2 more sleeps till moving day

Most of the house is packed up. Two more sleeps to go. The dining table has been taken down. We’re eating on our laps. Seeing as I’m working tomorrow, I’ve been trying to get the washing done.

While doing that I’ve been able to complete module 1 of my life coaching course and sent that off. One less thing to worry about when I’ve no internet for a week. I better get changing my address.

Most importantly I’ve done my car insurance. The best bit they have refunded me. This has been taken off my monthly payments for the rest of the year. It’ll all help down the line.

Still, on the fence about moving

Still, on the fence about the day, we’re moving. The buyers have paid their deposit. It’s their solicitor that’s delaying the process. We won’t know until tomorrow to see if it’s going ahead or if the date is changing. That’ll be an interesting work call. Will see what the outcome is.

Tomorrow I’m getting my tattoo finished. Can’t wait to see it complete. Just like part 1, I’ll be showing the end result.

Moving Day in 5 Days

Accepting I can’t control things is harder done then said. Moving Day is in 5 days. I’ve been told we’re back to a maybe on that front. Apparently, the people buying our place still haven’t paid their deposit.

There’s nothing I can do to be certain that we’re moving in 5 days time. All I can do is wait. Positivity is helping with my control issues. Negativity is not a nice feeling.

The Simplicity of No Wardrobe.

A couple of days without a wardrobe. Using my curtain rail for my clothes is growing on me. The simplicity of it is making me feel good. Maybe not the use of my curtain rail. I like the fact I can shut my curtains properly. Thank goodness for blinds.


IDEAS! No bulky wardrobes. Rails attached to walls. Spacing with no doors. I cannot wait for my own home. I better keep on saving if I wanna have a simple wardrobe.

I really can talk about saying goodbye to wardrobes.

Another step towards moving home. My wardrobes have been taken down into parts. Ready to be taken away tomorrow. I know it’s a wardrobe but I’ll miss it. A big corner walk-in wardrobe. Without it, my room looks bigger. You can tell it hasn’t been moved since it came. The wall behind it is a different shade of purple.

I’m glad to have had some time to relax today. I spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I have a lovely head cold. It’s taken the majority of my energy. Gotta get rested up. Get through tomorrow.

Saying Goodbye to Wardrobes

I’m meeting with my NVQ assessor tomorrow. It’s supposed to be the last knowledge meet up. I say supposed because that’s what I was told last time. We’ll see how it ends.

I was asked by my mum to sort my wardrobe out in the next few days. The wardrobes aren’t coming with us on the move. They’re going across the road or to another town. Our new place has built-in wardrobes. This means I’ll be living out of a suitcase for the next couple of weeks.

To be fair, I’m used to that. I decided to start this evening. I took one item out; I may need to kick myself into gear.

A Moving Date – 7 and 1/2 years gone by

After two months since I was told we were moving, we now have an official moving date. In 2 and 1/2 weeks the place I call home, will not be home anymore.

I’ll have lived in this house for 7 and 1/2 years. My mum and I came to this house, just us and 5 dogs. We’ll be leaving with my mums’ husband in tow, my fiance moving into the new home plus 2 dogs.

In these past 7 years, we have grown in how we live our lives. Having a more positive mindset. My mum told me today that she has now finished taking her anti-depressants. Last week I decided to wean myself off my own anti-depressants.

Our mother/daughter relationship has had a number of rocky roads but now our relationship has become one of a friendship as well as family bonds.

Just like the candle burning brightly beside me. Our awareness of the world shines.