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Wales Tomorrow!

Woo! Time off has arrived. After a morning of working, I can now enjoy myself on holiday. I had my blood test. I’ve a nice little bruise as a souvenir. Did a little shop; got Dave pants!

For however long, he hasn’t had enough to last him a week! Well now he has and he doesn’t have to go commando on holiday.

We viewed two properties this evening. The first we found too small and parking was a little too risky for my taste. So, we’re saying no to that one. The second property we looked at I really liked. Room sizes were good and I could handle the parking.

However, the price is at our ideal maximum and we felt there was a lot of work to be done which we wouldn’t be able to afford. More so if there are hidden surprises somewhere when gutting the place.

It’s a shame. I felt I could have made it home. It wasn’t meant to be. There are a couple of other maybe’s. So, if they’re still there when we’re back from holiday we’ll book to view them.

After viewing the homes we went to Daves parents to have dinner. Thankfully, there were no problems with understanding. Dave’s dad seems to have accepted we can get a mortgage.

All in all, it’s been a good day. The week has taken its toll. I’m feeling tired tonight. Better get my rest ready for tomorrows drive.

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Feeling a Failure for Building Furniture

Doing my daily movement of walking this week. I’ve found I’m really enjoying walking to places near me. Whereas before I’d have used the car. We’ve been into town to do another shopping trip. We’ve done two trips this week as we didn’t know what we wanted for our main meals.

I’ve saved fuel and got some exercise in the process. Dave and I build up one bedside cabinet and one chest of drawers. To complete all it took us five hours and two mistakes we have to back track on. Considering it was out 1st attempt at furniture building we did quite well.

I didn’t think this when we had gone wrong and had to back track. I felt more of a failure at this point and the thought I’d ruined the chest of drawers. Thankfully, we didn’t and a family dinner at the in-laws took my mind off it. I became happy again.

With the drawers now up and our stuff in our bedroom moved to their new homes. It looks a lot better. I’m pleased with it; our space. Feels more ours and homely. If that’s even a word.

Until tomorrow dear journal.

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No Internet Week

Since moving in we’ve had no internet. The broadband isn’t getting sorted until next week. Seeing as I’ve only so much data on my phone it’s been a bit like I’ve had a no internet week.

I’ve done a little bit of odd jobs on my phone. But being a small screen I find it hard to do what I need to. I’ve ended up borrowing my mums’ tablet to renew my library books. When going to collect some of Dave’s things I used my in-laws internet for my blog updates and renewing licences.

I just need to complete all my other changes. While writing this, I’ve realised we’ve had 3 none telly days in a row. Also since moving, I’ve done more daily movement.

We’re still sorting our room out; boxes still around the room. We’ve started charity bags. It’ll be good to check out the local charity shop. New places to explore. Exciting times.

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We’re In

Moving day has now finished. Although, the house is a mess. That’s gonna take some time to get sorted.

Dave and I officially live together. Under the same roof 24/7. A big step forward for us. It’s taken all afternoon and evening to get into an order in our room. We’re not finished yet. We’ve still yet to finish moving Dave in. He’s only been able to bring one bag of things with him with all that’s been going on.

I’ve only had today off work. Back to a full day tomorrow. We’re gonna have to wait till the day after before we can get the rest of Dave’s things.

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2 more sleeps till moving day

Most of the house is packed up. Two more sleeps to go. The dining table has been taken down. We’re eating on our laps. Seeing as I’m working tomorrow, I’ve been trying to get the¬†washing done.

While doing that I’ve been able to complete module 1 of my life coaching course and sent that off. One less thing to worry about when I’ve no internet for a week. I better get changing my address.

Most importantly I’ve done my car insurance. The best bit they have refunded me. This has been taken off my monthly payments for the rest of the year. It’ll all help down the line.

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Still, on the fence about moving

Still, on the fence about the day, we’re moving. The buyers have paid their deposit. It’s their solicitor that’s delaying the process. We won’t know until tomorrow to see if it’s going ahead or if the date is changing.¬†That’ll be an interesting work call. Will see what the outcome is.

Tomorrow I’m getting my tattoo finished. Can’t wait to see it complete. Just like part 1, I’ll be showing the end result.

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Moving Day in 5 Days

Accepting I can’t control things is harder done then said. Moving Day is in 5 days. I’ve been told we’re back to a maybe on that front. Apparently, the people buying our place still haven’t paid their deposit.

There’s nothing I can do to be certain that we’re moving in 5 days time. All I can do is wait. Positivity is helping with my control issues. Negativity is not a nice feeling.