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Amber Weather + Neuro Appointment

Well, that amber weather warning alert is upon us again. This time I’m working. No hibernating for me. I’m proud of myself for driving in the horrible weather.

But a couple of near misses gave me a heart attack. My heart felt like it was gonna come out of my chest. My stomach in a knot.

I got through it. Home safe and sound. Getting myself rested and in the mindset to do it all again tomorrow.

I had my Neurology appointment for my twitching and pains. My end takes from it was he believes it’s down to my anxiety. I’m not convinced. I can’t do anything else really.

He gave me a blood form for some tests so will go for them when I’m able over the next couple of days. See if they show anything. Knowing my track record, everything will come back normal.

Something about me is ‘normal’.

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Dedication for Volunteering

For someone who thought she had a fever of driving in snow, I did very well to get 50 minutes away to the animal shelter to volunteer. The roads themselves weren’t an issue so that was good. It was the fields that the large animals lived in that were deep.

We had to shovel snow to get through and climb over fences. Buckets of water were needed instead of their normal water fillers and give as much food and fresh bedding as was possible.

It was cold, my fingers were numb, it was difficult but I hadn’t cancelled in the past 6 years of going, I didn’t wanna start now.

This afternoon was baking time. I made a lot of food. Friends came round for games. A last together in the current house. I enjoyed myself and everyone seemed to like the food.

I tried 2 new games, Zombie Flux which I like and Boss Monsters which I don’t understand.

I’m looking forward to sleeping in, in the morning.

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Fear: Driving in Snow

I’m a little worried about tomorrow. We have a weather warning that it’s going to snow and get colder. I like the look of snow, but driving around in it scares me. Last November when I started being a community care assistant, I was lucky with the 2016 winter.

We pretty much had no snow.

This year it has been cold long before the winter season started. I knew it was gonna be a bad one. Tomorrow is or may be the start of that.

I’m going to get over my fear of driving in the snow. I’m gonna have to get on with my job. I’ll certainly be doing the exposure therapy I was taught. I’ve set my alarm for 15 minutes before I would usually get up.

I can do this!!