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It’s all coming along.

The wedding photographer is booked. After the phone call this morning we were both happy to choose him. He does what we’d like and at a reasonable rate. There was one quote we got at £3000! I thought the £1350 was bad just for a digital package. One less thing to think about.

I had a break from the house today. Catching up with the washing. It’s helped me relax and spend time for myself.

One of the asbestos quotes got back to me today. £2152 was quoted. I sent this to my mum who, I found out later, spoke to my step dad. Him being gobsmacked about the price peaked the interest of his colleague who wanted to know why. He came back with some helpful advice.

Some council tips do accept asbestos material when they receive notice of a 24 hour period, so they can close the site down. Them accepting this at not cost for us. I believe, don’t quote me on that, means we can do it ourselves. It also needs to be secured in a way they’ll accept. In this case it needs to be double secured in heavy duty sheets, wrapped up tight.

The person needs to wrapped up themselves in safety gear, masks, overalls, goggles, gloves etc. Only the person in said outfit is allowed in the property. My step dad said he would do it. I brought the heavy duty sheets costing me £68; a big difference to the quote above.

Tomorrow starts another couple of days of house sorting. In the afternoon B and I are going to get to work on the kitchen wallpaper. The skip is getting changed again too. Filling it up will be the next task. The cellar will be getting emptied.

On Saturday, Dave and my step dad are collecting the 50 sheets of plasterboard we’ve ordered. Fingers crossed the lindle for over the door way is ready to collect too. These will be starting to go up soon. Then Sunday my step dad is removing the asbestos. Monday the utility appointment to change the pre-payment meter to a standard meter. I so want to start marking out the electrics for the electrician. It’s all coming along.

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The House Work Has Started

We spent a good 6 hours at the house. Mum and I were concentrating on getting the wallpaper off in the hallway. The kitchen was the focus for my step-dad and Dave. They have got it to the bare brick. There are popes sitting there doing nothing, or piped up so that water is unable to be stopped with a stop tap.

Good job they’re all coming out and starting again. Same with the electrics. When ripping the kitchen out, my step-dad found that 3 outlets in the kitchen were wired so that they were power was coming out of a socket in the living room! No surprise when the electrician came out to quote extra sockets, that it needed a full rewire. They’re all about 50 years old.

But as we are already going back to bare brick with no one living in it yet, the quote was £2000-£2500 for the whole job. We’ve another coming in 2 days times. Which we said to the current one as well. After he’d been and gone a bit quoted £2000 on the dot.

Tomorrow there’s someone coming to quote for the cellar work. He is also a gas man so is gonna quote for that work too. Then another gas man is coming at the weekend to quote. The skip has been ordered. A trip to the bank is needed.

My parents met Dave’s; it went well. Dave’s parents stayed for under 2 hours. Dave’s mum joined us helping with the wallpaper. Tomorrow we are unable to do anything with the house. Back at it the day after.



On the wedding front, the centrepieces have arrived. I hope to collect these tomorrow. This evening was topped off with a meal at D&B house. It was lovely. B made lasagne and it was gorgeous.

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Spending time with family

It was nice to see and get to know some of Dave’s family. It was lovely to have a family meal with his parents and auntie. We were able to see his aunties new place, see the work she’s done in the month she’s been there so far. Gave me ideas for our place.

We went to a wedding fayre at Dave’s cousin venue. We got to see it and new venders, giving us a couple more options and ideas. We were able to talk to Dave’s dad about the invitations etc. He’ll be able to do what we’d like which is good.

Fingers crossed in 5 days we’ll have the keys to our place. It’ll be a good week.

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Wedding Planning Started

I think I’ve found our centre pieces for our wedding. A big thank you to B. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have done.

Bell Jars and fairy lights in the centre, with a purple runner along the table. Ending with wooden confetti scattered on the table.

All for under £100 for all our tables.

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All Good Fun

It’s been an easy going day. Being my dads birthday; Happy Birthday Dad. We went over this evening and had dinner, spending some time with him and my step mum.

During the day I spent some time looking at wedding planning. I did 2 rounds of the guest list and I got my 3rd version of the seating plan. We’ve 21 months to go, this could all change.

My mums going to help me do our cake. That’s a big cost there down. Daves dad said he would do the save the dates and invitations. I was going to ask if he would be able to do the place cards too. That way we can have the same design all the way through.

I may also ask about the table numbers and seating plan cards. There are a few things I haven’t looked at yet. Will have to see about them and the price ranges we’re to accept.

I feel that if I had the funds right now, it would have been all booked. We’re saving and the rest may have to be pay to paycheck. All good fun.

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Where is life gonna take us over the next few months?

The car transfer happened. I now officially have a new car. Goodbye paw prints, you served me well.

Having this car allows me a few more years breathing room before I’ll need to get a new car. Which give us more time and money to concentrate on the house and wedding.

We are now at the end of another week off. I don’t feel the feeling of dread going back to work. I think I have a bit of a better mindset this time. We’ve now four-month until our next week off together.

Four-months to get a balance between work and life. I do hope at some point in the next coming months that I can start looking for another job. In the meantime, we need money, so I’m gonna need to get a few extra hours in. But at the same time not burn me out. Especially seeing as we need to do some major work on our house when we get the keys.

Busy few months ahead. Exciting times as well. I’m interested to see where life is gonna take us.

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Wedding Venue Official

I’ve had confirmation the ‘be my bridesmaid’ card is on its way. Which falls nicely with putting the monies down for our venue deposit. It is now official. We’re getting married at The Holmefield Arms.

I got results from my blood test regarding the coeliac test; it has come back negative. So we can assume my stomach issues are to do with IBS. I’ll have to look into it more at some point.

We are expecting some documents from our solicitors. Hopefully tomorrow these will come.

Our day was quiet in us doing things. We watched 3 films, 2 of which are now going to charity. We had a walk into town to get fresh air and so some daily movement. We also continued with the card game. Unfortunately, the villains won year 7, at times I wasn’t fully paying attention to the game.

My attention was on Groupon. I bought some stainless steel straws, with the plastic ones being harmful to the environment and the paper ones getting paper in my mouth, I thought I’d give them a go. I also brought paintbrushes; seeing as we’re buying a house I think they’ll get used.

Watched: 300 > 3 out of 5