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Will we be in by 1st December?

We’ve done some more to the house. Rooms are starting to form. They are becoming complete, slowly ready for the plasterer.

B helped me put the insulation in the internal stood walls for the bedrooms and bathroom. Ready so that we can put the plasterboards up. After a few hours, I got tired and fed up. I want the house to be done. I seem to be able to do some work in small doses before the novelty wears off.

My step-dad says we’ll be in for the 1st December. Will that happen?

Is there a countdown option on WordPress at all? Need to try and remember this date to see if we are in by that date.


‘I got my gloves out’

Autumn is on its way. Having had a lovely summer, I feel this winter is gonna be a bad one. I got my gloves out this morning to wear first thing. I was chilly.

It amazed me when I heard on the radio that some people had to defrost their cars.

I’m going well with the no telly Tuesday. I’ve started reading more in these days. Getting through books I’ve borrowed from the library. I’ve now started reading from a pile of books I was given from another carer at work so far. I’m struggling to put it down.

The electrician started today. Hopefully by the middle of next week he’ll have got through his job.

Dave and I may be able to go to the cinema again tomorrow. Let’s see what happens.

Finished Reading: The Wish List

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‘What Happens to the Dog?’

We’re unable to go do this at the house now by ourselves. We don’t have the skills to do so. It’s a waiting game now. As the electrician starts tomorrow, we’ve bought the light switches and sockets needed and our plans so he’ll know what to do.

As we’ve nothing to do for the home. We decided to go to the cinema. It’s the 1st time in a good couple months since the last time.

I enjoyed The Predator. I’m not sure if I’ve seen the others. The only point I made was ‘What Happened to the Dog?’ He was running towards the boy until his dad grabs him. Then that’s it. We don’t see him again. What happens? Disappearing into thin air?

We got news from my grandad from his cardio appointment that he’s been told he needs a pacemaker. I don’t know much about the causes etc. But I’m guessing with the stress with my grandma isn’t helping. It’ll be nice to have some good news with family health for a change.

Watched: The Predator > 3.5 out of 5

Halloween (1978) > 2 out of 5

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‘It’ll be worth it’

It’s been a busy and fun packed weekend. The house is coming along. The 3rd bedroom looks like a proper room. The bathroom now has a door frame. The main bedroom has a wall. We’re learning new skills.

R came to see the house for the 1st time. The in-laws came to see how it’s progressing and brought Dave nephew to visit.

Last night we went over to York Racecourse for the Beer and Cider Festival, for which we were invited to by L as her birthday activity. I don’t drink plus I was driving. So the drinking part wasn’t my thing. There was only 1 cart for soft drinks. Even so, it was a lovely evening.

I didn’t feel too good when I woke this morning, it was like I was hungover due to too much food rather than alcohol.¬†With working on the house it took my mind off it and I felt better. 2 more days and then the electrician starts. It’ll be at a standstill for us to be able to do anything. It’s coming together. It’ll soon be a month since we got the keys and we’ve come so far in that short time, it’ll be worth it.

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I didn’t go to the house today. I thought about it. But sitting curled up on the sofa with the dogs and a good book, appealed to me more. My eyes have been aching more. I feel having so many early mornings aren’t agreeing with me.

I finally did a food shop for the 1st time in nearly 2 weeks. I posted a letter, I’d written to E. But I also declined going out this evening.

With my early mornings and my mindset it’s a good things to rest. I just don’t want to make it a habit.

Dave was at the house waiting for the delivery of timber. He got a few things done. I have organised with B to do a couple more hours Friday. Hoping to finish the removing of wallpaper. It’s gonna be a busy weekend. I hope my eyes last.

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Ticks on a to-do list

We now have a main bedroom door. No more walking through bedroom 2 to get to it. Originally, there was a partition wall but 1) it was built on top of the carpet and 2) I wanted it down.

In a week’s time the electrician is starting his work. We’ve still got a bit to do before he comes. It’s gonna be a fun packed few days. Need to get my motivation into gear.

By having no telly Tuesday today, I did get a few things ticked off my to-do list. I’ve paid an invoice, wrote a reply to my best friends from the birthday card she sent from July. I did an upper body workout for the 1st time, well probably this year. I so found my oldest fluff ball needs to see the vet for her teeth. That was a shock when I opened her month.

I also applied for a job. The hunt still continues. I’ve only been looking a couple of weeks. I’ll find one soon. I do have a job so it’s not like I have to be in a rush.

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I’m going back into my head. My mind is going to the negative extreme thoughts. Of things going wrong, something bad happening to others or me being ill. It’s effecting my mood. What I’m doing or saying.

I’ve been to the house. I did finish off the second bedroom wall paper removing. A part of me nearly didn’t. A part of me is just wanting to curl up in bed, stick the telly on and forget about everything or one around me. I’m going through some amazing life things in my life. But I can’t seem to get the joy out of me.

I’m reverting in on myself again. I need and want the thoughts to go away.

The good things that happened today:

  1. The gas meter got changed
  2. A bit more of the house got done
  3. Dave and I spent time watching telly together
  4. We had a meal together
  5. Alfie came to have a cuddle
  6. I said no thank you to photographers I queried on
  7. I’m starting a new book

Watched: The Jurassic Games > 2 out of 5