You Never Know What’s Around the Corner

Days are fast. In a blink of an eye, many opportunities, memories and everyday life pass by without being noticed.

Take each second, make the most of it. Everything can change, good or bad. Life is gonna pass by.

Open your eyes. See and hear what’s in front of you. You never know what’s around the corner.

Watched: Deliver us from Evil > 4.5 out of 5


Snow Still Falling

Driving in the snow has been interesting. I might not fear it but it isn’t pleasant at times. I’ve skidded, 360’d and drifted my way to customers, my fiance, to my grandparents and home again. Shopping is done and I’ve been to more customers.

Snow stopping and starting.

A few inches deep.

“The Beast” and “Storm Emma” preparing to meet.

Time to cosy up and enjoy the beauty.

Find peace within myself again.



Snow is Falling

Looking out of the window.

Snow is falling.

Already an inch deep.

Snow is falling.


Is this the new Christmas?

Looking out of the window.

Everything covered in white.

It looks so pretty, standing here.


Soon to be wrapped up, standing in the falling snow.

No fear bubbling inside.

Fear of driving in snow: Non-existant.

Never a fear.


Snow falling.

Birds chirping.

All so beautiful.

Beauty is the challenge ahead.


A challenge.

Better yet.

No fear.

It was all in my head.

I Wanna…

I wanna go to sleep. I wanna get comfy. I wanna be warm. I wanna be healthy. I wanna be happy.

I wanna have my other half laying beside me. I wanna talk until the sun comes up.

I wanna have my whole family together. I wanna have them all loving one another.

I wanna stand up and shout for what’s right. I wanna make a difference in the world. I wanna be courage. I wanna say YES to celebrating your dreams. I wanna be the person you can count on.

But right now I wanna sleep. I wanna close my eyes. I wanna wake up and all be OK.

The Cats Crossing



Waiting for a train.

A movement to the side.

A cat leisurely walks to the tracks.

Panic rising.

Wishing for the cat.

The cat to move faster.

The train close.

Down the side.

Heading to the danger zone.

Panic boiling.

Wishing for the cat.

The cat to move faster.

The train approaching.

The cat continues to the other side.

Walking down the side.

Finding a way out

Through the bars, it goes.

Deep breathe out.

Hands on lap.

The train passing.

The cat continuing its journey.

Like nothing ever happened.

Me, frozen, in my seat.

Hands over my face.

Breathing stopped.

Thinking the worse.

The cat taking a risk.

To get to the other side.



Some Words I Put Together

Mind racing

Thoughts a blur

Full of expectations

Heartbreak pending.

Close your eyes

Take deep breaths

Fuel the fire

Feel the roar.

Calm the mind

Listen to thoughts

Lower expectations

Fix your heart.

I Need…

I need lightness, not darkness,

I need love, not hatred,

I need happiness, not sadness,

I need to feel, all that’s around me,

the sun on my face,

the wind in my hair,

the rain on my body,

your touch on my skin,

I need the fire to burn inside me,

I need the fog to lift,

I need to smile,

I need to mean it,

I need to be myself again.