Behind Door Number 2

It may be the 3rd of December but I’m on the 2nd when it comes to my 12 days of Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar. Yesterday was a wonderfully busy day so I didn’t get round to completing the puzzle being door number 2:

As it’s a 12 days of Christmas calender, I’m not rushing to do the next one. All 12 will be done before Christmas starts but the door number won’t be following the day of December.


Behind Door Number 1

It’s the start of December. In 24 days Christmas is here. The 1st is the start of advent but I haven’t been eating chocolate since the end of January. Which means I haven’t got a chocolate advent this year.

I found a puzzle advent calendar that covers the 12 days of Christmas. As I couldn’t wait to get started my 12 days start today.

Each day there is a mini puzzle behind each door. It’s nice to be able to have a go at doing a puzzle. Living at my parents there isn’t enough room to be doing the 1000 piece ones I love to do.

The puzzle behind door number 1 is:

I think they’re cute. Cannot wait to open door number 2 tomorrow.

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Caring for Grandparents

Over the next few weeks, I may have to change the time I write in my journal. I figured this out last night after putting my grandma to bed. Yesterday was the day my grandad had his pacemaker fitted. He was in and out in the one day but he is restricted to what he can do with his left arm for the next 6 weeks; including his swimming.

Which means he is going to struggle to care for my grandma for certain tasks; mainly the toilet and getting into bed. So my mum and I are taking it in turns to stay overnight and for as much as the day as possible. After putting my grandma to be its lights out throughout the house to get as much rest as possible. My grandma was only up once during the night last night but does have worse nights.

I’m thankful we are able to help as much as we can, especially across the first 2 weeks. It may reduce after this when we’re back to work full time but he’s able to recover as best as possible.

I’m feeling more relaxed right now. Usually, I worry massively but I thought to myself yesterday while my grandad was in the hospital, that I know he’s gonna be ok, so I don’t need to worry.

I also got my first Christmas card and present from a customer yesterday. I was very surprised, early was an understatement for me but I was honoured to be one of two he chose from the carers that go.

Spyro arrived today so I’m hoping to get some downtime to play that while my mum takes over at my grandparents for a bit.