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Demi Lovato Concert

OMG! What a night!

I’ve laughed, cried, danced and sang my heart out. All thanks to Demi Lovato concert in Manchester with my best mate, E.

I’ll be surprised if I have a voice in the morning. But it was worth it. I’d do it all again.

Below is all the photos I took, as I wanted to be in the moment, enjoy every moment of it.

I 100% did.

When she’s next back in town, I’d love to go again.

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Long Overdue Catch-up

I can’t wait. In 2 days my best mate is coming to stay. We’re off to see Demi Lovato in concert.

From the sounds of it my friend, E has been having a bad time of it. Effecting her mental health. It will be good to have a proper catch-up. It’s been nearly 2 years since we last saw each other.

We write to one another regularly. E and I met in year 7; we were in the same form at school and did ICT together. Out of all our school friends, we’ve stuck around for one another.

At the right time, I want to ask her to be my maid of honour. It will be long overdue when we see each other. The eeks are bubbling.

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Getting Out of the Funk

Hearing the news that Demi Lovato is gonna be in the UK this June has lifted my spirits. Got me out of my 2-week funk. Thankfully one of the dates I can do.

As I know Dave isn’t as enthusiastic as I am about the concert, I’ve asked one of my friends, who I think it’s been nearly 2 years since we last saw each other. We sent letters back and forth every few months.

She said yes!

I have a good few weekends to look forward to in June. One of which is Demi Lovato and my friend.

I’m also giddy as I now have 3 full days off starting tomorrow. Fully booked too. Getting my second tattoo tomorrow and an overnight stay down south for Dave’s Uncles 50th Birthday.

Happiness and Joy2018 happening. Ekk!!!


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A Monday

I’m finding it difficult to describe how I’ve been today. It’s been good. It hasn’t been terrible. I’ve done things towards my goals.

I even did some yoga. It’s been nearly two weeks since I last did any. Yoga for Zombies by Yoga with Adriene was such a release. Especially when letting my arms fall with momentum.

I don’t know maybe I’m getting to a point where I’m wearing myself out again. After my in and outs with work today I’m glad it’s over.

I enjoyed my last hours of travelling. I finally found Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me album. It was a good job it was just me in the car. Saves others their hearing. Certainly, don’t have Demi’s voice. O well, I’m not sorry. I love the album.





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Simply Complicated Review

This girl writes a review! I was captivated by what Rachel wrote.

I like to watch a good documentary from time to time. If a celebrity is the reason for the documentary, however, I tend to skip past. I’m so glad I didn’t this time.

This review is the reason I watched Demi Lovato’s documentary on YouTube. When I watched it, my sole focus was on the screen. I felt the sense of proudness, for Demi to share her story. How she overcame and still struggles every day.

Addiction, depression, anxiety and any other form of mental health isn’t something to joke about. It needs a voice. To watch, how someone of a similar age to me, although one in the spotlight, can still follow her dreams, be open and honest about what she has been and is going through. Is taking a look at mental health in the right direction.

Go check out Rachel post over on Strong Mind, Strong Body. Just click below. Go check out Demi Lovato documentary. Just go onto YouTube.

Strong Mind, Strong Body


I’ve never been a Demi Lovato fan. I’ve never had an interest and her music never really did anything for me. However, I’ve paid some attention to her struggles and honesty over the last few years. When I started to hear about her YouTube Documentary I knew I wanted to set time aside and check it out. I must admit I was surprised with her story. I had no idea how bad her drug use was and how young she was when it started. Yes, she abused drugs and alcohol, but she also dealt with depression and everything that comes along with it.

She starts the documentary off with a great quote. She said, “The key to being happy is to tell your truth and be okay without all the answers.” This hit me hard and is a big part of why I started this blog. I need to tell…

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