March 2018 Action Chart

I’ve been looking back through my March daily goal actions in my diary. Seeing when I last ate chocolate. No chocolate goal update on your screens tomorrow. Looking through I realised I did not complete a chart for March. This is because I did a Quarterly Review rather than a Monthly Review.

As I like to look back to see how well I am doing with my goals I thought I would complete the chart now.

Screenshot 2018-04-12 13.13.06

As you can see, the no chocolate goal has been the best one out of them all. But I’m glad to see that I am was doing something towards my other goals. I even started a quarter 2 goal in March.

The 5 times doing the BSL goal in March meant that I was able to complete the goal of completing my introductory course. The time in March when I did the Overcoming work I realised that I needed to mark it down as a low priority. I also decided to say goodbye to the YCY goal altogether.

Goals are not set in stone. They’ll change just like life does. Some get to the point where they are not meaningful to a person. By continuing on a goal that doesn’t resonate can do more harm than good. I believe that completing reviews regularly on goals is healthy and will help them to be achieved.


Q1 Review: 2018

The first 3 months of 2018 has come to an end. I feel like I’ve embodied my theme so far this year. I’m unconsciously working towards my big goals for the year too.

I’m becoming the woman I wanna be in the world. I’ve still got some work to do to reach my goals. Being a better me is always gonna be an ongoing priority for me.

Because of this and my daily writing, I feel I’m achieving my Q1 goal of being honest with others. I’m telling my story. I’m being true to myself. My mental health is better for it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete my NVQ this quarter. It’s something I’m not able to control. There does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to complete by the end of April.

A number of things are gonna change by the end of April. By then I’ll have moved and Dave can move in too. Work is gonna be different as I’ll be living in a different area.

With the number of changes in April alone, I didn’t want my Q2 goals to be too taxing but still allow me to move forward in finding myself.

My first goal is:

  • Daily Movement

I need to focus on my health and body more. Really get into the habit to exercise. Make my body stronger. I struggle to scrape the ice off my windscreen. That should be a sign to build up my muscles right?

My second goal is:

  • Be Smart with my Resources

Within 10 days of being paid, I had £12 left. This £12 has been sat doing nothing for weeks because I can’t afford to pay anything with it. I’ve been relying on Dave and my mum to be able to live. It’s great having my partner and family to help me when needed but I need to be able to support myself all the time.

With being smart I wanna budget, really think about being more frugal with my life and think is it necessary to buy this? If I can afford to buy something that isn’t a must then I can afford to put it in the house fund.

If I wanna spend Christmas 2019 in our own home I really need to do as I say to others.

Here’s to a great quarter.

How has your quarter treated you?

Monthly Review: February 2018

Sitting here looking out of the window, watching and listening to the weather, makes me feel like I have achieved something this month. Usually, I have a good sense of how my month has gone, but this month I don’t seem to have that.

The snow is falling, wind blowing, I’m thankful that I can hibernate from the bad weather. That I don’t have to navigate it like I did for work and family commitments yesterday.

I’ve always thought that I’ve had a fear of driving in snow. Yes, I don’t particularly like driving when the weather is bad, but the last two days have made me realise that that fear was my thoughts. I don’t have a fear, I’ve been letting my mind rule me. This means that I can cross off my goal of overcoming driving in snow.


I was thinking of removing the goal off my list completely but then I thought by crossing it off, it’ll be a reminder that my fear wasn’t a fear and I can accomplish overruling my mind and goals. I believe I’m gonna link this review for the goal on my list as a reminder to look back on.

February saw me, hand in my notice on the office side of my role and change my availability to look after myself and try to find some balance in my life. I finished my therapy sessions which brought insights to me from time to time.

I had the start of my second tattoo, went on a trip a trip to York and had a weekend away in Southhampton.

I feel like I am prioritising myself more this month to allow myself to carry on in the future. This is what I want to continue doing. Finding a balance in my life so I can carry on with enjoying my job and my life.

Even with work and life happening, I’ve been able to look at my goals too. I liked seeing my activities on a bar chart last month, so I’ve decided to do so again. I like it because I can easily see which goals I’ve focused on and how much.

I am very proud to say that I have gone the whole month of February without CHOCOLATE!!!! There are times I think of having some and many temptations when I’ve said no. I’m glad I have the willpower in me. Let’s continue with that goal. I feel I have more energy.

Screenshot 2018-03-01 06.30.06

What can March bring?

I’m starting March off with some annual leave. Have some relaxation, spend time with friends and family, including a trip down to Portsmouth. Hopefully, the weather improves.

I have another NVQ meeting, I’m starting a couple of CPD courses from FutureLearn, I’m gonna be going down to London by myself for the UCP meet up. Plus I wanna work on myself and my goals too.

What is your March gonna bring?


Monthly Review: January 2018

I’m a bit in non-belief that January has come to an end already. One month of Joy 2018 done. I feel I’m embracing my theme this year straight of the bat. Cherish, my 2017 theme, took me a few months to get settled in with.

