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Every Little Bit Helps

We were able to lay in this morning. Being a Sunday I didn’t want to go to the house too early making a racket. Once there, I got set on finishing the living room. Dave on banging plaster and boards off the internal walls not suspected of asbestos.

Dave’s parents came for a couple hours in the afternoon. Mum-in-law helped me finish the living room. Then clear up the mess Dave had made. Dad-in-law got set in the garden, finally getting rid of the ivy and broken fencing.

We got a bit of work done today. After my morning shift and Dave’s outing we’ll be back tomorrow. The skip is getting removed and a new one replaced. It’ll be full by end of the evening. We’ll then need a third.

Hopefully we’ll hear from the asbestos company regarding the testing of our internal wall.

Finished reading: The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight.

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Not Want we Wanted to Find

Happy Birthday Grandma. I don’t think my grandma was expecting us to sing her happy birthday when she got out of bed this morning. It was good to see the smile on her face.

It was radiator delivery day, plus one for collection. The only thing that wasn’t delivered were the values. I’ll have to speak to my step dad about this tomorrow.

Over at the house, my mum and I started stripping the wallpaper in the living room. We got 2 full walls done and most of a 3rd. My step dad finished the new piping for the central heating/radiators. He started to take plaster, hardboard and wooden slates off some of the internal walls.

There was one wall he had to stop and move on from as he suspected it to be asbestos. Just what we needed. Being a Saturday the asbestos related businesses were closed. There happens to be an office where we live so I’ve sent them an email.

Hearing this did put a damper on my mood but luckily I had plans to meet a friend for dinner. Pizza Hut it is. Shame they didn’t have the pudding I wanted. So I bought some from the supermarket.

I also bought a wedding magazine. It’s given me some ideas. It even came with a honeymoon guide.

Buying a house and starting from scratch does cost money. I don’t think I’ve spent this much in one go, on one thing. I’m surprised the bank hasn’t stopped my card.

Right, I better get some sleep. Back at the house tomorrow.

Ooo, I sent off two applications today. I haven’t heard from the other 3 I’d sent out. See if I do from either of these ones. Fingers crossed.

Ooo, number 2. Since getting the keys, I’ve had more none telly days!

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No Fear of Missing Out

I had less fear of missing out with the house today. I knew I was getting there eventually and I’ve the weekend to get more work done. The skip cane at lunch. After an hour I got a message from my mum that we need another.

When I got to the house, I found my father in law had started the gardening. I can see a wall and a broken fence at the end of the yard now. New fence will have to go on our list now.

I joined my mum in removing the wall paper. She had started in bedroom number 2. This one was a lot harder then the first bedroom. The amount of paint on the walls, wow. Once bedroom 2 is finished it’s the living room.

I found out today that the bathroom is also papered. Who papers a bathroom?

We had 2 plasterers come round for a quote. The first didn’t show up or give us notice. The second was late but did notify us. They’re happy to do the job. Knew what they were talking about and happy for us to do what we can to cut cost down.

B and D and my grandad came to visit the house to have a nosey. The work is tiring but it’s getting done. Which is the main thing. There’s a chance we could be in by Christmas.

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We own a house!

We have the keys! We’re not in as we have the work to do. Once Dave was home from work we drove over to the house. We had a look around and measured up the kitchen. Figured out what and where we’d like things to be.

Dave and I started stripping wallpaper that we could without access to the steamer. I sorted out the post that was at the house. Tidied up and then the lovely business of the bills.

I started the water application. Sorted the council tax application. We were unable to sort the utilities as it’s needed to be done over the phone due to the current set up. We’ve found it’s not one we’d like so it’s one of my job’s tomorrow.

After a lovely walk back we made a plan with my parents on what’s next. My step dad is doing some of the work, so we needed an idea in place. Next week we’re getting a skip in place to begin sorting out the cellar and kitchen out. Making sure all is a shell before we can start a fresh.

Learn some new skills in the process.


1 Day until the Keys

We’re all on track to getting the keys tomorrow. I’ve had the solicitors and the estate agents ring me to confirm where they’re at. We started back in May. It’s been just over 3 months. There were times where I thought we weren’t getting to this point.

Getting hold of and the paperwork from the venders solicitor has been like pulling teeth. But we are now here. Keys are in sight. This is where the real work will begin.

We can’t move in straight away. There is work that’s needed to be done. Plus no working kitchen right now. I’m glad to have a plumber in the family. I’ve got to get through tonight then wait until I get the call to collect the keys. Least we’ve something to do tomorrow evening.

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2 Days to go until Keys

Finally, we were able to hand something into the solicitors regarding the closure of the help to buy ISA. Hopefully, it’s the correct thing.

We then spent nearly two and half hours at college for Dave to enrol for his maths. If I haven’t said before, you may have guessed for the enrol, Dave unfortunately didn’t pass the exams this time round. He did do better then when he was at school. Onwards and upwards.

Once we finally got home, we sat down for a family dinner and a relaxing evening. I picked up some books from the library. So far The Marble Collector by Cecilia Ahern is an alright read.

I’ve now got two days off in a row. I want to be productive and not be watching telly all day. Then 2 days until keys!! Don’t think I’ll have problems being productive then and watching too much telly.

Watched: The Last Sharknado: it’s about time > 1/2 out of 5

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Wedding Planning Started

I think I’ve found our centre pieces for our wedding. A big thank you to B. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have done.

Bell Jars and fairy lights in the centre, with a purple runner along the table. Ending with wooden confetti scattered on the table.

All for under £100 for all our tables.