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Let the Finishing Begin…

It’s been a day of finishing. I finished the book ‘How the Secret Changed my Life’ by Rhonda Byrne. It took me only a 24 hour period to read it. I was hooked. I haven’t read the secret but I have reserved it.

Reading ‘How the Secret Changed my Life’ made me laugh and cry. To read real peoples stories of how a change in mindset has changed their lives. I can’t wait to read the main book.

I’ve already printed off my secret check. By May 2021, the month we could get married, we’ll receive £50,000.

Before I started reading ‘How the Secret Changed my Life’, I tried to read ‘Stuffication’. I did get about half way through but no matter what I couldn’t get into it. I do agree with what the book is trying to say but I wasn’t feeling a story from it. Maybe in the future, I’ll finish it.

But for now, it’s back to the library.

I did the last sitting for my tattoo. It only took an hour. I didn’t feel the pain so much this time. Maybe my cold and flu tablets were a help.


The third thing I finished today was my module 4 for my level 2 Life Coaching course. It’s my final module for it. I’ve sent it off to be marked. I believe it to be marked as a pass.

I’m glad to have finished the two qualifications I had taken on. I’ve now the two other courses to finish, that I’ve paid for. I believe the only one has a deadline so I’ll do that first.

To end a good day, Dave and I had a date night; the cinema and pizza hut. I enjoyed them both and good to get time together with no emergencies. We now have a week off together. It’ll be good for us to have downtime. A well-deserved rest.

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Book: The Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepax Chopra

When thinking about my life and how I live it. I made ground rules for myself last year. I’m guilty of not looking at them or being mindful of following them. I’ve never thought of having laws of success.

I’ve finished reading The Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepax Chopra. Even with the title saying laws of success, it like he says, can be the spiritual laws of life. This book is one recommended from my Life Coaching Course. I’d loaned the book and one of his others from the library.

I guessed from it being 24 years old I was judging it by its age and not just its cover. From page 1 though, I was hooked. Even being 24 years old, it still relates to today’s world.

I love that it has commitments of how to follow each law. I got the sense that I could slow down.  Out of all the laws, the last ‘The Law of Dharma or Purpose of Life’ is the one that spoke to me the most. Showing the different internal questions between ego and spirit.

Ego – What’s in it for me?

Spirit – How can I help?

Seeing as I’ve found a purpose of helping people in my life. Seeing this written down made me stop and think. I’ve been running on ego most of my life. That awareness is what could change how I live for the purpose of my life.

What changes could I see? Not just by implementing the last law but all seven. I liked the book that much, I’ve decided to put it on my wish list. I’d love to read it again. I can’t wait to start his next book.

I even checked the library catalogue to see if they have any of his other books. They’ve many more. If it’s nice tomorrow afternoon once I’ve finished work, I may have a trip to the library. I haven’t been in my new local one yet. I can also drop this book back in.

Watched: A View to a Kill > 3.5 out of 5

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The past couple of weeks I’ve been completing a course on FutureLearn; The Self-Awareness Coach. I thought it would be some CPD (continued professional development) to help me with training to become my dream of being a life coach.

Coming to the end, it’s been more personal development with my own inner self-awareness. On this front, I believe I can save my money on upgrading. Being more self-aware has that sense of freedom.

The tutors asked questions that I haven’t considered before and has got me thinking. I was being honest with myself and the other students could see that as well.

It may not be a professional qualification to help me but it has helped me. In the future having a self-awareness could help me when I do become a life coach.

Watched: Atlantis 2: Milo’s Return > 3 out of 5

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Lone Trip to London

My lone trip to London and back for the UCP meet up has been a success. No anxiety attacks. I did have some worry thoughts at times but my overall thoughts were reduced.

My first hurdle came when arriving at the London Underground to find that the tube lines I was planning for were closed. My mind went into a whirlwind trying to read the underground map. I saw Paddington but couldn’t even see where I was.

Thankfully an attendant was close by for me to ask. Which got me to the hotel with 5 minutes to spare until the start time.

My next hurdle was the fact it was a large group. Here is where my mind goes on lockdown. To the block dark space, I cause myself to build when anxiety flares. I struggle to communicate and connect when there are large groups of people.

Today was no different. But my thoughts were more settled. I did start a couple of conversations up and a couple of people started with me too. But the majority of the other people had better connections then what I’m skilled at.

But I did it. I spent the whole day there and found the meet up interesting. I’ve always been a logical thinker, always a notebook in hand to write notes. It was different and very strange to sit there and listen to what’s going on in the here and now.

I feel I wanna continue this but think it may take time to adjust. Accept that my mind can take information, process and retain what I’ve heard or had insights on.

A big achievement for me today. Clocks changing early morning tomorrow, I feel I need the hour I’m gonna lose.

What’ve you achieved today?

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Are you being yourself?

Growing up, even still to this day people tell me to be yourself. In my 26 years of life so far, is it the ‘norm’ to know who I am, where I wanna be and what my life is gonna hold?
My mind processed all the information around me. I either see and understand it or I don’t.
I know what my past journey has been like. I’ve had ups and downs. In and out of the doctors, with this or that wrong with me. I’ve gained and lost friends. I’ve lost myself and found myself again. My anxiety, my depression has been ruling me. Anti-depressants within my system.
I’ve backed out. I’ve run away. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve lied. I’ve been kind. I’ve been cruel. I’ve been many more a type of person.
Do I know who I am? Not entirely. I know what I feel, what I think and a path is in view. My past doesn’t define me. Yes, it is my past. It always will be. My past isn’t who I am today.
I can tell you some of my likes, dislikes. My aspirations. The person I want you to see me as. The legacy I wanna leave behind. That’s only a part of me.
My thoughts have been rolling around my head, all my life. Thoughts, I’ve had to deal with. Thoughts that have stopped me doing or saying something. Thoughts that have been positive but have been pushed to one side, hiding in the darkness of the negativity bullying their way forward.
My thoughts are just that: thoughts.
They are balloons floating by. Until one keeps getting bigger, ready to burst, needing my attention. After letting out some air, the balloon is safe to continue, floating, gently over the horizon.
Thoughts are transient. Short-lived. Thoughts come and go. These thoughts have been weathering a storm, bursting for too long.
That gentle flow towards the horizon, the calm, lightening up my days. I’m becoming conscious of myself and the world I’m in. Starting to live for me. Not for others and certainly not for my thoughts.
My mind is open to endless possibilities. Insights.
I can’t tell the future. Tomorrow I’ll be myself and more. Continuing to grow each day. My consciousness emerging in all areas, freeing my mind of thoughts. Allowing me to shine through.
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The Big One

I’ve just gone and done what I said I wouldn’t do. I’ve signed up for another course. This course, however, is a big one. It could potentially help me to become a life coach officially.

How’d I come to signing up for the Ultimate Coach Programme? 

By a free webinar. A 90-minute webinar on steps to a coaching class. The further I got into the webinar, the more I felt excited and shakey. The programme wasn’t even mentioned until the last part when the main class had finished.

The positivity I felt, the discounted price with lifetime access and bonus content, live events plus more. I’m excited to start.

My only dilemma is Facebook. One part of the course had Q&As on Facebook. I don’t want to miss out so I have to figure out what I want to do about that. The coach on the programma, CC’d a support into the reply email to ask what I could do regarding Facebook.

A hard conversation with myself needs to be had.