Wales Tomorrow!

Woo! Time off has arrived. After a morning of working, I can now enjoy myself on holiday. I had my blood test. I’ve a nice little bruise as a souvenir. Did a little shop; got Dave pants!

For however long, he hasn’t had enough to last him a week! Well now he has and he doesn’t have to go commando on holiday.

We viewed two properties this evening. The first we found too small and parking was a little too risky for my taste. So, we’re saying no to that one. The second property we looked at I really liked. Room sizes were good and I could handle the parking.

However, the price is at our ideal maximum and we felt there was a lot of work to be done which we wouldn’t be able to afford. More so if there are hidden surprises somewhere when gutting the place.

It’s a shame. I felt I could have made it home. It wasn’t meant to be. There are a couple of other maybe’s. So, if they’re still there when we’re back from holiday we’ll book to view them.

After viewing the homes we went to Daves parents to have dinner. Thankfully, there were no problems with understanding. Dave’s dad seems to have accepted we can get a mortgage.

All in all, it’s been a good day. The week has taken its toll. I’m feeling tired tonight. Better get my rest ready for tomorrows drive.


We as a family will do this together

Family means the world to me. I’d do anything in a heartbeat for them. I was due to go to work after looking after my Grandma while my Grandad went to a funeral. However, that wasn’t the case.

I did look after my Grandma but my Grandad ended up going to hospital. After his dizzy spell the other night. It happened again today. Thankfully, he was at the doctors when it happened. They organised for him to go to the hospital.

Knowing this was gonna take time and my mum working away, I was the only one who could. I informed work I may have to give up two of my calls for the afternoon. They found a carer for the first call but not the second.

My Grandad was still waiting for his blood results. I was able to get a neighbour to help out, for me to do the call. On my way back, my Grandad was ready to go home. I picked him up. He needs a 24 hour heart monitor test but waiting for them to get in touch.

It wasn’t even tea time by the time I gave my final update with work. My grandparents didn’t want any more help. But work had covered 4 out of 6 of my morning calls for tomorrow without consulting me. I never asked for these to be covered.

I understand they need to have someone to all the customers but they could have waited longer. They would have still had enough time to cover them if I’d rung back at tea time to say otherwise. We work still 10 pm. There’s nothing I can do about it now.

My Grandad is OK for now. We’ve nothing to say otherwise. We’re doing what we can, when we can. We as a family will do this together.


Family Gratitude

I’m grateful my Grandad felt he could ring to let us know he doesn’t feel right. As soon as the phone was down my mum was on her way round to stay the night. 111 phoned. On the doctor waiting list.

I’m grateful we’ve got family around to give support. I’m on standby if Grandad needs to see the doctor so I can stay with my Grandma. With my mum at theirs, she can help my Grandma while my Grandad rests.

I’ve also bee told my Uncle was in A&E today after a hot water bottle burst on his knee. 3 hours later, knee bandaged up. Blistering and yellow puss. He’s to go back in a couple of days.

We like to have things all happen at once in this family. History has shown this too. Why let it stop now.

Accepting of having no plans

I feel today has been a day where I’ve felt ok not having a plan for the day. Even with bowling had been booked for this evening.

I had a pyjama day until 3pm. I can’t remember the last time I had a PJ day. I got my wardrobe emptied. Having suitcases and boxes around has certainly made it feel real today that we’re moving.

I enjoyed our family bowling and meal this evening. I’m still not winning but I loved it none the less.

Watched: Sex Tape > 5 out of 5

A Moving Date – 7 and 1/2 years gone by

After two months since I was told we were moving, we now have an official moving date. In 2 and 1/2 weeks the place I call home, will not be home anymore.

I’ll have lived in this house for 7 and 1/2 years. My mum and I came to this house, just us and 5 dogs. We’ll be leaving with my mums’ husband in tow, my fiance moving into the new home plus 2 dogs.

In these past 7 years, we have grown in how we live our lives. Having a more positive mindset. My mum told me today that she has now finished taking her anti-depressants. Last week I decided to wean myself off my own anti-depressants.

Our mother/daughter relationship has had a number of rocky roads but now our relationship has become one of a friendship as well as family bonds.

Just like the candle burning brightly beside me. Our awareness of the world shines.

Fareham: Day 3

We spent the day close to home. I didn’t step in the car. Was nice to have a peaceful day. We had a lie in. I also had a phone call from a tutor at Newcastle College about a distance learning course in Life Coaching.

This is all thanks to the book I read previously 365 ways to be your own life coach by David Lawrence Preston, who mentions the course. Although a 10-year-old book, the college still does the course. The tutor had sent me an application form, so next week I’m going to fill it out and send it back.

To the rest of the day, we spent the majority of it with my auntie. We walked into the village, to the bakery. After lunch, we walked to the seafront which was a mile from their home.

It was a lovely walk and great my auntie was our guide. We walked from the point in Stubbington at Solvent Park (I may have got that name wrong) into Lee-on-the-solvent tot the centre street where the pier used to be. We had a drink at the Bluebird Cafe then walked home again.

Even with the cold breeze, it was a lovely walk. Amazing to have such a place to go within walking distance from your home. From where we were we could see Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Both walks had helped me to achieve over 10,000 steps. Approximately 15,549 steps.

With the sea breeze air, our 2-hour walk made me tired. I ended up napping before dinner.

My auntie has been amazing. Giving us a roof over our heads for 4 nights and lovely home-cooked meals. Not wanting anything from us. I have tried, even with her favourite cake at the bakery, couldn’t change her mind. Family can be a wonderful thing, something I don’t wanna take for granted.

This evening we spent time watching telly with my aunt and uncle. We watched 2 shows I’d never seen before; Blue Bloods and Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators. I’d like to watch them again.

 Well, tomorrow is our last full day here in Fareham. I’m glad to have had a break from everything. It’s put my mind on reset. Get back to it with a fresh perspective.

Excitement for Tomorrow

We’ve had a productive day. We had a list of things we needed to do before we go away tomorrow. I’m glad the snow has gone. I just have to battle to wet weather.

Tomorrow we travel down south to my relatives for 4 nights. It’s been a good couple of years since we saw them last. I’m really looking forward to having a holiday home away from home.

Watched: The Greatest Showman > 5 out of 5