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Goal: No Chocolate Update

I realised yesterday that I am achieving my goal of not having chocolate. But then I thought how do I know I can cross it off my list as achieved? I have a goal but nothing to measure my success with. So I have decided to extend my No Chocolate goal to be:

Have no chocolate for 1 year

I’m doing well so far. Going through my daily goal actions in my diary I found the last time I ate chocolate was on the 29th January 2018. Good going seeing as we’ve just past Easter.

Let’s see where the rest of my no chocolate year takes me. January 2019, fingers crossed, will bring a post of me achieving this goal.

Have you ever gone without having chocolate?


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Lovely Day with Wonderful Friends

We went to the Trafford Centre, a shopping centre that was new for me. Also had a new style of food to me as well. We went to Pesto an Italian Tapas. I liked the idea of getting a couple of little things to try. Between the 3 of us, we got to try new dishes.

On the way there, I learnt that my 2 friends wanted to try the indoor skydiving and possibly tandem skydiving. It’s something I’ve thought about in the past before but I’ve not said anything.

I’m going to add skydiving to My Dreams list.

It’s something I wanna do and it potentially has been set into motion with my friends.

During the car rides, I noticed my friends singing. You know, that singing to yourself but allowed enough that others can hear you at times. Yesterday, I finished reading The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown about Wholehearted Living.

Hearing my friends sing this way, gave me an unspoken permission to start right there an then to live wholeheartedly. So I sang and had a little dance to myself in the car. (I was a passenger and didn’t distract the driver).

Maybe wholehearted living should be my theme for the year 2018.

Wholehearted – fully or completely sincere, enthusiastic, energetic, etc. Hearty, ernest

What do you think about wholehearted living? Do you practice it?


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Cooking Day

Cooking has been my theme for the day. I really enjoyed it and learnt new things. My first spell in the kitchen was with my mum baking. I made buns, a cake and mince pies.

I’d never made mince pies before. It was interesting to learn. I myself don’t like them but Dave does. So it’ll be nice to make them for him in the future.

My next spell in the kitchen was making a Pork and Apple one pot. It was gorgeous. The flavours were amazing. I really enjoyed cooking from scratch. It does take me longer to make then the times stated in the cook books. Dave helped to prep. It was nice to spend the time together.

Our friends left happy, which was great. See what we come out with tomorrow.