Wedding Venue Reserved

We’ve reserved our venue for our wedding. Which also means we’ve selected a date. On my dreams list, I’ve put to be married in 2021. As it happens we’re gonna be getting married in 2020!

In less then two years time I’ll be a wife.

I’m excited but there’s a lot to do and to pay for.

First step we need to book a provisional date/time for the registrar to ensure we can get someone to marry us on the day we have selected with the venue. It’s gonna cost us £30 to get the povisional date and time booked.

Second step is to pay the deposit for the venue. It’s gonna got us £500 for the deposit. We saw the venue today for the second time, this time the coordinator showing us round and talking us through things.

We’ve told a select few our date for the wedding. It’s been happiness all round.

Steps Concert

It was the girls night out this evening. Myself, my mum, B and her mum we went to see Steps!

I’ve always liked Steps. I grow up with their music. Even saw them when I was a kid in concert. All I remember about that was H flying around on a big letter H.

We all had a good night. We had a good seat. I believe no matter where you were in the seating area you could see the stage perfectly.

I’ve been more mindful and enjoying the experiences I’ve had this week. It’s been great taking it all in rather than having my phone in between me and where I’m at.


Michael McIntyre Tour

We got to spend time with my dad. My step-mum was at work so we, unfortunately, were unable to see her as we needed to leave. We kept my dad company, had a catch-up and we were able to use the kitchen facilities too.

It is hard and expensive to eat healthy during a time with no kitchen.

We would have stayed to say hi and catch up with my step-mum but we had tickets to see Michael McIntyre. I didn’t grow up with comedy around me. In recent years, more so with Dave, I have experienced comedians on the telly.

Michael has been one I quite liked. I’m so glad we went. I laughed so hard I cried. Time flew past. I didn’t want it to end.


I love having these experiences.

Michael McIntyre tonight, Demi Lovato last week, and Steps next week. I love spending time with friends and family. I’d much love to see things then buy something that’s gonna get dusty.

Demi Lovato Concert

OMG! What a night!

I’ve laughed, cried, danced and sang my heart out. All thanks to Demi Lovato concert in Manchester with my best mate, E.

I’ll be surprised if I have a voice in the morning. But it was worth it. I’d do it all again.

Below is all the photos I took, as I wanted to be in the moment, enjoy every moment of it.

I 100% did.

When she’s next back in town, I’d love to go again.