Q2 Goal 2018: Frugal Research Started

Money is very tight. It’s hard saying no to going out with friends because it’s not doable. I can’t say yes otherwise I for fit a tank of fuel.Saying yes and no both have butterfly effects.


I’ve started doing my frugal research. Put frugal living in a search engine and 1000s of pages come up. It’s mind-boggling. I’ve certainly a lot of thinking and research to do to find what best suits me.

So far I’ve found a list of books that talk about frugal living. I’ll first look at our local library for that. They may have other options too. Another list I have found is ‘How to make a frugal budget’.

I think this will be best once we’be moved and everything is less hectic.

Goal: No Chocolate Update

I realised yesterday that I am achieving my goal of not having chocolate. But then I thought how do I know I can cross it off my list as achieved? I have a goal but nothing to measure my success with. So I have decided to extend my No Chocolate goal to be:

Have no chocolate for 1 year

I’m doing well so far. Going through my daily goal actions in my diary I found the last time I ate chocolate was on the 29th January 2018. Good going seeing as we’ve just past Easter.

Let’s see where the rest of my no chocolate year takes me. January 2019, fingers crossed, will bring a post of me achieving this goal.

Have you ever gone without having chocolate?


March 2018 Action Chart

I’ve been looking back through my March daily goal actions in my diary. Seeing when I last ate chocolate. No chocolate goal update on your screens tomorrow. Looking through I realised I did not complete a chart for March. This is because I did a Quarterly Review rather than a Monthly Review.

As I like to look back to see how well I am doing with my goals I thought I would complete the chart now.

Screenshot 2018-04-12 13.13.06

As you can see, the no chocolate goal has been the best one out of them all. But I’m glad to see that I am was doing something towards my other goals. I even started a quarter 2 goal in March.

The 5 times doing the BSL goal in March meant that I was able to complete the goal of completing my introductory course. The time in March when I did the Overcoming work I realised that I needed to mark it down as a low priority. I also decided to say goodbye to the YCY goal altogether.

Goals are not set in stone. They’ll change just like life does. Some get to the point where they are not meaningful to a person. By continuing on a goal that doesn’t resonate can do more harm than good. I believe that completing reviews regularly on goals is healthy and will help them to be achieved.


I’d have been an anxiety-fueled, emotional wreck of a cannonball

I’ve kicked myself into gear a little. I’ve done the majority of my wardrobe. I now have clothes curtains for the next couple weeks.

It’s hitting me more now that we’re moving. The doing is getting me excited.

I’m getting closer to finishing my NVQ. I’m now at 90.7%. It’s so close but still feels so far. I’ve also started my Life Coach level 2.

I’m feeling positive about life right now. So much has changed in 2018 already, it’s somewhat unbelievable that 2017 was life a demolition in ways. It was a hard year and I coped well but not very well.

Understanding that my mind is creating thoughts that I don’t need to give attention to, waking up the awareness of that conscious freedom is liberating.

This time last year, if I had a fully planned out day like today, where things didn’t go to plan, I’d have been an anxiety-fueled, emotional wreck of a cannonball. I would not have coped.

Today I accepted and the day felt like a breeze. Even when things didn’t go to plan. With the bonus of achieving approximately 11,871 steps.


The past couple of weeks I’ve been completing a course on FutureLearn; The Self-Awareness Coach. I thought it would be some CPD (continued professional development) to help me with training to become my dream of being a life coach.

Coming to the end, it’s been more personal development with my own inner self-awareness. On this front, I believe I can save my money on upgrading. Being more self-aware has that sense of freedom.

The tutors asked questions that I haven’t considered before and has got me thinking. I was being honest with myself and the other students could see that as well.

It may not be a professional qualification to help me but it has helped me. In the future having a self-awareness could help me when I do become a life coach.

Watched: Atlantis 2: Milo’s Return > 3 out of 5

Lone Trip to London

My lone trip to London and back for the UCP meet up has been a success. No anxiety attacks. I did have some worry thoughts at times but my overall thoughts were reduced.

My first hurdle came when arriving at the London Underground to find that the tube lines I was planning for were closed. My mind went into a whirlwind trying to read the underground map. I saw Paddington but couldn’t even see where I was.

Thankfully an attendant was close by for me to ask. Which got me to the hotel with 5 minutes to spare until the start time.

My next hurdle was the fact it was a large group. Here is where my mind goes on lockdown. To the block dark space, I cause myself to build when anxiety flares. I struggle to communicate and connect when there are large groups of people.

Today was no different. But my thoughts were more settled. I did start a couple of conversations up and a couple of people started with me too. But the majority of the other people had better connections then what I’m skilled at.

But I did it. I spent the whole day there and found the meet up interesting. I’ve always been a logical thinker, always a notebook in hand to write notes. It was different and very strange to sit there and listen to what’s going on in the here and now.

I feel I wanna continue this but think it may take time to adjust. Accept that my mind can take information, process and retain what I’ve heard or had insights on.

A big achievement for me today. Clocks changing early morning tomorrow, I feel I need the hour I’m gonna lose.

What’ve you achieved today?

Goal Complete: BSL Intro Course

Just yesterday I was talking about finishing my introductory BSL course by the middle of April. Well, I have passed! I’ve completed one of my goals.

I’ve still many more to go but it feels great to accomplish one. This course doesn’t lead me to a proper, official qualification. But it has confirmed my interest in learning more.

I’ve found that I can do qualifications with a tutor within the County Hall. I’ve emailed for more information, will see what comes back. I’ve no excuse now to not complete the videos series I’m gonna show you.