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Rome: Day 1

An early morning start leading to being in Rome, at the hotel by 3:30 pm local time. Rome is an hour ahead to back home; due to the early start and night shift I’ve done, it’s welcome tonight. Get to go to bed earlier.

We found a shuttle service at the train station that took us straight to our hotel. For 30 euros for both of us it was a lot better then the 48 euro charge for a taxi. I’m just glad I wasn’t the one driving. There doesn’t seem to be a system to me and it’s who gets there first with crossing the road. A red light doesn’t mean a lot. One things I am grateful for back home is our road safety and lights in place.

Once we got to the hotel; Giolli Nationale and checked in, we went straight out to explore. Being a Sunday and after 3:30 pm we didn’t think we’d be able to do that much but to be honest I’m surprised how much we did see.

We happen to be on walking distance to a few of the sightseeing destinations. First we thought about walking to the Colosseum, the queue was massive and near closing. We ended up reserving a guided tour to the Colosseum arena, Palatino Hill and Roman Forum for tomorrow.

We ended up going the opposite way after this to explore. We saw the Piazza Mignanelli, Piazza di Spagna and The Spanish Steps and Chiesa della Trinita dei Monti.

Continuing on we ended up at Piazza dei Popolo; saw the Obelisk, went to the Museo Leonardo Da Vinci and saw the views from the Piazzale Napoleone I.

Walking back it was starting to get a little chilly and we were getting hungry. We took a trip to the hotel room to grab my coat and drop off the items we didn’t need and went in search of some food. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant; but their lasanga was lovely. Unfortunately they didn’t have any dessert that I liked so we ended up having a Jam Tart at a Officine Italia Roma.

After food we decided we weren’t quite ready to go back to the hotel. We saw the Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Foro Traiana, the Capitoline Museums but these ones were after sunset so only saw the outside. I’d like to go back in day light to explore more. I’m not sure if I’ve missed a name off here, apologies if I have.

It’s been a lovely first day in Rome and my body is feeling it; having done approximately 23,903 steps today alone. Think I’ll sleep tonight.

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Journal Entries: 16th – 28th Feb

16th Feb

Watched: The Bucket List > 3 out of 5

I’ve mentioned to Dave that I’m unhappy and that the stress of my feelings of our relationship is getting to me. It’s affecting my mental health. I’m not my funny self. Even my parents have mentioned I’m not. I’m trying to break through. He says things will get better with time. But I’m not seeing any actions.

17th Feb

Abundance Circle Part 2

What is my history with money? What did my family upbringing pass onto me?

My mum didn’t say no much to the things I wanted when I was little. Her relationship with money got her into debt. It taught me where the money came from as I had to start working for it once I was 15. Then I realised it wasn’t an abundant thing. It needs to be earnt. There were times where I had spending sprees but now I know monies value to help me live the life I want. That I don’t have to spend it to be happy but it allows me to live and enjoy things in life if I treat money with respect.

What is my current relationship with money? What is the story I tell myself?

I work hard for what I get. I need money to live and to enjoy aspects of my life. I cannot just throw it away. I concentrate on spending it wisely on what I need then save up for what I want. My relationship with money is getting healthier.

Money Triggers

  1. We have our own bank account and then a joint account. I’m unsure he is able to afford all we need
  2. Materialistic is not what I want
  3. I have my pension fund through my wage. Need to save for retirement; extra money saved by myself?
  4. Him just spending money like it’s growing on trees

18th Feb

Finished Reading: Boundaries > How to Draw the line in your head, heart and home by Jennie Miller and Victoria Lambert

Watched: Jaws > 2 out of 5

My day didn’t start out the best. I ended up reversing into my mums’ car. Her’s has a scratch, where mine has a big dent in the bumper. I was able to take time away from waiting for the kitchen delivery to go get a quote. I was happy with the price, so it is booked in for 2 days from now.

We had to wait all day at the house for 2 separate deliveries to come. We were able to get the 2nd bedroom painting completed and the fixing of the plaster in the hallway completed. We were able to start sanding down. I think a couple more hours on it and it’ll be complete too.

My aim for tonight is to stay up a little bit longer than I usually do. In 3 nights time, I start my first set of night shifts. So this will be a test for me.

19th Feb

Finished Reading: Becoming the Supervet: Listening to the Animals by Noel Fitzpatrick

Dave brought up my grumpiness to him today. It’s taken the month for him to speak up. He said other things are gonna change too. We’ll have to see if I fall in love with him again.

I’ve had a good day for me. I had a ‘me’ day. I finished Noel’s book; I’m afraid it took me 4 months and 2 books in between to read it. It had some lovely moments and I ended up putting a donation to his charity. I also danced to music too and let my body move how it wanted. I think it’s a way of inhabiting my body I wanna do more often.

