1 Day until the Keys

We’re all on track to getting the keys tomorrow. I’ve had the solicitors and the estate agents ring me to confirm where they’re at. We started back in May. It’s been just over 3 months. There were times where I thought we weren’t getting to this point.

Getting hold of and the paperwork from the venders solicitor has been like pulling teeth. But we are now here. Keys are in sight. This is where the real work will begin.

We can’t move in straight away. There is work that’s needed to be done. Plus no working kitchen right now. I’m glad to have a plumber in the family. I’ve got to get through tonight then wait until I get the call to collect the keys. Least we’ve something to do tomorrow evening.

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2 Days to go until Keys

Finally, we were able to hand something into the solicitors regarding the closure of the help to buy ISA. Hopefully, it’s the correct thing.

We then spent nearly two and half hours at college for Dave to enrol for his maths. If I haven’t said before, you may have guessed for the enrol, Dave unfortunately didn’t pass the exams this time round. He did do better then when he was at school. Onwards and upwards.

Once we finally got home, we sat down for a family dinner and a relaxing evening. I picked up some books from the library. So far The Marble Collector by Cecilia Ahern is an alright read.

I’ve now got two days off in a row. I want to be productive and not be watching telly all day. Then 2 days until keys!! Don’t think I’ll have problems being productive then and watching too much telly.

Watched: The Last Sharknado: it’s about time > 1/2 out of 5

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Spending time with family

It was nice to see and get to know some of Dave’s family. It was lovely to have a family meal with his parents and auntie. We were able to see his aunties new place, see the work she’s done in the month she’s been there so far. Gave me ideas for our place.

We went to a wedding fayre at Dave’s cousin venue. We got to see it and new venders, giving us a couple more options and ideas. We were able to talk to Dave’s dad about the invitations etc. He’ll be able to do what we’d like which is good.

Fingers crossed in 5 days we’ll have the keys to our place. It’ll be a good week.

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A Step towards our home

I’ve been able to close my help to buy ISA. Tomorrow is Dave’s turn. Then we’re able to transfer to the solicitors.

As the keys are in sight, I haven’t heard from the solicitors to say otherwise, I have started looking for new jobs. There are a couple I’m interested in so I’m gonna look into applying this weekend.

Dave gets his results for his resits on GCSE maths. I hope he passed. It’ll be good for him. Hopefully spur him into thinking what he wants to do with his career.

I’m aching with tiredness, time for me to go to sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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Less then 2 weeks…

We have signed the contract!

No backing out now. We found we couldn’t close our help to buy ISA over online banking, so we need to each go to our banks to sort.

I’m going tomorrow, Dave the next day.

We have less then 2 weeks until the suggested completion date. I really hope it all goes to plan.

In 2 weeks time we should own our own home.

Watched: The Expendables 2 > 3.5 out of 5

Jigsaw (2017) > 2 out of 5

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R.I.P Malcolm

It’s never nice to see family and friends upset. I’m afraid today was one of those days.

We got news that one of my step-great-uncles has been diagnosed with cancer in his ear. This is on top of other cancer he has been treated for.

Then I got news that my friend has broken up with her boyfriend who is another friend of mine. It wasn’t an easy break-up. It’s hard when money is involved. It makes things even more difficult. Especially when the understanding isn’t there on both sides.

Unfortunately, the news didn’t stop there. We then got news that another of my step-great-uncles died this afternoon. Seeing my Grandma and my step-dad upset is so hard. Even more so when I’m unable to take the pain away.

When bad news is around you it makes me feel like good news from today is irrelevant. That good news cannot be celebrated because of what’s happening.

Dave and I have a moment to ourselves on a walk to allow us to process the bad but also the good news we’ve had today. In 5 days time, we are going to the solicitors for the first time in 3 months. We can finally start the end of buying our house.

Once back from our walk we went back to supporting those who needed us.