came up with my Most Courageous Self goals:

  1. Incorporate music into my life daily
  2. Being in and seeing the natural world
  3. Achieving and being apart of big dreams

The first couple of months went well on completing the monthly questions. Even up to this month. But once I’d answered the questions I put the planner down not to be looked at until the next month.

I suppose the questions helped me to see my life in a new light but that 10-minute answering hasn’t been helping me move forward. I like my MCS goals. I feel they’re a big part of my big dream goals.

That and with The Holiday Council work I do, the planner doesn’t seem to be needed anymore.

I’ve made the decision to give the planner a miss now. It isn’t being a part of my life in the way it should, so I need to say goodbye to it. Focus on the outlets I already have and that are working.

Due to it being a planner I hadn’t looked through to the months ahead. Having done this now I feel it was the right decision to say goodbye to the planner. I’m not loosing out by saying goodbye. I’m not wasting money. It was free and a little bit of ink. Being paper I’m able to recycle what I’m saying goodbye too.

Is there anything you feel you need to say goodbye too?

Watched: Numb > 2.5 out of 5
Walking Tall > 4 out of 5
The Levelling > 1 out of 5

Relaxed + A Quarter 2 Goal Maybe?

It has come to that time again. The last day of my time off is coming to an end. This week showed me what it could be like for Dave and me to live together. I can’t wait! It will be interesting when it does come around.

I’ve become relaxed over the past week. Doing things as they come and not rushing around all the time. This is something I wanna feel every day of my life, not just when I book time off.

I’ve done a few goal steps in between when it felt right too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still overloaded, putting too much on myself, personally, mentally and financially. One of my quarter goals, wait I believe it was a big goal for the whole of 2017, was to be healthy in all ways including emotionally.

Since 2018, a part of that has gone down the drain. I think I may have to put it down as a quarter 2 goal in my review for the end of quarter 1.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, have a lovely one. Thank you for stopping by for a read. I’m very grateful to you as my readers.

Fareham: Day 5

It was our last day today. Which meant saying goodbye and thank you before the drive home. I will miss them and treasure this getaway.

The drive was alright, no hold ups and stopped for a little break halfway. One good thing about the long drive meant I could listen to my iPod more. With Dave writing, I was able to sort while listening. I now have a list of song that doesn’t resonate with me anymore, for me to remove.

At times we listened to Daves iPod, completely different music to mind but there was a couple songs I liked enough to go on a list to be put onto my iPod.

Back home, now with only 1 day left of our annual leave, a bit of catching up to do before going back to work. I’m gonna miss the break but I have memories fro my scrapbook and have these blog posts as memories too.

Fareham: Day 3

We spent the day close to home. I didn’t step in the car. Was nice to have a peaceful day. We had a lie in. I also had a phone call from a tutor at Newcastle College about a distance learning course in Life Coaching.

This is all thanks to the book I read previously 365 ways to be your own life coach by David Lawrence Preston, who mentions the course. Although a 10-year-old book, the college still does the course. The tutor had sent me an application form, so next week I’m going to fill it out and send it back.

To the rest of the day, we spent the majority of it with my auntie. We walked into the village, to the bakery. After lunch, we walked to the seafront which was a mile from their home.

It was a lovely walk and great my auntie was our guide. We walked from the point in Stubbington at Solvent Park (I may have got that name wrong) into Lee-on-the-solvent tot the centre street where the pier used to be. We had a drink at the Bluebird Cafe then walked home again.

Even with the cold breeze, it was a lovely walk. Amazing to have such a place to go within walking distance from your home. From where we were we could see Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Both walks had helped me to achieve over 10,000 steps. Approximately 15,549 steps.

With the sea breeze air, our 2-hour walk made me tired. I ended up napping before dinner.

My auntie has been amazing. Giving us a roof over our heads for 4 nights and lovely home-cooked meals. Not wanting anything from us. I have tried, even with her favourite cake at the bakery, couldn’t change her mind. Family can be a wonderful thing, something I don’t wanna take for granted.

This evening we spent time watching telly with my aunt and uncle. We watched 2 shows I’d never seen before; Blue Bloods and Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators. I’d like to watch them again.

 Well, tomorrow is our last full day here in Fareham. I’m glad to have had a break from everything. It’s put my mind on reset. Get back to it with a fresh perspective.