20th Feb

Watched: The Secret > 4 out of 5

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day one, Part one > I want to live a simply authentic life. One where I can be myself with anyone I meet or interact with. I want to improve my relationship/communications with my work colleagues and patients. I want to improve my relationship with my partner. I want to improve my relationship with myself.

Day one, Part two > I find it easier being authentic and vulnerable in my parental home but if I leave the house I would be less me. Anxiety and depression have been my roadblocks in life. I have in the recent year been able to open up to others but I’m not able to be me with people I meet in person. I find it easier to write down what I feel or do thanks to the journalling/blogging I do but I still have feelings of being lonely without the community and authentic feel of being togetherness. There are times I start to do so but then clam up and retreat back into myself.

My Achievement: Finished BSL Video Series posts on the blog. They are all now scheduled.  All I need to do is go back to add links to connect them all when they’ve gone live.

21st Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day one, Part one Continued: If I reached these goals, I would feel I’m being true to myself, living and communicating how I want to be doing and everyone around me will get the true me as well. I feel that the anxiety would reduce or in fact go completely. For those looking in on my life, I would like to think that they would see the real me and want to be a part of my life, with me feeling like I’m not pushing them away or my anxiety and depression affecting their lives negatively.

Day one, Part two Continued: I think it is that I feel I will say the wrong thing or that their judgement on me will cause me to go back with my anxiety and depression. That the person they perceive me to be isn’t the person I actually am when I open up. Feat of losing people and being alone.

Day two, Part one > Authentic relation to me means being yourself, showing up and being vulnerable to everyone you meet. Doing the things in life that you want to, when you want to, with those you love. Owning up to when your wrong and doing what can be done to help yourself and others.

I feel that I have this type of relationship with my step-dad and I am getting there with my mum. I am somewhat there with my partner. Yes, I would like to be more real in all my relationships; my partner, friends and family, colleagues and patients, strangers. I feel that my fear of what others are going to judge about me and ultimately being alone in life. I also have the fear that I don’t truly know who I am, myself.

Day two, Part two > 0 = non-existent and 10 = utterly fantastic

Integrity: (I always show up for myself without ever hiding or elaborating who I am. What you see on the outside is a true reflection of what is going on, on my inside. I am comfortable in my own skin) = 4

Depth of connection: (I have several strong friendships and’or relationship where I feel totally known and I feel I truly know them) = 3

Impact: ( I know that I make a positive impact and what I do matters. There are people better off because of me) =

Resolving conflict: (I am able to tell people when I am hurt, angry or upset with them. When I experience conflict with people I always deal with it in a healthy direct and effective way) = 4

Trust: (There are people in my life that I feel that I can trust and open up to. I am a trustworthy person and I create a safe environment for others to open up to me) = 5

Communication: (I am able to express my feelings in a constructive way and am happy talking about my strengths and failures, I am also good at listening effectively to other people) = 2

Presence: (I am able to focus on the person in front of me. I do not spend time in my head thinking about other things when I am with some. I spend more time engaged in the present then thinking about the past and/or future) = 2

Priorities: ( I am happy with the balance I have in my life. I am able to focus on what is important. I am content with the time and attention I give the closest relationships in my life) = 4


If the circle represents how authentic I am  – How am I doing? > rubbish. There are more blank areas then coloured. Disheartening to look at.

What areas am I doing well in? > trust is my highest. I am more trustworthy then I used to be but can do a lot better. I have 4 areas of 4; they are ones I’ve spent mostly working on the last year.

I would like to improve all but communication and presence are big ones which I think will help me improve the rest naturally.

Three things that I would most like to change about my relationships are:

  1. Deal with conflict in a healthy, direct and effective way
  2. Be happy to talk about my strengths and failures
  3. Be present in my head and when with a person

22nd Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day three, Part one > 5 most important things or relationships in my life?

  1. Mum and step-dad
  2. Pups
  3. Dad and step-mum
  4. Grandparents
  5. Dave
  6. B
  7. V
  8. E
  9. House

How much I give each one of these each week?

  1. I say hi and have a quick catch up each day/week
  2. I give them a cuddle/attention each day. I walk them every so often
  3. I speak to them every so often
  4. I speak/see them every so often
  5. I speak daily. My attention no so much
  6. Speak weekly
  7. Speak weekly
  8. Speak or write every so often
  9. I go at least 1 day a week

Do I feel if that’s enough?

  1. NO, need at least an evening or day with them
  2. Need to walk more often
  3. Should speak weekly, then see at least monthly
  4. Should go at least once a week when I’m not asked
  5. We’re going through a rocky patch. Our relationship/connection needs strengthening
  6. ,7,8. Yes but should see more often
    9. Nope, needs more of my time right now

What could I do to change to make sure I’m investing in these priorities? What pebbles or piles of sand could I shift to make more room in my schedule? > Saying no more often to take up the none important things. Schedule a time to call or see these people each week and stick to it on my end. Delegate daily tasks to my partner.

