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‘I Love Listening and Dancing to Music’

I did better today with no telly Tuesday on Wednesday. I got some things done and also took some time to listen to music and dance around. A good way to learn to inhabit my body and get a bit of daily movement in there.

There’s a part of me that feels I don’t know what to do with myself even though I have the to-dos to get through. Like I’m missing out on my purpose. My purpose can’t be to watch telly day in and day out. Maybe once I’m on a roll with my new job and moved into our house. Until then I need to take it a day at a time, focus on myself and figure out some new loves.

My first, I figured out 10 days ago that I love having my nails done. Today, I’ve realised I love listening to powerful/positive music and dancing /signing around to it. I’m hoping along the way I’ll find out more about myself

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I Made It

I made it to the night out this time. I enjoyed myself. It was good to have a laugh with friends and see some I haven’t seen in ages. A part of me is starting to come out of my shell. I just hope I don’t retreat.

I had a little dance to Steps. My friend and I wiped everyone off the dance floor. No, seriously, we started dancing and they all left. We continued to dance until the end.

Even better I’ve been invited to see Steps on their reunion tour in November. Cannot wait.

I’m not old but boy is it past my bedtime.

Night Everyone.