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Meadowhall Christmas Live 2018

Spending the evening with B at Meadowhall Christmas Live was just what I needed to lift up my spirits. A skip was due today. It didn’t come. I was panicking about my DBS receipt and confessing as such that I was becoming stroppy or what my mum called it ‘throwing my teddy out the pram’.

It was a great evening; hearing Bang Bang Romeo for the 1st time, seeing M.O., HRVY, Max George and Rak-Su. There was a Tom something that played but that wasn’t my thing but he was still good. Then the 1st act of the night a Hannah (my apologies for not knowing the surname) she had a good voice but could tell she was nervous. Cannot wait to do it again next year.


‘I had happy tears’

I’ve been offered a position! I was so happy with I saw the congratulations that I had happy tears. Those around me that know are happy too. I’m sure my current employer won’t be though. I know I’m one of three that have been offered jobs elsewhere. J get my official offer letter next week. I’ve to keep my eyes out for this. Once things get moving I’ll send over my resignation letter to my current employer. Good changes ahead.

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Q3 Review 2018

It’s been a good no telly Tuesday. Productive. We bought insulation for the house and decided on the paints for all but 2 rooms.

It was the Q3 review call for the Holiday Council. To begin with I tried to do it while cooking and eating dinner. I was stop starting it and wasn’t getting much of the review done. Then my parents came home so I decided to try out my mum’s new home office.

Doing it this way I was more productive, I got my review done.

I feel like I’m not being me completely. I’m being lazy. I feel guilty for not doing things I feel I should have done. I feel I’m partially being the person I want to be for my family and friends.

In the last 3 months we’ve booked our wedding venue and photographer. We’ve bought a house and getting it renovated. I’ve started my BSL video series.

The thing I’m beginning to finally accept is that I’m overwhelming myself, then I don’t do anything but what telly. Then I start to comfort eat. I do start somethings but lose interest or motivation. No matter the time or money spent, I am being more deliberate with my yes and no when it comes to work.

I think I’m embodying easefulness more into the point of laziness. I’m not doing the things I need to do or have experiences. I’m not always present in the now. Fully enjoying myself.

What I’m craving is Getting Shit Done. Check lists or step by step of goals to achieve the big goals is my aim to help me achieve Getting Shit Done.

I started this evening after my review with the BSL video series. I’ve done more posts and I’ve been making a check list of what I need to do or come back to at a later date.

I like this idea so I’m gonna try this for my every day tasks and goals too. By doing this I hope that by the new quarter, which is in the New Year, that I’ll have done most of my back log of to-dos and courses I’ve signed up for.

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Ticks on a to-do list

We now have a main bedroom door. No more walking through bedroom 2 to get to it. Originally, there was a partition wall but 1) it was built on top of the carpet and 2) I wanted it down.

In a week’s time the electrician is starting his work. We’ve still got a bit to do before he comes. It’s gonna be a fun packed few days. Need to get my motivation into gear.

By having no telly Tuesday today, I did get a few things ticked off my to-do list. I’ve paid an invoice, wrote a reply to my best friends from the birthday card she sent from July. I did an upper body workout for the 1st time, well probably this year. I so found my oldest fluff ball needs to see the vet for her teeth. That was a shock when I opened her month.

I also applied for a job. The hunt still continues. I’ve only been looking a couple of weeks. I’ll find one soon. I do have a job so it’s not like I have to be in a rush.

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No Fear of Missing Out

I had less fear of missing out with the house today. I knew I was getting there eventually and I’ve the weekend to get more work done. The skip cane at lunch. After an hour I got a message from my mum that we need another.

When I got to the house, I found my father in law had started the gardening. I can see a wall and a broken fence at the end of the yard now. New fence will have to go on our list now.

I joined my mum in removing the wall paper. She had started in bedroom number 2. This one was a lot harder then the first bedroom. The amount of paint on the walls, wow. Once bedroom 2 is finished it’s the living room.

I found out today that the bathroom is also papered. Who papers a bathroom?

We had 2 plasterers come round for a quote. The first didn’t show up or give us notice. The second was late but did notify us. They’re happy to do the job. Knew what they were talking about and happy for us to do what we can to cut cost down.

B and D and my grandad came to visit the house to have a nosey. The work is tiring but it’s getting done. Which is the main thing. There’s a chance we could be in by Christmas.

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August 2018 Been and Gone

I realised it’s the start of a new month and I haven’t done a review of August. It was 1st September when I wrote this in my journal. I haven’t words for August. It’s been and gone.

We got the keys to out own home on the last day. A goal achieved. I can cross that off. I want to see a new one – to have a Christmas dinner at ours in 2019. Allowing us to do the work and settle in.

We have the keys but we’re not there. We don’t have a kitchen to start. Dave and I went up this morning to sort the utilities with the company. With the odd removal of things on the walls. We also met one set of neighbours, they were really nice and I feel we’ll bet on well with them. The lady wants to take down our ivy. I gave her permission. My father in law may have a helper.

I was able to get my new glasses a week early. My left eye is slightly worse. I have dry eyes where I need to add drops into them. Otherwise my eyes are healthy.

My step dad and I went back to the house this afternoon. We had post from the solicitors. We’ve also received out help to buy bonus too. My step dad showed me the cellar. It had 3 inches of water in. We were able to get the pump there to work getting rid of some of it. We need a automatic pump in a sump done. It smells and had loads of things dumped down there.

A skip is due on Friday. My step dad also started ripping the kitchen shelving. He was trying to find the stop tap. We failed this time. It’s all coming out on Monday.

My mum has found some gas workers and an electrician so ringing them is the plan for tomorrow. Get some quotes.

I’m on my own this evening. Got the whole bed to myself. Dave is off round to D&B then staying at his parents. I’m up early for work. A busy day, not just working, we have a 1st birthday party and a family meal to attend.

I’ve been given an easier week in my rota this next week. So hopefully will be able to spend some time at the house. It feels good to be saying that.

Finished reading: The Marble Collection by Cecelia Ahern.

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We own a house!

We have the keys! We’re not in as we have the work to do. Once Dave was home from work we drove over to the house. We had a look around and measured up the kitchen. Figured out what and where we’d like things to be.

Dave and I started stripping wallpaper that we could without access to the steamer. I sorted out the post that was at the house. Tidied up and then the lovely business of the bills.

I started the water application. Sorted the council tax application. We were unable to sort the utilities as it’s needed to be done over the phone due to the current set up. We’ve found it’s not one we’d like so it’s one of my job’s tomorrow.

After a lovely walk back we made a plan with my parents on what’s next. My step dad is doing some of the work, so we needed an idea in place. Next week we’re getting a skip in place to begin sorting out the cellar and kitchen out. Making sure all is a shell before we can start a fresh.

Learn some new skills in the process.