Day three, Part two > I am someone who finds it difficult to say no. I have always been a people pleaser. I fear that someone is going to judge or reject me if I say no to them or an element in my life.

23rd Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day one, Part one Continued: I guess there would be less anxiety in me and I would be able to have a sense of freedom in myself.

Day three, Part one Continued: Week I could say no ?

Day three, Part two Continued: I think at first it might be a challenge to pause to think of what I really want from the commitment. Even pausing when I already know it’s a yes to get used to it. There are times I’m disheartened when someone says no but I don’t think anything less of them if they’ve something else happening or don’t want to do what I’ve asked.

Day four, Part one > I am demonstrating the following most likely to create an environment of trust: Concern for others and being truthful about what’s on my mind.

I need to develop: Stimulating discussion and being curious. Painting a picture of mutual success. Being open to difficult conversations.

I need to rid the following: Focus on convincing others. Pretending to listen. Allowing emotions to distract from my listening.

I am good at exhibiting concern for others as I feel it’s a natural part of me from the people pleasing and my job revolves around being concerned for others. Being truthful about what’s on my mind is better than when I was growing up. I’ve been more open with others in the past year or so. I am better at opening up with those closest to me; parents and partner. I need to work on the other positive ones as connection and difficult conversations are hardest for me. I am getting there slowly with it but not comfortable being vulnerable in that part of me yet.

Day four, Part 2 > I have sent the feedback questions to D, G, V and Dave. My step-dad and mum. I even posted it on my blog; which is out of my comfort zone as it is inviting people to comment about what I write.

24th Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day three, Part one Continued: I am going to say no to courses that I am asked to go onto or am interested in as I still haven’t completed others I have started.

Day four, Part one Continued: I could ask someone who I know has had an event recently, to see how it went.

Day five, Part one > 

  1. Surface level: Colleagues and patients and strangers. Colleagues because I’ve started a new job.
  2. Some colleagues
  3. Blog, friends of friends and family I don’t see often
  4. Close friends and family, Dave
  5. Step-dad, B, Both D’s, mum to some degree, G, V, E

Which level do I prefer talking at? > I think with most I am at sharing opinions level. But I’d like to be sharing deeply with each other to most. If not all in my life. I feel I’m at level 3 in my conversations because of the fear of them judging and knowing what to say and at the right time.

When do I find it appropriate to share at a level 5? When isn’t it? > I feel it’s appropriate when I’m with someone I feel I can trust in a place I feel comfortable in. I don’t feel it’s right saying some level 5 in public or at work.

I would say I don’t share at a level 5 very often. Maybe once a week to a very close family or friend and/or partner. I could start by telling someone I am feeling that they don’t know about it; for example how I feel about my relationship.

Day five, Part 2 > I struggle with saying what I mean. I feel that hurting the other person holds me back, or saying what I mean but it’s not being understood. If I could overcome this I feel I would open up more to others. I try my very best to not to say untrue things but times when I feel I can’t pause to think of an answer I come out with the first thing that comes out of my head. I guess this is also unedited. I try not to sound unkind but I do come out with what I mean in a way that comes across as unkind. When I try to explain something it isn’t always clear to make it helpful. I think in a rush so I just come out with what comes in my head. I feel if I pause before I said things and really thought about it I would be saying what I mean naturally every day.

25th Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day four, Part one Continued: Follow up questions are something I need to work on. I ask one thing and a person replies then I get stuck again on what to say and the conversation goes out.

Day six, Part 1 > 

Congruence = Agreement or harmony; compatibility

My backstage is bigger. I have been very good at keeping myself to myself and not letting other people in; including my family. I have been able to let people in, in recent years and I’m going to continue to do so. I want to reveal more of myself into my front stage. Those who matter will still want to know me. Even though I spend time backstage, keeping things to myself, I’m not good at self-care. I am slowly doing this in parts but it needs to be integrated into my life.

Day six, Part 2 > I thought the scale exercise was good to do. For my opinions, there was mainly a wide column down the middle. When I did the m2 part, I found I gave myself better thoughts for them all. Looking at that, I saw that I’m harder on myself then I feel others give to me. I gave the task to my partner and my step-dad to get their first-hand thoughts on where I was on the scale. Both my partner and step-dad were at one side or the other apart from a couple that was in the middle.

26th Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day seven, Part two > Difficult conversations tended to be those I avoided. I retreated into myself as I didn’t want any confrontation, fearful and clam up. I am still but I’ve been having them. I start shaking and get teary once they’ve been had. If the person has got a bit moody or at work, aggressive; I suppose I’m still learning how to have difficult conversations. I get to the point of clamming up and the conversation gets to a standstill.

