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I didn’t go to the house today. I thought about it. But sitting curled up on the sofa with the dogs and a good book, appealed to me more. My eyes have been aching more. I feel having so many early mornings aren’t agreeing with me.

I finally did a food shop for the 1st time in nearly 2 weeks. I posted a letter, I’d written to E. But I also declined going out this evening.

With my early mornings and my mindset it’s a good things to rest. I just don’t want to make it a habit.

Dave was at the house waiting for the delivery of timber. He got a few things done. I have organised with B to do a couple more hours Friday. Hoping to finish the removing of wallpaper. It’s gonna be a busy weekend. I hope my eyes last.

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I’m going back into my head. My mind is going to the negative extreme thoughts. Of things going wrong, something bad happening to others or me being ill. It’s effecting my mood. What I’m doing or saying.

I’ve been to the house. I did finish off the second bedroom wall paper removing. A part of me nearly didn’t. A part of me is just wanting to curl up in bed, stick the telly on and forget about everything or one around me. I’m going through some amazing life things in my life. But I can’t seem to get the joy out of me.

I’m reverting in on myself again. I need and want the thoughts to go away.

The good things that happened today:

  1. The gas meter got changed
  2. A bit more of the house got done
  3. Dave and I spent time watching telly together
  4. We had a meal together
  5. Alfie came to have a cuddle
  6. I said no thank you to photographers I queried on
  7. I’m starting a new book

Watched: The Jurassic Games > 2 out of 5

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2 Days Not Writing

For my mental health, I started writing to see if it would help. It has massively. In the last 10 days I haven’t written on 2 occasions. Considering I have written for a whole year and only had 5 days of that time where I didn’t write. I found this concerning.

Usually, I’d be stressing and beating myself up over it. This time I haven’t. It’s happened. There’s nothing I can do about it now. I’ve had an emotional, depending week.

I’m accepting what is. Hope to get a good night’s sleep this evening. Last night I had both my self and Dave up. It’s not fair on him either. Possibly being at the in laws will help being a different setting to help me sleep.

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Having a Low Point

I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t focus on doing one thing. My mind is all over the place. I’d much rather watch a Greys Anatomy Marathon then think or do anything to help myself.

I’m eating rubbish, which is giving me a sugar hangover if that’s a thing. Comfort eating to delay solving myself. The problem is me. No doubt about it.

I’ve no ‘get up and go’ attitude to sorting my life out right now. I can’t expect it to be okay and fall into place when I have the keys in my hand. Yes, it’ll give me a purpose for a while but it won’t fix me. Just delay the possible.

I’m in that mindset that I had no words yesterday and I didn’t even get my journal out. I’m self-sabotaging. I’m my own worst enemy.

I did do daily movement; my car had its MOT. Instead of sitting and waiting I walked home and back again to collect it. If I took the MOT away would I have done the daily movement? I don’t know. Maybe not.

I need to buck up my ideas. Get shit done and really figure me out to find my purpose in life.

Valarian > 1 out of 5

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Where does your mindset go to?

I’ve noticed my mindset goes straight to blame, judgement or anger. This then can spiral to ranting to others while I’m in this mindset. Being in this mindset and having these reactions aren’t serving me.┬áIt’s not following my values and it doesn’t put in a good light.

I’m glad I’m becoming more mindful of these reactions. When I notice such reactions, I now need to try stopping myself and reevaluate the situation I’m in. To turn around my reaction and move forward in a way that is who I am and my values.

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After Yesterdays Meltdown

I feel miles better after yesterdays meltdown. I’m never gonna feel right saying “it’s ok, we’re gonna help you” again.

I’ve got over the shock and to know other carers don’t think any less of me and are on my side.

I’m dreaming of getting the keys to the house soon so that I can look for another job. I still need to think of exactly what I want from my new job.