‘I had happy tears’

I’ve been offered a position! I was so happy with I saw the congratulations that I had happy tears. Those around me that know are happy too. I’m sure my current employer won’t be though. I know I’m one of three that have been offered jobs elsewhere. J get my official offer letter next week. I’ve to keep my eyes out for this. Once things get moving I’ll send over my resignation letter to my current employer. Good changes ahead.

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Job Hunt Begins

I completed 3 applications and job profiles. One ended today and the others at the end of the week. The profile ones I believe I’m pushing my luck.

But if I don’t try I won’t know. There’s no harm in trying. It’s official. I’m looking for a new job. I’ll look at the end of the week for anything new. Maybe I’ll have more good news.

As it was bank holiday (at the time of writing) even with me working this morning, I was able to spend the day with all members of the household. That is unusual for us all to be at home at the same time. It was lovely to have the time.