I’d like to feel like I can handle any situation of confrontations and difficult conversations. Putting myself out there and having small conversations first before building up to a big one could help me or writing it down. At work where confrontational conversations are a big chance, I could ask if there is a way to be present at some planned conversations to help me understand ways of de-escalating the conflict. Also, I could see if there is any training to help.

27th Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day six, Part one Continued: Self-care would look like for me; reading a book, going for a massage, getting my hair and nails done, spending time reflecting and journaling, going for a walk with the dogs.

Day eight, Part two > Be Curious with others.

Today, I am going to sit with my dad for a few hours, then having tea at B house. I’ll practice being curious with them.

28th Feb

Authencity Kick Starter Course

Day nine, Part one > “Tami has touched the lives of so many. The differences ranged from small to massive. She took time out of her life to make a difference to people and animals alike. When she wasn’t helping others she was seeing the world, having new experiences. Being the person she wanted to be, living her dreams while helping others live theirs.”

The life I live now; my job works in helping others with mental health but there are times I don’t feel that parts of the job fulfil me and making a difference, although it is a step in the right direction, which I need to learn what I can before I figure out my next step. In life, right now, I’m now happy in my relationship, which isn’t helping me be the happy person I am while living my dreams. I’m still figuring out what experiences and travels I want out of life. Plus the way to become happier in my relationship.

Day nine, Part two > I suppose as I’m only new to my current job that I’m in the zone of competence. I’m learning throughout how to do a great job here to get into the zone of excellence. With my volunteering, having been doing it for many years I would say I’m in the zone of excellence. I love it there but I feel there is more I could do. I feel in my everyday life I’m in the zone of excellence but for some things like the house, which is a new project I’m in the zone of competence. I think the impact of these on me is that I never quite feel a sense of fulfilment. There’s always something getting in the way. That I get doubts or run away from things before I get to a zone of genius making myself to re-start from the beginning. For those around me, it impacts them as they never know what I’m thinking or going to do next, as I keep changing gears. That some are always concerned about my own mental health.


1st – 15th Feb 2019

1st Feb

You know it’s been a long day when you start to pour your bottled water in the bin. I usually head to the sink but for some reason, I headed to the bin.

I felt good about this week with work. For once I felt I could be in the right place. I need to work on my communication though. To feel comfortable with what I’m saying to both staff and patients.

3rd Feb

I want to live authentically, honest and true; to my self, for myself, to be myself.

I don’t feel I’m living up to this. I still worry about what others think. I still let others plant seeds into my head. I’m still not giving myself, my voice about the things in my life and what I want.

I guess I still feel anxious and fearful. These feelings and thoughts are preventing me from shining through.

4th Feb

I’ve got such a busy mind lately that I’m finding it has to have insights into life. I need a quiet mind to help me achieve these and I need to go back from 30 miles a second mind frame. I’ve done it before, I’ll be able to do it again. It’s just getting back to that point and being able to stay there.

5th Feb

Boundaries Exercise: who’s who on the family board.

Who was your family chief executive officer (fceo) > my mum

Do I feel they did a good job > for a single working mum she did the best she could and has raised me right. I just wish there were more mother/daughter moments when growing up.

Do I feel I want to live up that parent? Do I feel I can? > Yes I would love to be able to raise any child I have similar to my mum and I feel I can do that. I just want to include a closeness and an open talking door policy.

Do I look forward to every day or am I relieved they are over? > I feel 50/50 on this. I feel glad about working days about my new job. I feel glad on days off now in regards to my relationship.

I don’t assume others see me in a certain way but I’m sure they do. I wouldn’t even know which way.

If in a couple, are you centred and secure, worried or resentful? > Last month I would have said centred and secure, no I’m worried and resentful. I’m feeling like I’m dating a person who doesn’t know responsibility, true responsibility or know what thoughts and feelings the actions done/not done caused by them and not thinking of the other person, just their self. That actions given aren’t the ones they are showing in meaning that was going into a companionable rut. They are not sure who to get out in the way I’d like. That I’m resenting the laid back approach that caused him to not notice me. Causing me to feel unhappy and worry about our future.

6th Feb

A companionable rut – I believe that’s how I’m feeling about our relationship. We may be able to get out of it, I don’t know. I’ve basically had a headache all day, I can’t shift it. I’m taking it to be due to how I’m feeling/not feeling and my thoughts about our relationship.

I know things can’t be perfect but I know I can’t take feeling like this all the time.

7th Feb

When I woke early this morning, I wasn’t expecting to find my mum unwell. Nor did I expect to be waiting in a&e all day after calling an ambulance. My mum’s not a crier so when she was crying due to the pain she was in; I knew she was bad.

