Cannon Hall

It was the first time I’d been. It’s a farm, museum and park and gardens. Because of the time of year, the museum was closed.

On today’s trip, we walked around the park and gardens, walked to Cawthrone Village and had a walk around. Walked to the garden centre and had lunch in the Thyme Bistro. Then looked in the gift shop.

I tried an ale and Lemon Drizzle cake. Didn’t like the ale. Loved the cake.

For £3 all day parking it was worth it. If you have a trip to the Barnsley area in Yorkshire, I’d recommend visiting.

I’d like to go again, if not just for a walk, but to see the museum and the farm. There’s also a restaurant I’d like to try out on site.

Feelings Stay Longer Then Memories

I’ve just finished writing a letter to one of my Great Aunt and Uncle to see if Dave and I could possibly stay with them for a few nights in March.

It’s been nearly 2 years since we saw them last. If we were able to stay, we may have the chance to visit Monkey World. Meaning that an attraction we want to visit can be crossed off my Travel List.

Even though I can’t remember the memories of going over to see my Great Aunt and Uncle when I was younger. Even with the pictures I have. I can feel my love and happiness every time I think of them.

I may not remember exact details, the feelings I feel is enough for me to know they were a great time.


I had a lovely morning with Dave. Did some sorting out and relaxed before he had to start work.

Then I spent the afternoon with my mum and step-dad. We spent it in Whitby. Taking the dogs with us, we had a lovely walk around a part of Whitby. Went up and down those 199 steps. My hips felt it going back up them.

The main reason for going to Whitby was for the Krampus Run. I thought it was gonna be a Krampus fun run. My mum told me it was gonna be more of a parade. Still looking forward to it. Had a good hype about it.

But it was lacking really. The people who were dressed up went all out and looked incredible. I was just expecting more really.

The view going back up the stairs to the car at the end of the evening. The colours were great. Take a look:

This post was written about the 2nd December

Embracing Emotions

I’ve been trying to understand my emotions today. When I feel something I’ve been trying to figure out the reason behind the emotion. The root cause rather than fight the emotions.

I believe I felt my emotions when I was younger. I remember crying a bit. But I think being brought up where crying and having emotions wasn’t seen as a good thing. I started bottling it all inside.

I think that’s where my insecurity comes from in a way. Now, talking about emotions is becoming the norm, rather than a taboo subject. I need to start recognising my emotions in order to help voice what I’m feeling. Really think about and explore why I’m feeling the way I feel.

Goal: Embrace my Emotions

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Had a good day today. Decided to take a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Packed a picnic, which was nice. Helped save us a little money. Most importantly, I began to enjoy myself in the day.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is an animal park that I’m happy to go to. I use to work there some years ago one summer. After this time, it has changed very much. To the better. It gives space the animals needs to live their lives in captivity.

Having animals in captivity is another topic for me altogether. But I won’t go into that. Maybe another day.

If you live near the Yorkshire Wildlife Park then I would recommend going for the day. I took photos of the animals. Which you can see below. This one is my favourite:

The Wallaby having its lunch. Enjoy the rest of the photos. Spot the polar bears.