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‘I Love Listening and Dancing to Music’

I did better today with no telly Tuesday on Wednesday. I got some things done and also took some time to listen to music and dance around. A good way to learn to inhabit my body and get a bit of daily movement in there.

There’s a part of me that feels I don’t know what to do with myself even though I have the to-dos to get through. Like I’m missing out on my purpose. My purpose can’t be to watch telly day in and day out. Maybe once I’m on a roll with my new job and moved into our house. Until then I need to take it a day at a time, focus on myself and figure out some new loves.

My first, I figured out 10 days ago that I love having my nails done. Today, I’ve realised I love listening to powerful/positive music and dancing /signing around to it. I’m hoping along the way I’ll find out more about myself

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Try again another day.

I took a trip to the library. Seeing as the weather was nice, I decided to walk up; be my daily movement for the day. Unfortunately, it happened to be closed due to the voting going on. I did drop ‘The Spiritual Laws of Success’ off.

The library isn’t going anywhere. I can try again another day.

My friend with the health complications is no closer to finding any answers. All the tests are coming back normal. I bet that’s hard. When you know something wrong but they are unable to help.

I’ve received my £10 Amazon voucher. I’ve already spent the majority of them but I did buy practical items. A new notebook, an in-car phone holder and a cookbook stand. Hopefully, they’ll be waiting for me when I’m back from Holiday.

As I’ve received my voucher, I have deleted the account I was receiving them from. ‘Spend money to make money’ kind of thing.

One more morning left at work to do!

I’ve got my blood test tomorrow. Plus the house viewings and then going around to the in-laws for dinner.

Hopefully, I won’t be getting annoyed. It’ll be practice for acceptance of what gets said.


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Feeling a Failure for Building Furniture

Doing my daily movement of walking this week. I’ve found I’m really enjoying walking to places near me. Whereas before I’d have used the car. We’ve been into town to do another shopping trip. We’ve done two trips this week as we didn’t know what we wanted for our main meals.

I’ve saved fuel and got some exercise in the process. Dave and I build up one bedside cabinet and one chest of drawers. To complete all it took us five hours and two mistakes we have to back track on. Considering it was out 1st attempt at furniture building we did quite well.

I didn’t think this when we had gone wrong and had to back track. I felt more of a failure at this point and the thought I’d ruined the chest of drawers. Thankfully, we didn’t and a family dinner at the in-laws took my mind off it. I became happy again.

With the drawers now up and our stuff in our bedroom moved to their new homes. It looks a lot better. I’m pleased with it; our space. Feels more ours and homely. If that’s even a word.

Until tomorrow dear journal.

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Quarter 2 Goal 2018: Daily Movement Update

Since moving, I’ve been working on my daily movement goal. I’ve had a go on the exercise bike and I’ve been walking more. Today has been the second day this week that I’ve gone over 10,000 steps. Today’s total: approximately 15,221 steps.

Dave and I have walked into town and back to do shopping and odd jobs on the to-do list. We also visited the charity shop. Smaller then the one where I used to live. On first look I feel like I’ll struggle to find something for me. I can be wrong.

Later on I walked to and from my grandparents to so some coursework. I found I had my feedback from my module 1 Life Coach Course. I Passed! After a family dinner. My mum and I walked the dogs.

I’ve enjoyed my day off today. It’s the first time in a long while I’ve felt it has been a proper non-working day.