We spent from 9am to 5:30pm in a&e. When 5:30pm came around, she was finally moved to a ward for overnight checks. Hopefully, she’ll be feeling better and start to eat, plus keep it down. I’m afraid today she didn’t want to try eating. It took her all day to attempt to have sips of water.

Once mum was in her room and a nurse had been to see her, my step-dad and I went home. After showering myself, by which point it had been 24 hours since I last ate a proper meal or a drink. After a while, my stomach started to complain but I think that was more down to my IBS.

I ended up going back to the hospital to take my mum some overnight things. Hopefully, all is well tomorrow and she’ll come home.

8th Feb

My confidence is something I need to build up in the workplace. I felt embarrassed at one point today as I’m still not 100% what can or cannot be done on the wards.

My mum came back from the hospital. She’s not 100% better but she’s well enough to come home. She’s been given a new tablet dose and has to go for outpatient appointment tests to follow up. Now it’s to try to get her better.

9th Feb

I might not be 100% there with my confidence in speaking but I hoped I proved myself in some of the physical sides to the job today. I tried not to shy away and I got involved. I want to be apart of the team and not hide away behind others or from the situation.

10th Feb

Watched: How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World > 3.5 out of 5

I’ve talked about my confidence or lack of, I’ve talked about my mental health, I’ve more recently moaned about others lack of self-knowledge and meeting expectations.

I talk about this but I still don’t fully know myself, what my body love is or what love and feelings of true self are for me.

How do I expect others to be a certain way, and have the connection with others if I don’t know what it is, I want, know or feel?

How do I get to the point of this understanding and love for myself?

I’ve definitely had a negative mindset of late. I’m unable to find the path to the positive as I’ve been basing this change on other actions that aren’t coming as fast as I’d like them to be. I’m in charge of my mindset, not them. I need to be the one to go from the negative to the positive mindset. Living my life the way I want and not relying on others to be the change is going to have to be part of it.

I’ve a lack of meaning and purpose right now.

I have one with my new job but that’s only one side of me. The while of me needs to be happy, have that meaning and purpose. But is that everything?

We change the things around us. We change or shift even when we don’t see it do so.

Do I need to find myself or just understand the self and the world within and around me? I need to feel good. Maybe finding that feel good feeling is my true self-meaning.

11th Feb

My normal state these days is anger and frustration. It’s all getting directed at Dave. But he’s not saying or doing anything. He’s dismissive of all I’ve been like to him over the last 3 weeks. Quite possibly the last 4 years.

I want him to speak up! I feel if I said go, he’d just accept it and go. There doesn’t seem to be anything, giving him the natural umph, to do something or say something otherwise. It frustrates me more.

I’ve said more about it to B today and we’re having a girly night Wednesday, where I’ll say more.

But right now, I’m more emotional and loyal towards a TV show then I am to my fiance. That’s not who I want to be.

12th Feb

Just Meh…

13th Feb

What is my intention for this circle? For this time of self-connection? > I want to sit and think of what it is I want an abundance of. What is going through my head, to help me process any small thing, find answers for what I’m looking for? Focus on me and not al the stress I’m going through.

Essay Reaction. What does abundance stir for me? > Being able to feel worthy in all I do. Valued in what I give out. Not have to worry about money, love, family, friends. Having connections with others that are life-changing. Respect. Reliance. Worthiness.

I am Enough. I do Enough.

How am I believing in my own enoughness right now? Where am I appreciative of my abundance? > That I am earning the right amount of salary right now. Being able to work 3 or 4 days a week. To have the time to myself and work on the things I want to do, need to do. I am appreciative of my family being there for me and helping with the house. This is the enoughness to live independently.

Where and how am I believing a myth of scarcity right now? > I feel that my relationship is the myth in my life right now. That it isn’t enough to be there for the rest of my life. I feel my lack of confidence is a myth that it’s in me but I’m not letting it out. I know what to do but carrying out what I do means I feel I’ll be judged. [That I am already a mother and not a mum]

14th Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day. The day of Love. Why it’s celebrated as the day I don’t know. Well I know there’s a history etc but I mean in the fact those that love one another should express their love every day, someway or another.

My day was a 12-hour shift, my first type of busy one too. I thought it went well considering. I got a happy valentines day message from Dave in the morning and a message on his way home from work asking if I wanted a full body massage. I said yes and was selfish not letting it go to anything further.

I’m happy after my rants to G and B yesterday about my feelings on mine and Dave’s relationship. Something might happen to spur Dave on to up his game.

15th Feb

I had a few moments were I doubted myself and kept thinking others were talking about me. It’s in my head. Others may have spoken about me but that isn’t my problem, it’s there. The doubts about myself are in my head. I need to believe in myself.

