Week 3 Reflection: Progress

My aim to complete my three actions:

  1. Buy Paint for the Kitchen
  2. Walk the Dogs
  3. Research Inhabiting my Body

Good news is that I completed 1 of the actions. I’ve bought the paint for the kitchen; well the white undercoat.

Why didn’t I complete the other 2 steps?

Mainly because I watched telly instead. The thing I turn to in all occasions. Tomorrow is another day, plus no telly Tuesday. Beating myself up about not doing the 2 other steps isn’t going to help me get closer to them.

I went today to see the plasterer to tell him not to sand down the walls. The plug sockets are left to put on and I really hope he cleans up after himself. The in two weeks, after the holidays, the second plasterer is coming to fix the problem. I also believe we have a gas engineer on hand to come service the boiler once the radiators and the water pipes are linked up.

It’s a shame he’s unable to sort my parents’ boiler out. We’ve called his recommendation but it’s gonna be 48 hours before he can get here. It’s freezing outside and the boiler is broken. Fun times, don’t you think.

The second quote for the windows was given today. I didn’t feel at ease with this person. It was a better quote then last weeks one but the buy now, pay later is a smaller month span. So we’ve booked a second viewing with the first, as they’ve got a longer payment option. They’ve also kindly brought down the price by a few hundred. We’ll see how that goes in a couple days time.

Anyways, I’d better end here, I really should be getting to my grandparents. Good Night.

Watched: The Christmas Chronicles > 3.5 out of 5


Sump Pump Done

We spent most of the day at the house. We were doing the work to get the sump pump in and connected up. Dave also did the last bit of ceiling that needed to be plasterboarded. Both jobs took all day but they got done. Having put the sump pump in the cellar shouldn’t get flooded now. Meaning it should start to dry out. We have a bit to finish for the brickwork for the holes in the walls. But the main issue is resolved.

Hopefully, it will dry out then in the future we can get it all water proved and use it. Dave wants it for his man cave; whatever that means. We had the windows upstairs open to let fresh air in to help with the drying of the plaster. All bedrooms are now finished along with the bathroom. Tomorrow we need to do multiple trips to get more plaster for the plasterer to be able to carry on.

Unfortunately, during digging out the sump pump, my forehead got hit with the handle of the space. I’m a little bruised. I brushed myself off after a little cry. Gotta get on with it. It’s my turn to stay at my grandparents tonight.

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‘We gotta get it done’

I’ve been tired today. I only got 3-4 hours sleep last night. I was very unsettled and I was in my own bed. I guess with all that’s going on, it’s causing me to stress more then I realise.

We’ve found out we need to overboard two more ceilings in the house before the plasterer can do his thing in the areas. He’s finished the bathroom. So things are moving along. We’re having to do the ceilings this weekend, so this evening we’re last minute ordering ready to collect 1st thing Saturday morning. Also, the sump pump has arrived for the cellar. So that’ll be another job to be done too. Especially with the amount of rain we are having.

Everything is piling up. But we took it on, we gotta get the work done.

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Happy Birthday C

Happy birthday to my sister in law. I’m afriad I wasn’t able to spend time with her today due to working. Dave so couldn’t see her due to him and my step dad trying to finish off as much bonding as possible before the plasterer starts tomorrow.

Dave is meeting him at 10 am to give him the keys. In around 4 weeks I’ll hopefully be able to start painting.


All before a party

I was that emotional from watching the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 11 that writing slipped my mind. I’m not unable to watch the rest as it’s getting removed from Now TV. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for it showing it again.

I was up early this morning to be at the house for the delivery that didn’t come on Wednesday. I arrived at 7am, in the dark, cold house, laying down on plasterboards for a couple hours before I decided to do something. I hoped it would come when my step-dad was there, saving me trying to carry 40x 25kg bags into the house. The utility people were also due today to install the smart meter. This evening we’re off to a Halloween party.

The delivery came around 11am, thankfully my step-dad arrived at the same time to carry the bags in. We then set to putting the kitchen ceiling up. Marjory of it is sorted. Unable to complete as we need the bathroom pipes finishing. That is a job for tomorrow. The utility people came. We now have a smart meter. They were very helpful. One even helped me with holding the boards up with brushes when he was able. We then decided to call it a day. The ceiling boards were too heavy for me, so good knows what my step-dad is feeling. We’ve still another ceiling to do.

We’ve the plasterer coming in 2 days to relook before starting doing his work. Then the painting can be started. I’ll be more in my element from then. I’m now just waiting for David to get ready then we’re getting ourselves set for tonight’s party.


‘Self-Care: Resting’

Things are starting to get moving with the house again. Hopefully by end of the weekend all the boarding will be completed. Then the plasterer can give us a date to start. I spent a 2 hour period this afternoon lying down with my eyes closed. I wasn’t asleep but I rested myself to allow me to continue with my day.

Another busy day tomorrow. See where it takes me. I still haven’t heard from the job I’ve gained. Fingers crossed tomorrow.

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Will we be in by 1st December?

We’ve done some more to the house. Rooms are starting to form. They are becoming complete, slowly ready for the plasterer.

B helped me put the insulation in the internal stood walls for the bedrooms and bathroom. Ready so that we can put the plasterboards up. After a few hours, I got tired and fed up. I want the house to be done. I seem to be able to do some work in small doses before the novelty wears off.

My step-dad says we’ll be in for the 1st December. Will that happen?

Is there a countdown option on WordPress at all? Need to try and remember this date to see if we are in by that date.