Waiting Game Continues

The surveyors went into our potential new home yesterday. This morning we got the report to tell us what we already knew. Using my Step-Dad phasing: “Your new home is fucked. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. We can fix it”.

It’s good to be able to do the house to how we want it. It’ll certainly feel like it’s completely ours. We are now waiting on the vendors solicitors to send our draft contract and supporting documents.

We’re back to the waiting again.

I’m very impatient when it comes to this getting our new home.

The financial adviser has told us the lender will take a few days to look at the survey report, then if they’re happy will send us an official offer letter.

I’m glad I know what I’m waiting for rather then waiting and having no idea what’s around the corner.



NVQ Complete + 10 Days into House Buying

Dave and I have tried something new to us; Coconut Water. Let’s just say it’s not for us. Since living together we, or should I say I, have been eating healthier. We’re having proper meals and some include veg. My mum tried to force veg down me last year never mind when I was a kid.

This afternoon finally led me to be able to say I FINISHED MY NVQ!! After 11 months I can now say I have a Level 2 in Health and Social Care. For the past 6 months, I’ve been wishing this to finish so I can move jobs.

As we’re going through with a mortgage I’m still unable to change my job. But I’m more accepting of my circumstances.

A tip for filling out forms; make sure you check you have signed and dated all relevant boxes. Dave and I missed a signature each on our Stamp Duty Tax form. Which meant they posted it back to us to sign.

Thankfully, that is now sorted.

We’re now waiting for my Grandad to go to the solicitors in 3 days time to prove who he is. This is due to my Grandparents gifting us monies that have been included in our disposit. We’ll have to see if we have to do anything more next week.

It’s been a week and a half since the house buying has started. Fingers crossed in a months time we’ll have the keys.


I’m a Step Forward on my Awareness

Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve finished my NVQ. It got to the time of my remote call. My assessor was running late. Then she called me to say we need to do it in person really. I now am waiting another 3 days. Maybe then I’ll be able to say I’ve finished.

I ended up taking an anti-depressant today. The first in over a week. Dave told me I was grumpy a couple of days ago and I noticed I was very short at the office today.

I’m proud of myself for being aware. Acknowledging my mood was changing. I no have to work out a way of going back to happiness without the use of the tablet. I’m one step forward with my awareness. I’ve more steps to go.

We got forms from our financial advisor. We’ve signed the forms. The last form is a gift deposit form so we just need to evidence that my Grandparents were the ones gifting us the money.

Tomorrow I’m going into town, for my car recall appointment and to prove my identity for the solicitors. I’ll also hand in the new forms for the advisor.

After nothing happening the last couple of days. It’s good to see something. It makes me feel something is happening. That things are moving forward just I’m not witnessing it in front of me.

I Wanna Know the Next Step

When Dave got home he thought something was wrong. I seemed to be off. I haven’t any reason to be but I’m not exactly jumping for joy. We’re putting it down to tiredness.

Dave handed in the solicitor forms and did his client identity. We are back to a waiting game. It’ll only be a week tomorrow since we put the offer in. I guess my impatience is making it feel longer.

I’ve been looking at furniture again. I find shopping around for furniture more exciting them clothes. I won’t be able to keep my composure soon. I’m finding it hard at the moment. I wanna know the next step.

Furniture Window Shopping

We were able to do something towards the house buying. The welcome pack from the solicitors arrived. We had a lovely time filling out forms this evening. We’ve the last parts of them to do over the next few days. Plus our identity for them.

We were also to complete the agreement for the surveyors. They’re getting carried out in 2 weeks time.

I’ve been looking at furniture. I like so many things. It’ll be interesting what we end up getting when we know measurements. It’s gonna be an expensive few months. That’s for sure.

I had my final NVQ observations. But I’m afraid I can’t say I’ve finished. I now have to wait 6 days for our remote call to finish everything off. But that is supposed to be it!!! It’ll be another thing off the list.

Watched: Licence to Kill > 3.5 out of 5

Living Together a Month

It’s certainly a waiting game now. Especially with yesterday being one after another. We’ve sorted out the surveyor for the house.

As I was in the mood for sorting out, I finally booked my car in for its recall appointment and got around to changing more addresses. We’ve been living together a month now. It feels like we have forever. It’s been so natural to us.

Tomorrow is my last NVQ observations. Not sure it’ll be the last for my knowledge questions but the end is near.

Giddy Moment No. 2

It’s time for a happy dance! The giddy moment is happening. The vendor said yes to our offer. The process has begun on buying a home. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been ringing people up to find out information and to sign up for all the legal processes, I’ve needed to without even thinking or overthinking.

I’m excited but trying not to get ahead of myself. I’ve told my dad the news this evening. We’re still in need of a proper sit down with Dave’s parents. In fact, even though we’ve been together 3 and 1/2 years, our parents still haven’t met. I think I need to set that up too.

New experiences ahead!