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16th-31st January 2019

16th January

I’ve been told I’m gonna be a permanent member of the ward. I’ve had my vaccinations too. My arm I had my Hep B vaccine is aching.


I’m even boring myself writing this.

Basically, I’m annoyed.

All because Dave forgot his keys. It’s not the first time. I’m annoyed because I’m having to take responsibility for him and have to think for the both of us 24/7 and I’m tired.

Right now, I’m annoyed that I haven’t helped him be independent. I’ve mothered him like he’s used to when he lived at his parents where he didn’t have to think about anything for himself. It needs to change otherwise we won’t end the year, never mind 50 years together.

17th January

I don’t know what to do with myself. Do I lay it all on the table? What do I lay on the table? I don’t know what it is I want to lay on the table.

Dave: Is anything wrong?

Me: I don’t know

Dave: Maybe see how you are tomorrow.

Me: I’m annoyed at him yesterday about the keys

Dave: Fair enough

Is that a good enough response to my feelings? So far, there’s no sign of what we’re having for dinner tomorrow. If nothing gets taken out of the freezer tonight, there’s only one thing that can be cooked from frozen.

Yesterday, I told him I need him to step up with making dinner more. He’s to cook dinner 3 days a week from Friday; so that he cooks, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays. Not just cook, he needs to decide what we’re having, get it out of the freezer and make sure it’s on the shopping list.

So, how I feel tomorrow is going to depend on that outcome. I believe he’s told me he’s gonna meet me at the house without me prompting and he’s gonna get the bus home, so least that’s a step.

To be fair, I had to say to him a few months ago that he needs to stop assuming I’m taking him to and from work and that I’ll only take him if I say I will. He wasn’t even asking me for a lift, just waiting for the time and let’s go type of behaviour. I’m not a taxi or his mum to do everything and cook 24/7.

He needs to grow up and act like a man.

18th January

2 weeks of CC training theory has come to an end. I’ve a couple more standards and then I’m finished. That’ll be next week as they are paying me to do it then.

I ended up mentioning my frustrations to Dave. I first did it via text as that’s where our conversation was at the time. I got a see you soon reply. He seemed pissed off on arrival but didn’t say anything to me for a good couple of hours.

Back at my parents, he was making idle chit chat. I ended up having to say something.

Me: are we going to talk about the message from earlier.

Dave: (defensively) I didn’t think that was all that needed to be done.

That was all. So I went on to say how I felt about things. I did use the I feel that… rather than saying you’ve not done this or that.

Dave: he’d do better.

All I can do now is see if he does do better. A man with little words. Here’s hoping the actions take light.

19th January

One of my goals is to see Eddie Hall at a strongman event. This I have done this evening. We went to Britain’s Strongest Man 2019. Eddie Hall wasn’t competing though. This is something if like to see.

Tonight he was a commentator. I really got into it, shouting names. I supported all but my heart was for Bishop to win. Although he didn’t come first he went on the podium.

For the full event, it’s online or going live on telly in December.

We got a good done at the house. Finished the trade coat in the bathroom and the main bed; minus around the window due to the new plaster and Dave got one with some sanding.

He had his grumpy face on today until we went out. Apparently, he woke like that. Hopefully, tomorrow will be different.

20th January

Quite a bit of painting got done this weekend. It’s starting to come together. Next weekend the bathroom will be in, it’ll be nice to have at least one working room.

Dave and I still haven’t had a proper conversation. I’ve tried to ask him his thoughts but I don’t get much of an answer. It would be nice to know what he’s thinking, least then things can move forward rather than stay at a standstill.

I really don’t know where my heart stands right now. Dave needs to give me a bit more. It’s like he’s lost his spark, the person I fell in love with. I don’t know how to help him unless he talks to me

21st January

I’ve been able to talk to a friend about my feelings towards Dave. Right now, he clarified most of it perfectly:

“You want him to do stuff off this own back, be it romantic, making you feel at the forefront of his kind by doing household jobs or DIY, enthusiasm and excitement for you and your ventures together with the house and marriage”

It’s been nice to talk to someone about how I’m feeling. Just listening to me to offload everything. He doesn’t seem it’s a hard task to do. But still, I don’t know Dave’s feelings or thinking which don’t help.

I know I’ll have the answers. No one else can give them to me. Dave’s input would help me. I feel these are warning signs.

22nd January

My thoughts are on overdrive. My mind is going 150 miles a second. My thoughts on my relationship are causing my sleep pattern to go down. My body is stressed. I can tell from the pain in my chest and head I’m trying to process all my thoughts.

I’m sharing them with Dave. I’m not sure they’re going through. I was speaking to my stepdad about this and he told me about his and my mum’s thoughts as they have noticed things too.

