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Meadowhall Christmas Live 2018

Spending the evening with B at Meadowhall Christmas Live was just what I needed to lift up my spirits. A skip was due today. It didn’t come. I was panicking about my DBS receipt and confessing as such that I was becoming stroppy or what my mum called it ‘throwing my teddy out the pram’.

It was a great evening; hearing Bang Bang Romeo for the 1st time, seeing M.O., HRVY, Max George and Rak-Su. There was a Tom something that played but that wasn’t my thing but he was still good. Then the 1st act of the night a Hannah (my apologies for not knowing the surname) she had a good voice but could tell she was nervous. Cannot wait to do it again next year.

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Meadowhall Christmas Live 2017

I’ve always, as far as I can remember, listened to Capital FM. It’s my car radio station of choice. I’ve never been to any of their events. Even though I have wished.

That changed last Wednesday, 8th November. B & I went to the Meadowhall Christmas Live Concert. It was amazing. Being among 15,000 others, enjoying their evening of music was electric.

On a cold, November evening, the dancing and singing made you feel warm. I hope it can do it again. I may not have a voice in the morning. My phone died. But it was worth it!!

Here’s a slideshow of just a portion of the photos I took that night:

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