‘No Uniform’

Usually when I get woken up before my alarm, especially by a couple hours, I get irritable. I can’t fall back asleep and I am in an annoyed state when it is time for me to get up.

I tried to be more accepting of waking up that couple hours earlier this morning. I took it as it came. I went to the loo, got back into bed, put my eye mask on and closed my eyes. I didn’t fall asleep, at least not straight away. I was calm and tried not to run my mind into a rant. Being this way I was better with my day ahead.

I felt calm, I was accepting of what came my way. Having my car serviced and an exit interview for my old job. The one I finished last week, so not so old. That was a first for me. I’ve never had an exit interview when I left any of my other previous jobs. That chapter is now officially completed.

I went out to dinner with my parents. My step dad took the strip light down in the cellar so I can pull the ceiling down tomorrow. I’ll hopefully finish the painting too. So two jobs will be signed off. This weekend more work at the house will be done. So maybe a few more jobs will be ticked off my board. I’ll have to see and give an update soon.

I learnt my for my new job I don’t have a uniform. I was surprised. You’d think for care I’d be in a uniform, but no, just a dress code. When I saw this I thought – ‘I need to go shopping!’ Suitable clothing isn’t something I have for work. I think not having a uniform will be out of my comfort zone. In that others judgement and me being comfortable in what I’m wearing. O, and I need a new pair of shoes too.


‘Grown Out of My Current Job’

I love caring for people. I do like what I do but I feel I now have grown out of the company I started with nearly 2 years ago. It was what I needed. The flexibility, the being out and about, traveling around. Now although flexibility is still good I won’t be earning enough to pay the bills each month and have some form of life.

After I’ve done tomorrow and all goes well with the employment checks, I’ll have done my last weekend this year and this job. They’ll start again next year in the new job but having 2 months of weekends off will be lovely. I have annual leave on my next 2 weekends to work and then I’d like to have handed in my notice.

In the next 6 weeks I’ll be spending some nights at my grandparents to help look after my grandma while my grandad recovers from his pacemaker operation. I’m gonna be tired over the next few weeks. Maybe naps may be a regular occurrence. I just need to make sure I look after myself and spend time with Dave.


Negative Feelings for Work

My feelings towards my company are slowly getting more negative each time I’m there. Tomorrow is day 7 of 7 and my last for 2 days. I don’t think it helps that I have a long stretch then a small one which leads back into the long again.

I hope in my new job it will be more equal each week. Have more respect for employees too. Most of the day when I didn’t need to go to work I watched telly. I’ve been good on my no telly days. But when it’s a normal day all I wanna do is watch something. Still on Once Upon a Time marathon. I did make dinner. But other then that if I wasn’t having to go out for work I probably have continued watching it all day. Nothing else is pulling me towards it. Hopefully being my weekend off I’ll have things at the house to keep me occupied.

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Lack of Communication is an Issue for me

I believe I have not much to say on days I’ve been working because all it makes me do is moan. This is brought about by an emotion that is bubbling down inside me. I’ve come to the decision I need to moan in my writing to a degree to help me understand the reasons behind the emotion.

The lack of communication is one thing that gets to me when I’m working. Things change and we don’t get told until we find ourselves already faced with the problem they should have informed us on. Surely that comes under safeguarding for our customers as well as ourselves.

I’m not the only one that’s unhappy with how the system is changing. There’s less communication now then there was with the last management. The good news from today is that I did my ID check with my new employer. I’ve been given an idea of when I’ll be starting my new job. Two months time but it’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

I also did my DBS application for them too.¬†Waiting for the next few weeks for that to come through. I’ll have to remember to add it to my to-do-list regarding the update service.

I also have to do something regarding wage slips with my current job. Again, something I didn’t know was happening until an outsider email told me to register. I had to email to confirm it was actually them. Lack of time was the reason apparently. Which boils down to the lack of communication again.

My eyes are feeling the strain, eyedrops and bed for me.

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Do I Know the True Meaning of Hard Work?

Hard work: Do I even know the true meaning?

Would I even get through a shift doing something classed as hard work?

I do and I don’t find my job as hard work. Maybe more mentally than physically. Others would say it’s not, then some would say it is. I could come across something new to me and say it’s hard. To others, it’s an easy thing.

Everything takes hard work until it isn’t. The amount of time and effort put into something makes it less hard work the more you put into it.

Drive and motivation or determination put towards work, life and the goals set. It’ss all be hard until it’s not. At the end of the day it’s all down to one person; you.



I felt well today until I got next week’s rota. I was angry, not only have they placed me in the opposite area to where I want to be working. They’ve put me down to work on my day off. After sending a not so happy email to the managers, I couldn’t get the fuming out of me. I saw another one of my colleagues and they weren’t happy with theirs. By the message from on call, I don’t think many were.

Once I got home, I ended up doing an upper body strength video. Trying to get my energy focused in a good way. It helped a little. Well I think it helped quite a bit otherwise this writing would be more rant like then it already is.

My mum and I took fluff butt to the vets. They confirmed that she needs a dental. Tomorrow is going to be a day of tension. What with Maya at the vets and sorting my rota out.

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Job Hunt Begins

I completed 3 applications and job profiles. One ended today and the others at the end of the week. The profile ones I believe I’m pushing my luck.

But if I don’t try I won’t know. There’s no harm in trying. It’s official. I’m looking for a new job. I’ll look at the end of the week for anything new. Maybe I’ll have more good news.

As it was bank holiday (at the time of writing) even with me working this morning, I was able to spend the day with all members of the household. That is unusual for us all to be at home at the same time. It was lovely to have the time.