On Dave’s break, he messaged me asking what I was up too. I said I was speaking to my stepdad. Dave asked me how it went and what we talked about. I said that my stepdad was asking me if we were ok. Dave said he thinks we are, then apologised for being grumpy the last few days.

He then asked me my thoughts. I asked him again why he was grumpy and then said I don’t think we’re 100% no I don’t think we’re ok. He replied to the grumpy part; apparently, a part of it was due to a painful ear. Nothing was mentioned about what I said about not being ok. No, why or anything.

I’ll have to see if anything is said when he gets home. I need to get my mind quieter to help me get my understanding of what I really want / should do.

Plus to help my own health. I don’t want to go back to where I was with my mental health.

23rd January

I’m just at the point I don’t know what/how to think about things. Dave came home from work asking me if I feel better. I wasn’t sure how to answer. I’m not sick. Just telling him my side of things doesn’t make me feel better, just like that. He said over time it’ll change. I can’t wait to feel better. But if / when I feel better I’m not sure right now if it’s gonna be the answer he wants.

I haven’t said about my loss of love in him. If he doesn’t better things it may come back, it may not.

24th January

It was the end of the MAV training today. We did a short BLS training too. The end of MAV meant test training. When it came to the role-playing part, I’m not a fan, but as this could happen and it’s confrontational, I’m scared. That I don’t know what to say or I’ll do the wrong thing.

Usually, I want to run away by now. But I don’t want to go back to square one and I’ll never accomplish anything. I need to do this for myself. I need to overcome my fears.

25th January

Watched: Res Sparrow > 3.5 out of 5

I’ve decided to do a change to my blog post scheduling. Instead of publishing each post daily, around 10 days after the event, I am going to have two posts per month for my journal entries.

For example, on the 16th of the month, I’ll publish days 1-15 of the month. One the 1st of the next month I’ll publish 16-28-31st of the month.

As I have published days 1-15 of January already, I’m going to start with 16-31st January on the 1st of Feb. Things will be more up-to-date and hopefully, it’ll flow a little more.

It’ll give me more time, a way of simplifying things for me without stopping the blog, which I don’t want to do. I still want to share my experiences. My BSL posts will continue to be as normal, twice a month until the series has finished. Any posts to do with goals or have a topic meaning to me these will become published as soon as I’ve finished writing. They won’t be waiting until the journal entry posts.

I’m going to see how these work out. See if it helps my mind de-stress a little. I want to bring back my love for journalling to when I first started.

26th January

We got some painting done at the house and my stepdad has got through half of the bathroom. It’s starting to look like a house now. I’m gonna continue tomorrow but I think I’m gonna rest Monday. I start on the wards Tuesday and I feel I’m coming down with something so I’m gonna take it easy. It’ll be nice to finish off the bedroom and the living room tomorrow.

I told Dave I’m not sure how I feel about us but he’s still expecting me to say I love you. I take it he didn’t fully understand what I meant by that so I’m gonna have to speak to him again about it. We’ll see how he reacts to what I meant originally.

27th January

Well, I told Dave what I originally meant by ‘I’m not sure how I feel about us’ he said that’s what he thought I meant but I had to say to him that I’m not saying I love you because I feel sick/guilty for saying it. He seems to have accepted this.

Today I’m frustrated and tired by everything. I’ve had my mum asking me what’s going on; are we staying together or breaking up. She doesn’t want to continue putting money into it if we’re not. I understand that. I love the house. I’m not sure I love Dave enough to spend the rest of my life with him.

After dinner we had another talk:

Me: what do you want out of life?

Dave: the house and kids

Me: take me and the house out of the equation. What do you want out of life?

Dave: I don’t know. Getting the Wednesday shift on the other department is making work better. But I don’t want to be there the rest of my life. But I don’t want to move anywhere else. I don’t know what I want out of life outside of work.

Me: how come living together 9 months and it’s taken this long and for me to point out that he doesn’t help unless asked

Dave: he didn’t notice how much I do.

Me: did you notice me? How come you didn’t notice how much I do?

Dave: no answer.

Me: I’m blank, I don’t know how to think or feel.

Dave: I don’t know what to do it say to help.

After that, I gave up trying to understand. Dave says he’s trying to process what I’ve told him yesterday but carrying on as nothing is wrong.

I’m at a stalemate. Stuck where I am. Waiting for an answer to fall into my lap.

28th January

Finished: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Boundary Exercise:

Visualisation > standing in a field, the birds singing, trees around, the sun shining. I felt free, at peace. When I saw my boundary line come up. It was a full thick black line at arm’s length all the way around me. When I saw my boundary line I felt it wasn’t inviting or flexible to me. When the people in my life appeared in my boundary, they were all within it causing me anxiety, fear, frustration, guilt, feeling of sickness, like I was trapped. I did not feel secure at all.

What might be the perfect boundary for me?

