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Giddy Moment!!

Giddy Moment!!

After seeing the financial advisor and being told we’re in a position to get a mortgage. I’ve been doing a giddy dance.

We can start looking for houses.

Me being me can’t wait. I’ve started looking. We’ve found 4 maybes currently in the areas we’re looking for our price. One, unfortunately, is under offer. The other 3 we’re waiting for word back from the estate agents.

Dave’s dad has put me on a downer though. Apparently, he can’t get his head around how we can afford a mortgage.

Thankfully, I wasn’t there at the time of him and Dave talking. I’m slightly annoyed as well. Dave’s dad even suggested going to see a mortgage advisor. I’m gonna message Dave’s mum tomorrow to see about going around the evening before we go on holiday.

My new patient appointment went well. I even had a phone call from the doctor about my anti-depressant. At this new doctors, it can’t be put on repeat. Neither can my pill, so the nurse has booked me a review for that one.

I suppose it’s quite a good thing really. People can’t abuse medications and the doctors save money on medications that aren’t needed. Not all will think this way. But I agree with this doctors system.

At my old doctor’s, I could just get my repeats without talking to a doctor. It’s amazing how each NHS doctors are so different from one another. Even when in the same county.

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Mortage: Appointment Due

Tomorrow we’re meeting the financial advisor. I’m excited but also scared that I’m not gonna hear what I wanna hear. Whatever he says, we have to accept. I’d rather know our position on whether we’re able to get a mortgage or not.

If not he’ll be able to give us pointers on how to get in the right position for one.

I’m off to the doctors tomorrow. It’s my new patient appointment. To register with this doctors I needed ID and proof of address. I don’t ever remember having to do that at previous doctors.

So far I’m impressed with the new doctors and I haven’t been yet. I registered 4 days ago. I already have one nurse appointment and a blood appointment all in the same week.

The reason for my blood appointment is I finally heard back from the blood test I had over a month ago. I heard by receiving another blood form for a retest. On the clinical notes, it says high potassium.

I’ve no clue what that means but apparently it can cause my twitching, tiredness, chest pains and heart palpitations. Let’s see what the new test shows this week.

It’s a busy week for us but at the end, we then have 9 days off and spending a week in Wales with friends. Cannot wait for it.


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Mortgage: Seeing Where We Stand

My mum came up to be today saying it might be worth seeing the financial adviser now rather then waiting until I’ve been in a new job a while. See what position we’re in now for a mortgage or to see if we can get one etc.

It’ll be good if we could. Having our own place will make a bigger difference to us. My mum is gonna give me the number of the gentleman who helped them to get their mortgage for this new home. See where things go from there.

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