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Week Off Goes Quick

Time is going quickly. We’re on day 5 of our week off. Half way through and relaxing is hard on annual leave. When we’re trying to relax I get antsy. I can’t sit still. I keep checking my phone or an app even though I’ve no need to.

I don’t feel as stressed. I have calmed down. I’ve put my work and goals to one side to do what we want to do. My fear of time is coming back to haunt me. My mind won’t rest.

My patience is getting worse. So is my spending. I’ve even had chocolate the past 4 days. I feel that is affecting me. Tiredness in full swing.

I’ve 4 days left before I go back to work. I want to enjoy myself. Stop haunting me time.

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Complete Something Joyful

Joy. That was a challenge from an email I received today. This evening I did just that. I enjoyed myself. Dave and I went round to a friends house. We had a few drinks and played Cards Against Humanity.

What’s more… I won! Woop.

It was a lovely evening with good friends and giggles. Mainly from me and B thanks to the Rose. The guys just let us be.

What did you do today that was joyful? Haven’t done anything? Don’t wanna do something joyful tomorrow.


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