I feel my boundary would have those closest to me outside my line where there are doors to my boundary line. They can knock to give permission to cross at the right time. Those who aren’t close but in my life would be further out would be able to message or come closer to knock. There would be windows on my boundary so that we can wave to each other.

Getting to know me exercise (from the past week):

Cared for me or taken a moment to myself > today I read this morning and this evening

Have criticised or felt disappointment in myself > Painting the living room and bedroom but not finishing them

Care for another > helping my mum with her washing

Criticised someone else > Dave

Though about something that’s a reflection owed to my parents > Dave and getting things done at the house

Enjoyed a spontaneous moment with friends > No

Did I laugh at a ridiculous situation > no

Felt frightened but known to be irrational > thinking getting hurt at my new job

Have I sulked or deliberately started a fight > yes, at Dave

Consciously pleasing to another > Not this past week


I spent time being critical of myself or others. I’m afraid I have not been taking time for myself or spending it with others or caring. I aim to please others most of the time. I don’t enjoy moments of spontaneous fun like I should do.

No wonder I’ve gone at Dave like I have, even though he did need a wake-up call.

29th January

I had my first shift on the ward today. It was nice to experience the ward. I felt like giving Dave a hug this evening. I felt I missed him as well. I told him that and he said he’ll give me a hug when he got home, which he did. After not a very good sleep last night and being tired after my 12-hour shift I’m feeling tired right now so I’m hoping I’ll sleep better this evening.

30th January

It was nice having a day off after my first shift yesterday. Be interesting how I feel over the next couple having 2 shifts in a row. I’m sure I’ll be fine.
It wasn’t all rest though. I got the main bed and living room painting done. I did a few odd jobs, mileage and watched some telly. I also prepared tomorrows dinner as well to save me the time after my long day shift. I hope to make a habit of doing pasta dishes the day before to help reduce my busyness on my shift days/nights.

I’m also hoping I don’t develop the cough and cold my mum and step dad have. I don’t want a long shift and one of them. It won’t be a pleasant experience.

31st January

The last of January; the month has gone so quickly. Good and bad things have happened this month. Some of the bad I feel needed to happen in order to move forward.

We’ve made some progress on the house. Got a few rooms ready to be able to start getting items in and ordering carpets. Although, we still need to go order and choose carpets.

The goal of being outside this month didn’t happen until the other day. It was nice going for a walk with Dave and the dogs and it helped reduce my stress levels with it all going off this past week.

We went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was a crisp day but still good walking weather. We walked for a good 2 and a bit hours and also getting over 10,000 steps in. Was also a good photo opportunity.

The dogs might have disagreed; they didn’t want to look into the camera. I’ve only focused on inhabiting my body a couple of times this month. Now having shifts I’m hoping my days off will come into patterns and be able to focus on myself and my body during them. Getting to do my goals will be good for me too.

I think focusing on my and my body is something I want to really focus on in February. Now I’m only working 3 days a week, I have 4 to help me do that. I just need to make sure that I do and get my other goals and the long to-dos done as well.

Things with Dave are feeling a little better now. Think there’s gonna be some moments I’ll get frustrated but that’s more me I think as I’ve grown up learning to be an adult. Whereas Dave has been ‘wrapped up’ by his parents; even his mother agrees that they’ve done that. It’s not gonna be fixed over night but it is fixable.

Goals, Life

The Choices Made in My Life

The choices I make in my life are so that I can shine. I do what I can and choose want I want to focus on. There are times I may need to delegate so the day to day grind can get done.

I may make choices that turn messy but I chose it. Whether others want to go ahead and judge, they can. That’s not what’s important. My happiness is. They can judge but it’s not their choices, they are mine.

I take the time to evaluate / reflect on the messy in my life. To figure out the whys and what went wrong. This is so I can learn from the unrest / failure to help grow and move forward to a better outcome.

I’ve found putting the main goal into smaller steps more manageable to achieve. I’m learning more about myself each day and what drives me to achieve or up the wall.

I’m one that underestimates the week ahead to the point I don’t finish tasks or goals I set myself. Instead of jumping in feet first all the time, I need to take a step back and look what’s involved in the coming weeks and calculate my spare time to see if I’m able to give the goal actions the commitment it’s needed.

January, so far, I’ve felt we’ve done well as a group to tick off some actions towards making our house a home.

Eight ticked off and one we decided wasn’t needed any more.


My mind is on overdrive, wanting to get things organised. Not really the best before going to bed.

I found out where I’m gonna be based until April. This placement might also be permanent as the ward wants a full permanent position filled. I’m off for a chat with my current line manager to find out more in a few days.

The windows and doors are happening tomorrow, another task to be ticked off the list. We’re having a very good month on ticking things off for the house. Things seem to be coming together.

Watched: The Shinning > 2 out of 5