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Every Little Bit Helps

We were able to lay in this morning. Being a Sunday I didn’t want to go to the house too early making a racket. Once there, I got set on finishing the living room. Dave on banging plaster and boards off the internal walls not suspected of asbestos.

Dave’s parents came for a couple hours in the afternoon. Mum-in-law helped me finish the living room. Then clear up the mess Dave had made. Dad-in-law got set in the garden, finally getting rid of the ivy and broken fencing.

We got a bit of work done today. After my morning shift and Dave’s outing we’ll be back tomorrow. The skip is getting removed and a new one replaced. It’ll be full by end of the evening. We’ll then need a third.

Hopefully we’ll hear from the asbestos company regarding the testing of our internal wall.

Finished reading: The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight.

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A Goodbye

Today was a wake up to go to Malcolm’s funeral. My great uncle. Seeing him in hospital bed throughout the year. It’s sad to say goodbye but he’s in a better place. Pain free.

After the service and wake. I dealt with the debt from the gas meter that was left from the previous owners. Thankfully after so much too-ing and fro-ing we got there in the end.

I was pottering around. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So my mum told me to get my coat, we’re off shopping. I ended up with a microwavable heated bear, as a treat.

I spent quite a bit on lighting for the house. The house lights still not covered. Once home, dinner made and eaten, I decided to chill with some telly.

My step-dad came up to talk to me about radiators. We need all new and then money was spent. We may not have all the lights for the house but least we’ll have heat for the winter. Well we will once all the pipes go back into the house.

The skip is arriving tomorrow. It’s a good job seeing we have 3 rooms with things to go into it.

I’m working in the morning. But I’ll be able to join in for the afternoon. See how far my mum gets, to help her along. Maybe this weekend we’ll get everything stripped wallpaper wise. See how far we get.

Everyone is asleep before me again this evening. Let’s see if I get a full through the night sleep.

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Take Advantage of Spare Time

Even though I’ve been at work throughout the day, I’ve still had time to go to family events. I even had time to relax too. Me relaxing with watching telly for half an hour.

We attended Daves nephews 1st birthday party for an hour. I helped out where I could. I have met his sister’s friends before at her baby shower but I still not myself comfortable social wise.

When home we had a family meal before I had to head back to work. For once my rota allowed me to balance parts of my life together. I took full advantage of that. Tomorrow I’ve only been given a short day which means we can go to our house to do some work. My parents and Dave’s parents may meet for the 1st time too.

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Spending time with family

It was nice to see and get to know some of Dave’s family. It was lovely to have a family meal with his parents and auntie. We were able to see his aunties new place, see the work she’s done in the month she’s been there so far. Gave me ideas for our place.

We went to a wedding fayre at Dave’s cousin venue. We got to see it and new venders, giving us a couple more options and ideas. We were able to talk to Dave’s dad about the invitations etc. He’ll be able to do what we’d like which is good.

Fingers crossed in 5 days we’ll have the keys to our place. It’ll be a good week.

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R.I.P Malcolm

It’s never nice to see family and friends upset. I’m afraid today was one of those days.

We got news that one of my step-great-uncles has been diagnosed with cancer in his ear. This is on top of other cancer he has been treated for.

Then I got news that my friend has broken up with her boyfriend who is another friend of mine. It wasn’t an easy break-up. It’s hard when money is involved. It makes things even more difficult. Especially when the understanding isn’t there on both sides.

Unfortunately, the news didn’t stop there. We then got news that another of my step-great-uncles died this afternoon. Seeing my Grandma and my step-dad upset is so hard. Even more so when I’m unable to take the pain away.

When bad news is around you it makes me feel like good news from today is irrelevant. That good news cannot be celebrated because of what’s happening.

Dave and I have a moment to ourselves on a walk to allow us to process the bad but also the good news we’ve had today. In 5 days time, we are going to the solicitors for the first time in 3 months. We can finally start the end of buying our house.

Once back from our walk we went back to supporting those who needed us.

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My Family Values

I want to be family orientated. I do help my family but I can’t spend a whole afternoon with them when they come to visit. I’d much rather be watching the telly.

I’m not expected to be downstairs the whole time, but I should be. To honour my values, I should be.

Telly isn’t a priority. Family is. I’m just being downright lazy.

If I can’t honour my values at home. How can I live an authentic life anywhere?

This is something I need to be really mindful of and ensure I’m sticking to my values. If I can’t, I need to reevaluate them.

Tomorrow, Dave and I have a day off together. I want to spend quality time with him doing something, anything that doesn’t involve the telly.

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Unexpected New Car

I was gonna be getting a new car this year. That changed when I fell in love with the house we’re buying. My mum was going to buy me one but to be able to have the house I had a choice; a new car or the money that would have paid for the car to be used to fix up the house.

My car is still usable, it gets me to where I need to be. It will last a few more years until I can buy my dream car. The house and the wedding are to be paid for first.

There has been talk of my mum getting a new car, on and off now for a few years. My mym brought it up again this morning, asking if I’d want hers or keep mind. Have hers was my answer.

What I wasn’t expecting was a phone call asking what I was doing tomorrow. Now I’m taking in my car to be part exchanged for her new one. Car sorting day tomorrow is now on my agenda.