January has given me memories and hurdles to overcome. My biggest, not sure if the word is correct, I wanna say risk of the month is signing up for the Ultimate Coaching Programme with David Key.

Coaching is only a new ambition for me. I am a carer but I’ve never officially coached anyone. I’m feeling good about it though. I’ve told two of my close, trusted friends about my blog. One of whom has said they really like it and my honesty.

I’ve also brought cherish into the New Year. Even though it was my theme for 2017, I still wanna incorporate it into my life. I’ve been spending time with my family and friends. I’ve attended birthday and christening celebrations, family meals, friend get togethers and girly days. Dave and I have put a few days aside for ourselves too.

I even started therapy sessions as well. Mainly a big conversation. Someone I can vent too. Tonight is my 5th session. Soon that’ll be drawing to an end.

January has brought hurdles too but as I’m feeling positive I’ll skip them this month. They’re all hurdles I can find solutions too.

Now the biggy, my goals. I like to set goals, I have many, just take a look at my dream page. You’ll see. I believe my coaching course has helped my own mindset from what I’ve watched so far. I have my list of goals, yeah, but I’ve been more relaxed about completing these.

If I’m honest I feel I’ve done more, than when I was stressing about completing them. This month I’m representing how many days I focused on each in a chart. As you’ll see I’ve focused on a few goals on the same day.

January 2018

I’d like to continue having the positive changes to my mindset and attitude. Plus to help me continue how I’ve been completing my goals.

What I’ve planned in February:

Well, this month I have; an NVQ meeting, I’m volunteering, I’ve got myself down for a blood donation, starting my second tattoo, a family 50th weekend away and my MOT is due.

A packed month before I begin my work and goals on top of that.

See you at the end of February.


Monthly Review: November 2017

8:28am, 1st December. Real time post

I’m finding it hard to sum up my month of November. I spent my last day not very well. A simple cold made me pale on Wednesday night. Turned into me fainting on the kitchen floor yesterday morning. Spending the rest of the day in bed.

Sleep wasn’t my friend until 2am. I believe the caffeine in the cold and flu tablets kept me awake. I don’t drink tea or coffee so my body isn’t used to it. I did spend an hour reading though.

It’s been a couple of years since I last called in sick. It hasn’t been the best end to the month. My fainting spell caused the loss of my longest standing mug, bugs bunny “what’s up doc” is no more.

What have I achieved in November?

For a month where I’ve felt like I’ve overloaded myself, I haven’t crossed anything off my goal list. Maybe that’s why I’ve been ill. Doing too much. But I have done things towards my goals. Let’s see what my calendar shows:

  • Me Time = 5
  • Bath = 1
  • Overcoming = 3
  • Relaxation = 1
  • No Telly Days = 6
  • No Chocolate = 18
  • Breathing Techniques = 4
  • MHFA = 1
  • BSL = 2
  • CBT = 1

18 days with no chocolate. I think that’s good going.

This month felt like it went very quick for me. Did it for you? Only 1 month left of 2017. Christmas soon be here.

Life’s going quickly. Make the most of it. I know I need to. How was your November?

Monthly Review: October 2017

Another month has come to an end. Life certainly has got quicker. Life might be going quicker but I still need to slow down. I’ve started focusing on one task at a time. She types while eating porridge. 

But then my mind thinks of other things and I start them as well. Maybe I should start writing things down when something pops into my head. Then return to the task at hand.

There’s only one sad event of this month. The passing of my Grandma. I miss you. I know you’re in a better place, free from the pain. Love you Grandma C.

That said, I have felt more positive about the month on moving forward with my goals. I have completed:

  • Positive Steps Workbook
  • The Courage Council
    • Asking my NVQ assessor about completing early. Answer: 2 months early.
    • Talked to my charity about stepping down from the social media volunteer position I held. This is to go back to the practical side of things.
    • Removing all social media. Press the delete button on my final social media account today. Facebook!
  • I’ve had my flu jab
  • Doggies had their photoshoot
  • Had D&B over for dinner
  • Sent a letter to E
  • Got P and G their birthday things
  • Got a screen protector for my phone
  • Did 8 days of yoga
  • Self Care: Massage

I have started:

  • Talking to Dave regarding our connection and pleasures. Both in and out of the bedroom
  • Started to sort my iPod out
  • Started reading my work policies

I’m taking this positivity and gonna continue my Blackboard of tasks that I started for October. For November I have added events as well so I can see what I have to look forward too. And to see that I attend.


I’m glad I started using my calendar to document when I have done something towards my other goals. I can see that I have done something towards each. I’m going to continue this as well. Seeing the numbers of the days I worked on the goals has made me more happy that I’m working towards them.

  • MHFA > 4
  • Breathing Techniques > 16
  • No Telly Days > 3
  • Overcoming Workbook > 5
  • Bath > 2
  • Relaxation > 4
  • Mindfulness > 1
  • BSL > 1

October has seen my looking up and ahead rather than down and back.

How was your October? Did you complete any goals?